Skull and Flowers Designed Snowboard


This beautiful skull and flowers designed snowboard titled the Burton Rebirth has been designed by Tyler Poyant. Tyler is currently a senior Illustration major at Syracuse University and is a designer for Urban Outfitters.


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Glass Skull Vase


One of the advantages of having a skull blog is that it makes it a lot easier for your friends when buying you birthday or Christmas presents – the obvious choice is something skull related. So I hope one of my mates read this and do just that.

This glass skull vase, or jar, is perfect for those spring-time daffodils. I think there is a certain irony in putting your flowers in a skull vase as the only guarantee you get when buying flowers is that they will die. The skull represents our own mortality and now it can represent the flowers mortality as well. Just bloody perfect all round.

You can get your mits on one of these glass skull vases from Rockett St George for just £13.50 and if you don’t like using it for flowers you can also use it as a jar for sweets, fruits or even spare change.

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Jacky Tsai’s Floral Skulls

Jacky Tsai, a designer who used to work for Alexander McQueen, is currently working on his own fashion line. These decorative floral skulls are stunning and are part of a larger body of work which includes a number of prints, sculptures and drawings.

We’re glad to see you doing your own stuff Jacky. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more skulls from him in the future!

Jacky Tsai's Floral Skulls 5

Jacky Tsai's Floral Skulls 2

Jacky Tsai's Floral Skulls 3

Jacky Tsai's Floral Skulls 4

Jacky Tsai's Floral Skulls

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Flower Mosaic Skull by Kevin Champeny

Kevin Champeny‘s flower mosaic skull is made up 35000 little flowers. The flowers are moulded in silicone using various poly-urethane resins in a variety of colours. This art piece is part of a bigger series and and you can more of his work here on his blog.

This skull mosaic is called – What Remains

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