Moon Raven Design

I have always wanted to use a  money clip (probably after seeing the Face Off dragon one) but the problem is you need a few bills first to make it work right! We found this Black Sugar Money Clip over at Moon Raven Design’s ETSY store for $32 (1 available).

The skull is intricately carved in a beautiful floral design and is mounted on a solid brass money clip.

Check out more skull designs over the Moon Raven Design online store.

moon_raven_design_2 moon_raven_design_3 moon_raven_design_4 moon_raven_design_5 moon_raven_design_1

Dahlia Deranged

Dahlia Deranged has a crazy amount of sinister trinkets from rings to bracelets and even some real birds skulls set on pendants. She has a huuuge following on Facebook so make sure to check out her page to keep an eye on grabbing some new skull designs.

Check out her treasure trove of jewelery over at her Dahlia Deranged Etsy store

dahlia deranged dahlia deranged dahlia deranged dahlia deranged dahlia_Skull_Jewelery_5 dahlia_Skull_Jewelery_6


Skull Rings from Rogue & Wolf

These lovely skull rings are creations from wonderfully named Rogue and Wolf on Etsy. They have such a nice ‘About’ section that is more like a short and curious dark tale.

You can check out their online store here.

rogue-and-wolf-skull-rings-5 rogue-and-wolf-skull-rings-4 rogue-and-wolf-skull-rings-3 rogue-and-wolf-skull-rings-2 rogue-and-wolf-skull-rings-1

Originally found on FAB

Crocheted Skulls

These delightful little crocheted skulls were shared with us on Facebook by the creator herself – Dewey Decimal Crafts and can be found on her Etsy store here. They come in a variety of sizes and sets and you can also buy them in sets. They would make a great gift for any skull lover!

Tiny Crocheted Skull

Halloween Mask - Crocheted Skull

Shakespearean Crocheted Skull

Tiny Crocheted Skulls - Set of 10