Memento Skull Jewellery Series by Sirkel

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Sirkel is a Johannesburg-based jewellery designer who loves creating beautiful skull jewellery. I’m partial to the creatives coming out of Jozi as that’s my hometown and I miss that lekker vibe :) So happy to spread the word and hopefully help them become a raging success.

We’ve featured Sirkel’s hipster skull before and after spotting that bad-ass skull we knew we had to get her in our skull shop! Sirkel’s Memento series features a variety of animal and human skull pieces, made from silver, yellow and red gold, so proper quality merchandise. The jewellery is shipped from South Africa and they post WorldWide so don’t let the distance stop you from becoming a customer.

To visit Sirkel’s profile in our Skull Shop simply follow this well constructed link. There are loads more skulls there!

Silver Skull Candle

silver skull candle 1 silver skull candle

So whenever I see an expensive candle the first question that pops to mind is: ‘TO BURN OR NOT TOO BURN?’

I say burn. Having a candle you don’t burn is like having a room in your house you don’t use. Or a bottle of expensive booze that just sits there collecting dust, just waiting for a special occasion that never comes.

This silver skull candle is available from the US Urban Outfitters for $64. It’s crafted from paraffin wax + topped with a flashy metallic finish. 80-hour burn time.

Skull Bracelets by Danijela

We’ve launched an online skull shop through our Skull Appreciation Society blog and we have just been making sure that everything is in working order before doing a big announcement. These skull bracelets are a few of the new additions to the shop and have been created by Canadian skull creator Danijela. They are authentic with regards to the materials – 1 is 14K gold skull chain with Swarovski Pearls and the 2nd is a sterling silver skull chain with Swarovski Pearls and are £34 and £28 respectively.

14K Gold Skull Chain With Swarovski Pearls

14K Gold Skull/Chain with Swarovski Pearls, £32

Skull Chain With Swarovski Pearls

Sterling Silver Skull with Swarovski Pearls, £26

Skull Army

These skullified dudes take me back to the 80’s when I was just a wee nipper playing WWIII in the garden with my set of green army men, using tom thumbs to blow off plastic appendages. I wish I had a set of these indestructible skull dudes to help me in my quest for world domination.

Made from sterling silver these skull army men have been created by GOOD ART HLYWD, contain jack skulls and retail for about $235.00. The whole set will cost you $2400.00 only so if you are feeling generous then let us know and we can send you our postage details :)

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 1

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 2

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 3

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 4

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 5

Army Men by Good Art HLYWD 6