Dissected Toys of Jason Freeny

I’m a bit surprised that we have not posted about the dissected toys of Jason Freeny before. If you are wondering who Jason is then cast your mind back to those amazing sculptures of lego men who have been dissected to show their organs and skeletal system.

if none of this rings a bell then you are in for a treat.

popeye_dissection_by_freeny-d83je4j sulley_dissected_by_freeny-d6w8jzl my_little_pony_cross_dissection_by_freeny-d5sgcyc papa_smurf_dissected_by_freeny-d6f3g6q mr_potato_head_skeleton_by_freeny-d7xo2jq lotso_huggins_dissection_by_freeny-d5tkca6-1 lotso_huggins_dissection_by_freeny-d5tkca6 large_anatomical_lego_men_by_freeny-d53zea4 Lego_Mini_Figure_Anatomy_Spin_by_freeny gummi_anatomy_toy_by_freeny-d5kniq0 bugs_bunny_dissection_by_freeny-d7wbull barbie_anatomical_model_by_freeny-d5dazp9 Ballon_Dog_Anatomy_Spin_by_freeny

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The Death Of Walt by AXR

death-of-walt-1-front-on death-of-walt-original-artwdeath of wal skull photo

Death of Walt was created by Mexican-born Arantxa Ximena Rodriguez, AKA AXR. Arantxa kindly sent us this piece of creative artwork for our skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, and everyone absolutely loved it. It actually sold before I got to the exhibition myself, so basically between 6 and 6:30pm. That must be a world record or something!!

Arantxa Ximena Rodriguez, AXR, specialises in drawing facets, or fractals, which entails connecting singular objects together to make another object. Her style is definitely unique and this piece was inspired by a Mickey Mouse Skull which was sitting in front of a piece of her art which she photographed and framed. The artwork itself is packaged in a ornate golden box where it lives.

If you wish to see more of AXR’s artwork then please visit her Facebook page here, or her Instagram here. 

Artists Name: AXR
Name of piece: Death of Walt
Type: Photograph
Edition number, if limited edition: 1 of 5. SOLD OUT but commissions and prints available.
Materials used: photograph printed on cotton paper.

*Death of Walt is sold out but commissions are available and prints can be created on request.

View Death of Walt in the SAS Shop

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Skulls by Total Lost

Subtly wicked and dark skull illustrations by Total Lost.  By the looks of it most illustrations are printed on high quality 150g paper with a small white border for framing. They also have a skulltastic Mickey Mouse to wear proudly on your chest.

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Mickey Mouse Skull

Found this amazing Mickey Mouse Skull on Sick of the Radio and had to share. Would love to see a series of these with Donald Duck, Goofy and the rest of the crew.

IF you know who created this skull please let us know. We’d like to give him/her some skull appreciation. Skull creator found!! This Mickey Mouse skull was created by Nicolas Rubinstein.

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