Skull Illustration by Mr Four Fingers

Ah it’s definitely a cop out drawing pictures for gifts, like this skull illustration fella. This illustration, by us Mr Four Fingers, is on a  A4-ish slice of 300gsm extra smooth hot pressed paper and was drawn with extra a fine Rotring art pen but the birds were drawn with an extra fine nib dip pen and Indian ink (waterproof). Finished with watercolour, gold paint and brush pen.

This skull fella is untitled so if you have a spark of inspiration then leave a comment with a suggested name.


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Skull Illustrations From Drew Millward

Holy crap does Drew Millward have copious amounts of skull illustrations. Yes, skulls may not be the main feature of most of them but they certainly play an important role, at least to us anyway.

Amongst all these amazing illustrations, most of which I’m guessing are prints of some sort, there is also a skull tee called Dead Happy (last two images). This tee design is printed with discharge inks on black fabric, meaning the design is bleached into the fabric making for one smooth design. That shit feels good and can be bought for £25 from his online store.

drew-millward-1 drew-millward-2 drew-millward-3 drew-millward-6 drew-millward-7 drew-millward-8 drew-millward-9drew-millward- skull illustrations

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Skulls from Deadpigeon AKA Magnus Jansson

The Skull Appreciation Society welcomes one of the freshest illustrating talents I have seen in awhile. I met Magnus Jansson a few years ago but little did I know that seething below the surface was this insane illustrative skill. I was recently introduced to Jansson’s work through his colourful and crazy paintings and found out that he has started a career in tattooing with ambitions to sell his art in the process.

We recommend checking out his website Deadpigeon, a name salvaged from the days of university where Magnus used to find dead pigeon outside his house. Ominous indeed!

Magnus also has the great habit of creating a sketch every morning (7 frikken am) and most of the time he captures this process on video. Definitely worth checking out. There are talks of moves to Japan, launching Deadpigeon and living the life of the art hippie

We are happy to invite you to the Society of skulls and glad we can join you on your journey.

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