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Haas_Style_Art_3 Haas_Style_Art_4 Haas_Style_Art_2 Chris_Hass_Art_6 Haas_Style_Art_1 Chris_Hass_Art_4 Chris_Hass_Art_5 Chris_Hass_Art_3 Chris_Hass_Art_2 Chris_Hass_Art_1

Every now and again I’m blown away by someone’s incredible imagination. This is one of those times. Whilst posting about Scourgee999 I saw that he posted about a guy called Haas Style Art and his wondorous skulls.

Haas Style Art is is art name for Chris Hass and he man behind these amazing and wholly weird skulls. His signature style come from the way he adds swirling mounds of clay, cartoon-esque eyes and otherworldly colours. From what I can tell the base skulls are a mixture of replica and/or real.(like replica skulls from Skull Shoppe)

Hass states that he re-animates skulls to bring them back into our dimension. But for me , I think the skulls are re-animated and born again into a different realm of fantasy filled with his curious creatures. A place I would surely like to visit but in the meantime he has a wicked Insta account to peruse.

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Skull Shoppe by Scourge999










Whilst spending a good portion of the morning looking for real human teeth, as you do, I realised we have not yet posted about Scourge999.

Scourge999 is the Instagram ‘ handle’ or whatever it’s called is for the owner of the ‘Skull Shoppe’. This guy has what is undoubtedly some of the best replica skulls you can get your hands on. So good, you begin to wonder if Scourge999 is indeed a grave robber.

Skull Shoppe
has a product section for ‘Museum’ grade skulls that are incredibly detailed whilst still maintaining decent prices of about $98 – $150 a pop.They also stocks cheaper novelty foam skulls for $30-$35.

You should definitely follow Scourge999 on his Instagram account as he is constantly updating with new skulls, projects and the amazing sculptures, drawings and paintings of other artists based on his skulls.

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Resin Skulls Created by Richard Symons

resin skulls

Above: Techno Skullservo_skull__detail_by_richardsymonsart-d2yrycq servo_skull_by_richardsymonsart-d2yry7n

These resin skulls are created by Richard Symons and have a variety of styles like ‘Techno’ skull and ‘Servo’ Skull, all cladded in tech components and circuits. All of these are individually made and cost on the region of £100, well the Techno skull one is at least.

Check out Richard’s Deviant Art profile here.

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Skull Masks and Skull Ornaments Box

Whilst perusing EBAY we found one seller of skull goodness by the name of Longyh118. Yes, a pretty weird name but at least the added “Cool Gift” to their store name. Below is a variety of skulls we found.

Resin replica Alien Kapala ornaments box – $62.99



Airsoft Skull Terror Mask – $62.99

skull terror mask


T800 Terminator Skull Mask – $32.94



Skull Mask Prop Cosplay Halloween – $61.99


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Brownister Hen – Resin Skulls

These small resin skulls are created by Brownister Hen and are entitled Waste. The name is derived from the process in creating these skulls as the waste is the left over resin from his paintings (last image) that is then poured into a mould, creating these one of a kind skulls. These skulls are then sanded and polished. If they turn out well, they are sold, if not, they are pulverized and reused in the painting process.

What is even more remarkable is Brownister Hen’s life story as not only did he lose his parents in a boating accident that left him permanently disfigured with 3rd degree burns but he was miraculously saved by a passing boat. He was 8 years old. You can read the rest of his story here.

These resin skulls are available to buy from his website, they measure 7x5x5, created from resin and pigment, (cm I assume) for $40-$60.

resin skulls resin skulls resin skulls brownister-hen-resin-skull-4 brownister-hen-resin-skull-5 brownister-hen-resin-skull-6

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Meg Coleman’s Skull Sculptures

Freelance artist Meg Coleman has some fantastic skull sculptures or in her words ‘Skull-pture’ (Nice one!). She is presently interested in the “beauty of the remnants left after life’. That is probably one of the most beautiful sentences I have read.

Meg currently has two forms of skulls available for purchase. The first and most impressive are the sculptural skull lights. These are cast to represent clear quartz crystal but also come in a variety of styles like marble, green, white or slate. I have surprisingly not seen a skull light like this before and I must say it does look rather fine. Prices are £350-£450 depending on choice of finish.

The second are skulls cast from a silicone mould that can be decorated to any effect. It’s a pretty good looking cranium as far as skulls go. Prices are £120-£250 depending on design.

You can check out some of Meg Coleman’s other sculptural work out by following this link

Meg_Coleman_1 Meg_Coleman_2 Meg_Coleman_5Meg_Coleman_8 Meg_Coleman_6

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Skull Creations of Jiri Geller

I have seen this Donald Duck skull a short while ago but has since taken me ages to post about it. This cartoon Duck  is called Dunkelheit which I think means ‘Darkness’ and is created from painted resin. Having a look through Jiri Gellers portfolio I notice that he is also a massive fan of skulls. He tends to explore the darker side of pop culture and what better way to illustrate his point better than by using the iconic skull. I really love the minimalist and ultra clean aesthetic of his pieces.

Original found on mashKULTURE

Jiri Geller  Jiri_GellerJiri Geller Jiri_Geller_Skull_1Jiri Geller

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Burning Skull

Ok it’s not actually called this, but the hair does remind me of the Sweet Tooth from the  twisted metal gaming series. This faux bronze resin bust can be found over at Tom Spina Designs. This flaming skull is a sculpture by Robb De Nicola and painted by Tom Spina.                                               

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