Melted Cassette Tape Skulls and Skeletons

Melted Cassette Tape Bull Skull Melted Cassette Tape Skulls and Skeletons antlers Melted Cassette Tape Skulls and Skeletons Ram-Skull-View2 Skeleton-Angle-Melted Cassette Tape Skulls and Skeletons


Atlanta based artist Brian Dettmer created this series of intricate sculptural skeletons using melted cassette tapes. Dettmer began creating the pieces 10 years ago in 2005 and forms the heated plastic with wet hands, some creative thinking and other tools.

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Anatomical Illustrations by Michael Reedy – NSFW

Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_5 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustration_6 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustration_7 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_ Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_1 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_2 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_3 Michael_Reedy_Anatomical_illustrations_4

Michael Reedy’s creations caught me off guard with their slightly morbid aesthetic. His drawings are reminiscent of anatmomical illustrations but with a flair for  macabre beauty, strange creatures and comic book-esque characters.

Michael has a range of these amazing illustrations available to buy as limited edition prints from his online store.

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THE VALDARO LOVERS necklace is a hand-carved original piece, created by Blue Bayer, was inspired by a recent archeological find. A collector of my work actually turned me onto this image. It’s really compelling. ” Love you to death……”

The so-called Lovers of Valdaro, also dubbed as the “Valdaro Lovers,” are a pair of human skeletons dating back 6,000 years discovered by archaeologists at a Neolithic tomb in S.Giorgio near Mantova, Italy, in 2007.

This beautiful necklace is on my girlfriends wish list so if she’s luck I’ll be surprising her on Valentines Day this year or her birthday a month Later. It can bought in our online shop for just £29.99. 

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Hibernate Print by Magnis Snickars


Magnus Snickars is a Swedish designer and illustrator who caught our eye through the skull submissions page, which resulted in his artwork being on show at the exhibition we keep on banging on about. Magnus submitted this design called Hibernate, which reminds me of a macabre-like playing card, and we absolutely loved it – It’s also available in the shop now! Just in case you were wondering, and yes we do post to anywhere in the world, including Greenland.

Artist Name: Magnus Snickars
Name of piece: HIBERNATE
Type: Digital Print
Price: £150
Size: 50x70cm
Print: 1 of 1

Buy Hibernate from the online shop.

Contact us if you would like it framed! Shipped from UK

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Cartoon Skeletons and Skulls

cartoon skeletons and skulls cartoon skeletons homer simpson skull spongebob skull tweety bird cartoon skeleton

This bizarre look at popular yellow cartoon characters has been created by Egyptian illustrator Mahmoud Refaat His illustrative work features the skulls and skeletons behind popular household names like Homer Simpson, Spongebob Squarepants and Tweety Bird to name a few. The cartoon skeletons give a glimpse as to what is behind what are normally cute or funny facades, and give the impression of a more devious scheme at work. I for one fricken love them.


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Takato Yamamoto

Watercolour skull painting

Loving these paintings by Takato Yamamoto and his innate ability to combine gore, nudity and skulls without being horrifying. Takato was born in Akita, Japan in 1960 and his style is one of immense detail and reminiscent of old Japanese watercolour paintings. Though his definitely involves more skulls and bondage.

We have gathered these images from various blogs on the net but you can visit the actual website of Takato Yamamoto and his online store called ‘Uptight Museum Shop‘ or here at Aka Tako.

Takato Yamamoto Takato Yamamoto Watercolour_Skull_Painting_5 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_4 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_3 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_2 Watercolour_Skull_Painting_1

Sources from :Origami Cupcake, Fugu Suicide, Decent Men in an Indecent Time,

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Evolution by Patrick Gries

These beautifully shot black and white images by Patrick Gries feature a collection of skeletons (and skulls of course). Patrick received helped from a number of natural history and veterinary museums in France and Monaco to put the series together. I love the stark contrast of the skeletons on the black background. The series is called Evolution and features over 300 images.

vertebrate skeletons by Patrick Gries 2 vertebrate skeletons by Patrick Gries 3 vertebrate skeletons by Patrick Gries 4 vertebrate skeletons by Patrick Gries

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Skull and Bones Extracted from Barn Owl Pellets

Probably not the most exciting title for a post but one thing is for sure that extracting these skull and bones was actually quite fun; in a  weird CSI unearthing dead remains kinda way. It was pretty cool unveiling the first skull (leave a comment if you can name the critter), and as I was pretty thorough with each pellet I ended up spending about 4 hrs going through 30 pellets. Man it took ages!

We have a load more pictures and information detailing the process over at our Mr Four Fingers blog so be sure to check it out. I could not believe the size of some of the skulls.

skull and bones skull and bones


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Anthony Cozzi Skull Screen Prints

I first saw Anthony Cozzi’s work on Street Anatomy’s website and loved it so much I had to get one for myself. The screen print, The Moment Before, now lives in my bedroom nicely framed and just being awesome. Anthony has recently launched another detailed screen print, this time spotted on Who Killed Bambi, and has called it – Pale Horse. The detail in these screen prints is amazing and I would love to see process shots of how he did it.

The reason we are featuring these prints is because they feature skeletons in them, and all skeletons have? SKULLS!!! BOOM. We love a good skull over here at the Skull Appreciation Society and we hope we get to see more of them in Anthony’s work!

Pale Horse Screen Print

Anthony Cozzi Pale Horse Skull Screen Print

The Moment Before Screen Print

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Agus Suwage Skull Artwork

Agus Suwage‘s skull-inspired artwork are all replica works of other famous art pieces, except Agus uses skulls in his work. If you know which pieces of art these are taken from please leave a comment in the comments section.

golden mickey mouse skull

fool in love skull artwork

man kissing skull

Agus Suwage skeletons

Artwork with Golden Skulls

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