Skulls, Pandas, Pugs and Unicorns by Lora Zombie

skulls and pandas skulls and pugs unicron skull

Lora Zombie is a Russian-born artist loves to create colourful and vibrant paintings, including these pieces of artwork featuring skulls and pandas, skulls and pugs and a skull unicorn, just because why the hell not!

Visit here website here for more of her eclectic artwork.

Untitled Skull on Canvas by David Kraig

David Kraif Skull Art

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David Kraig joined us for the successful and hugely popular skull art exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, which was hosted by Mr Four Fingers and The Skull Society. He created this beautiful dripping skull on canvas. It’s a great piece for any skull collector.

  • Artists Name: David Kraig
  • Name of piece: Untitled.
  • Type: Original painting on canvas
  • Materials: Acrylic on canvas
  • Country: United States
  • Website:
  • Price: £445 excluding shipping

The artwork will be shipped from the UK – please check shipping costs before completing your order.

Buy this beautiful painting from our online Shop! 

Ryohei Hase’s Ominous Skull Painting

black and white skull painting by Ryohei Hase

Ryohei Hase is a one of our favourite skull artists, well judging by the amount of times we have blogged about his work, here and here. This ominous skull painting reminds me of something you would see in a horror movie about love. The half man half skull beast is holding what appears to be the women he loves, perhaps just after he has killed her. Possibly a crime powered by passion?


Skull Gif-iti by INSA

hand painted gif-fiti

skull gif and street art

INSA is a fine artist and designer who creates real-life gifs! He has labeled them as Gif-iti and each mural is painted and then photographed in sequence to create the animation (of up tom 8 layers) which you can see here. I found this amazing work on This Is Coloassal, and you can visit the post which has a few more executions of the same idea. They are all brilliant!


myself-by-mr-walter-print with skulls in it

This beautiful skull-themed print is by a french artist called Mr Walter from the Art&Toys website. I love black and white imagery and this piece also reminds me of an African-styled painting hanging in a typical African pub, only this time, it includes some sexy skulls.

The print is limited to 50, with a signed certificate of authenticity, is printed on 300g of Innova fine art paper and is 40x60cm. It can be yours for just €60. DO IT.

Gravity Oil Painting


Can you believe that this is an oil painting?! The piece, entitled Gravity, was a commissioned piece of artwork for the Deviant artist Patrick Kramer. The reason I’m posting this is because of the sweet skull wallpaper he has created in the painting.

Looking at this again and I can’t believe this is a painting…

Mounted Animal Skulls by Stephan Alexandr

Stephan Alexandr is an American designer and artist. He sources these animal skulls locally and imports these too, if not available in the US, paints and decorates them and in doing so transforms them into mountable pieces of striking art. The style reminds me of a simplified version of a recent artist I saw, when I attended the Blow My Mind’ exhibition  by Lauren Baker.

I really like the shape of the Buffalo skull, and would love to see this in person as I think the size of it would surprise me, plus it’s proportionately very symmetrical which I love :)

Stephan has got a big selection of work to offer – visit his shop but do check out the rest of his site as it gives you plenty of info about him, his history and his work.

buffalo animal skull

animal skull - blesbok animal skull - pink skull of a bull cow springbok skull zebra - animal skull

Paintings by Charlie Immer

I’m absolutely blown away by these oil paintings by Charlie Immer and these few skulls are only a glimpse of what this man has to show. At a glance his work seems bright and friendly but soon you realise there is a whole lot of dark shit going on. Like us he definitely has a massive love for skulls.

Be sure to check out the rest of his website or nab one of his limited edition prints from his store.

polyheadron slimebones charlie immermarching horseskull slipperyremoval

Skull Murals by Fat Heat

Pretty intense skull murals and art by Hungarian street artist Fat Heat. He has a superb array of images in his portfolio and many crazy skulls strewn about. His ‘About’ section is quite a refreshing read, no bullshit and pomp, just passion. Fat Heat’s art adorns walls, canvases and he even dabbles in the digital realm. He also has a damn fine website.

You can check out these skull murals and other work over at his Flickr account or his website.

Originally found on Meh

Fat-Heat-4 Fat-Heat-1 skull mural skull mural


Skulls from Deadpigeon AKA Magnus Jansson

The Skull Appreciation Society welcomes one of the freshest illustrating talents I have seen in awhile. I met Magnus Jansson a few years ago but little did I know that seething below the surface was this insane illustrative skill. I was recently introduced to Jansson’s work through his colourful and crazy paintings and found out that he has started a career in tattooing with ambitions to sell his art in the process.

We recommend checking out his website Deadpigeon, a name salvaged from the days of university where Magnus used to find dead pigeon outside his house. Ominous indeed!

Magnus also has the great habit of creating a sketch every morning (7 frikken am) and most of the time he captures this process on video. Definitely worth checking out. There are talks of moves to Japan, launching Deadpigeon and living the life of the art hippie

We are happy to invite you to the Society of skulls and glad we can join you on your journey.