Mark Evan’s Skull Creations on Leather

You have probably seen the leather etching skills of Mark Evans before but prepare to have your mind blown again. All these skull creations you see below , as well as all Mark’s creations are created by slowly hatching into leather, the more scratches on the leather creates the lightest parts of the design, so the opposite to when you draw with a pen , as in dark on light.

His bladed instruments also include a bowie knife. Check out the rest of his work on his website and a pretty cool process video.

skull creations skull creations Marke_Evans_art_7 Marke_Evans_art_3 Marke_Evans_art_5 skull creations Marke_Evans_art_4

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Colouring Pencils and Marco Mazzoni

If you ever thought colouring pencils were an easy way out with regards to rendering an image then think again. These coloured pencil drawings by Marco Mazzoni are full of coalescing colours and shadows that are often interrupted with suffused supernatural lights.

He is creates a lot of drawings in Moleskines which is an art form in it’sown right and you can see many of these drawings and more over at his Tumblr blog.

marco_mazzoni_1 marco_mazzoni_2 marco_mazzoni_3 marco_mazzoni_5 marco_mazzoni_6 marco_mazzoni_4

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Skull Squid

We can’t not share the work an artist who has called themselves Skull Squid. His skulls play a small part in his illustrations but they are there even if it’s just a skull painted on armour! It’s funny how when I look at images I immediately notice any skulls. Though as you are here at the society I’m sure you do the same.

I really like the graphic cartoon style of Skull Squid so be sure to check out the rest of his/her portfolio.

skull squid skull-squid-5 skull-squid-1 skull-squid-2

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Skulls by John Filipe

Here are two damn delicious looking skulls (skull figured) from illustrator John Filipe that are both available as various sized prints from Society6. These prints are Giclee quality and being Society 6 these designs are also available on a variety of other products like canvas, t-shirts,  i-Phone covers…the list goes on.

Chromatic Skull


Colour Eater




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Alex Konahin Skulls

A few months ago Alex Konahin’s skulls were bouncing around various blogs leaving a trail of appraise in their wake. So it seems only fitting that his amazing skulls have found their way here. Alex creates his skulls with a dip pen and ink and they generally take around 2 weeks to complete. Both of his  Skulls as seen below were commissioned by clothing label Heretics. I own the Mexican skull t-shirt an let me tell you it’s one great illustration and the t-shirt itself is very good.


Heretics Hand Crafted Skull £30

Heretics Mexican Skull £30


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