Bright Geometric Skull Print

Add a splash of colour to your home with this bright geometric skull and bones print called ‘ Cubic Skull One’. This geometric skull was created by Rock That Horse and can be purchased as a A3 print from their online store for €24.


Originally found on The Beetle Shack

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Skull and Bone Sculptures by Francois Roberts

Photographer Francois Robert has some darkly emotive sculptures made from an array of skull and bones that often warrant a second look. These intricate calcium creations are beautifully assembled and photographed on  black to create some very powerful imagery.

Originally found on Pulp Factor

skull-and-bone-sculptures-by-Francois-Roberts_4 skull-and-bone-sculptures-by-Francois-Roberts_5 skull-and-bone-sculptures-by-Francois-Roberts_1 skull-and-bone-sculptures-by-Francois-Roberts_2 skull-and-bone-sculptures-by-Francois-Roberts_3

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Skull & Bones Society

Skull, bones and secret initiations. Sounds like a good party. This Skull & Bones, auctioned at Christies, was used at the infamous secret society by the same name and has been a closely guarded secret since its inception in 1832. For all it’s history I can’t help but think of Pacey (Joshua Jackson) in the movie The Skulls and feel it’s all a little bit lame. This skull does have a hinged  flap to place votes in and has been inscribed with the word Thor, so some coolness has been restored.

Read the article here at NY Post.

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