Choas Rules Skull GIF by Mr Four Fingers

chaos rules skull gif

After our recent skull GIF post I figured we should give it a shot with one of our skull designs from Mr Four Fingers. This is our first skull GIF and honestly if I stare at it too long I feel kinda sick, hahahahaha. Look forward to creating some better ones with skulls and laser beams and cats getting blasted by said laser beams. We shall see what ideas Craig, the other half of MFF and SAS (well 1/3) throws my way as he has been the GIF groupie so far.

The black and white version of this skull does exist as a fine art print called Chaos Rules, measuring 30cm x 40cm If you are interested in buying a print then make sure to visit our Mr Four Fingers shop can grab on for £40. Better yet , use discount code CHAOSGIFT for £5 off. Boom.

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Another Bunch of Skull Gifs

another skull gif 2

astronaught skull gif

cat skull gif

skeleton gifsskull gif

So I’m celebrating my birthday tonight, and as a result of this, I am being super duper lazy. So here is another bunch of skull gifs for you to enjoy! I will be proceeding to get drunk so please do think about me and my hangover tomorrow morning!

These were sourced from the world’s biggest supplier of uncredited images. Tumblr.

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I Love Skull Gifs

For some reason I can’t get enough of skull gifs. I fricken love them! I find lots of these on Tumblr, and with most Tumblr posts people don’t bother to credit the artist/creator of the image – MASSIVE #FAIL!

Why not make some of your own skull gifs and send them us?!

more skull gifs

skull gif from tublr

skull dancing man

skull smoking gif

Here are some more skull gifs for you to enjoy :)

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Graphic Skull Art by Jirat Patradoon

Jirat Patradoon is an Australian artist/illustrator/graphic designer. His skull-based graphic art is bold, colourful, very striking and is a take on the ‘stoic nature of macho pop culture,’ which is a quote taken directly from Jirat’s website. He creates character-styled visual art of fictional worlds using borrowed imagery and his unique style. I have been wanting to blog about these glorious skull-based works for ages but wanted to give it the attention it deserves. He has a variety of work from posters through to art-installations and including fashion design – I’ve included a leather jacket he designed with a monster skull on the back.

Some of the images below, are my favourite of the lot are gifs, which remind me of scenes from Drive – I can’t quite place them so if you recognise them then leave a comment below. I love the way he has made them to be bright and colourful and yet the scenes themselves are dark and sinister. Enjoy!

Mall Threat Gif by James Jirat Patradoon

The Heartless Hammer Gif by James Jirat Patradoon

Sea Monster Skull Art by James Jirat Patradoon

Sloppy Seconds Skull Graphic by James Jirat Patradoon

The Silver Age Jirat Patradoon

Isnt It Midnight skull illustration by Jirat Patradoon

Career Criminal Skull Leather Jacket Design Jirat Patradoon

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More Skull Gifs

When we started this blog I never realised how much one could love gifs. So simple but they can really bring a standard photo/image to life. Here are some more skull gifs that I found on Tumblr. Unfortunately the peeps on Tumblr just like sharing cool shit and not saying where it’s from.

I wonder if they know that the internet is currently hunting them, and they’re using a machinary far more advanced than Google. Commence evil laugh…


colourful skull gif

dark skull gif

fire skull gif

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