Jed Leiknes Time Lapse Skull Paintings

I’m not sure what is more disturbing, Jed’s grotesque skull paintings or that eerie ambient music he plays in his time lapse videos. Either way, I like both. Oh, he also creates the music, which reminds me of playing Silent Hill.

Both of these skulls are oil paintings, with the first skull below taking about 2 hrs to complete and the second about an 1hr, both alla prima which is fancy talk for wet-on-wet.

Check out these skulls and more gory paintings by Jed Leiknes on his YouTube Page.


 Skull Paintings   Skull Paintings Skull Paintings




Crazy In The Coconut Skull

This coconut skull has found it’s way into the dark folds of the Skull Appreciation Society and we all welcome you. This fiendish mask-like skull was carved by skull nut (badum tish) Scott Middlehurst,  a self taught artists hailing from Canada. Scott has made me aware that these skulls can be made available for purchase but do take a month to create from start to finish (includes getting the coconuts). If you dig this skull as much as we do then we recommend popping over to Scotts Facebook page (liking it of course) and get in touch with regards to pricing.

Hopefully we will see many more skull creations in the near future.

cococut-skull-1 cococut-skull-2