Mask from Papua New Guinea

papua new guineapapua new guinea

This seemingly benign mask from Papua New Guinea (1801-1910) is actually made from a real human skull. As you can see the front has a jovial face and the back is sections of a human skull pieced together. You would literally be wearing someone’s face.

Maybe it was used to represent the deceased soul and by wearing it you could bring them ‘back to life’.

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Werewolf Skull Bandana

I’m very tempted to buy this Werewolf Skull Bandana for use when cycling in London. I may get some weird  looks but then again it’s London and there is weird shit all over the place. This cotton skull bandana measures 22″x22″ and is really soft as the design has been bleached into the black fabric. Costs $15 from Miss Monster online store.

werewolf skull bandanawerewolf skull bandana


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Transformation Mask by Anthony Santella

This transformation mask, carved from cedar wood, is inspired by traditional Native American masks. These masks are normally used in tribals dances with the outer mask being an animal visage that opens to reveal an inner carved human face. This is Anthony Santellas version and what a superb one it is.

transformation mask


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Army of Two – Skull Mask Dead Edition

Even if you don’t know the reference for this mask, as in the game Army of Two, you will probably still find it pretty damn wicked. For some reason it reminds me of Batman when he was purchasing material for his headgear.

This Army of Two skull mask, perfect for halloween, is made form ABS plastic and is only $17.95. I’m not into mask buying but that seems cheap to me. Though you might get shafted on shipping.

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