#CelebrabisVitae – Instagram Pictures from the Exhibition

I have to admit, everyday I would trawl Instagram to see who had posted pics from the event using the hashtag – #CelebrabisVitae, and I was never disappointed! Here are some of those snaps. Thanks to everyone for sharing the skull love on Instagram and for coming to our exhibition!! & remember to follow the Skull Society here! Excuse the quality of the pictures, they are screenshots from my phone :)

You can see pics from our opening night here and also the artwork from the opening night.

skull-society-instagram-2 skull-society-instagram-4 skull-society-instagram-6

skull-society-instagram-11 skull-society-instagram-10 skull-society-instagram-9 skull-society-instagram-8 skull-society-instagram-7 skull-society-instagram-5 skull-society-instagram-3 skull-society-instagram


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Bronze Skulls by Ron Garrigues

I found Ron Garrigues site purely by accident and I was pleasantly surprised to find these beautiful bronze skull sculptures. Ron’s work is incredible and these are only a small number of his sculptures. He’s got bronze animal skull sculptures too which will soon be making their way onto our society’s wall of fame.

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