La Mano de Cuervo

La Mano de Cuervo , translated as Raven’s Hand (or Crow Tongue?), is a random Flickr account find of a fella with a whole bunch of lovely photography from excursions into the forest. Amongst these gems are a few diamonds, in the form of skulls.

Check out the rest of La Mano de Cuervo and his photography over at his Flickr account.

animal_skull_7 animal_skull_8 animal_skull_2 animal_skull_3 animal_skull_4 animal_skull_5 animal_skull_6

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Wrong Turn Ghostly Skull

skullThis creepy ghostly skull called Wrong Turn was created by deviant artists Lost Knight Kg (or Lostknightkg) and is a combination of two photographs that have been layered onto each other. One layer is a photograph in a forest and the other is a diamond studded skull photographed on a trip to dubai. Skull ectoplasm!

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Karl Kwasny Skulls

These beautiful, subtle and delicately sinister skulls are created by Karl Kwansy and you check them out at his Deviant Art account under the name Monavx. Most are created with watercolor and finished in photoshop.

Originally found on Design You Trust.


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