Mr Stabby – Skull Screen Print

skull screen print

Limited edition skull screen print called Mr Stabby by Josh Holinaty. Available to buy from his online store for $65. This skull screen print is single colour on Stonehenge paper, measures 15” x 19” and is limited to 13 prints.

Josh Holinaty is a full-time freelance illustrator from Canada.

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Skull Screen Print by Chris McAlister

Discarnate_Skull_Screen_Print   Skull_Screen_Print_2This skull screen print was created by Chris McAlister. Chris easily switches between drawing amazing skulls, interesting cicadas and woodworking with skillful ease. I Noticed recently that we had yet to to blog about this talented guy, so here he is.

Whilst looking at McAlister’s website I spotted this lovely print called ‘Discarnate’ (above). I had seen this print from a while back when I first started follwing his work in FB.  If you like this print as much as I do then be sure to buy it pronto. It’s a mere $20. Ordered one myself actually.

Chris also has these two fairly sinister originals avalable from his online store.



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Horsebites Skull Screen Print


Spotted this skull and eyeball screen print created by Horsebites that was recently part of an exhibition by Skull and Heart. This is a two colour A2 design with a varnish layer called Code Blue and is limited to 50 signed prints. This scree print is a part of their ongoing ‘Colour’ series so check out the rest of them over at Skull & Heart as they sure have some stellar designs.

Horsebites AKA Richard Minio is a part of clothing apparel brand called VNM and also designs for The Black Axe.

Purchase Code Blue for £30 by following THIS LINK

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Pixel Skull

This pixel skull, actually called Pixel Icons – Skull is a 500mm x 700mm limited edition screen print created by Atelier Deux-Mille. This skull print is £84 and is limted to 30 with only 8 left in stock available from Print Club London.

Atelier Deux-Mille is a French collective of  3 beards and a lady.


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Brian Ewing Skull Prints

Here are a couple of skull prints available to buy from Brian Ewing’s online store. The first one is called Galtan Kaiju and is a 5″x7″ (8″x10″ frame) Giclee print on German Etching Watercolour paper, edition of 20 for $50. The second is called La Nouvelle Morte and is a 18″x24″ hand tilted print onto Coventry Rag (335 gsm), signed limited edition of 125 and will cost you only $50.00.



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Skull Screen Prints from Bastardilla

This series of skull screen prints is by artist Bastardilla. Each print is a two-colour screen print with a layer of glitter and spray varnish. They are part of a limited edition of 10 with dimensions of 55cmx55cm. The prints were made during the Fame Festival in 2010.

These skull screen prints can be bought from Studio Cromie for $150 each.

Calavera Blu

Bastardilla Calavera Gialla skull screenprint - blu

Calavera Rossa

Bastardilla Calavera Gialla skull screenprint - Rossa

Calavera Gialla

Bastardilla Calavera Gialla skull screenprint

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Chaos Rule Skull Screen Prints

Chaos Rules Skull Screen Prints and T by us, Mr Four Fingers, and although we are slightly biased, seeing as though we created them, we can safely say that these skull prints are pretty cool. We created these on an induction day at Print Club London and are extremely happy with how the prints they have come out. They have also been one of our most popular prints in our online shop and come in black and orange. We’ve also started printing them on T’s, for us and a few of our friends.

I think next step is to print these on either A2 or A3 and to use this design on our up-and-coming range of T’s.

We got the T printed by Digisin, who have their own range of T’s plus they do custom prints for other artists. It looks great and we recommend them if you want to get some of your own custom T’s printed.


Chaos Rules Skull Screen Print – Black

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