Masks and Tribal Resin Skulls from Monte Ward

Monte_Ward_3Monte_Ward_4Monte_Ward_6 Monte_Ward_2 Monte_Ward_1

Really liking these tribal resin skulls from the talented Monte Ward based on the tribes of the  Dayak, Asmat, Ifugao & Naga.

Ward creates these buy using “first genertation resin casting of a real human skull”, which he then carves into, weathers and paints. The outcome  is superb and as true to life as any original I have seen.

If you like gruesome masks and busts then be sure to check out the rest of his portfolio on Deviant Art where to you can find him under the alias of Dreggs88 or visit hs Monster Masks blog


Carved Bull Skull by Ilya Andor

carved bull skull 2 carved bull skull

This skull masterpiece was sent to us by Ilya Andor and is a beautiful piece of art symbolising this once majestic beast. This carved skull reminds me of a number of other variations of a similar technique we have shared before, but this carved bull skull is huge, and is a fitting tribute to the life this beautiful creature, who plays a vital part in the feeding of the human race. Might not be a pleasant thought but without them in the food chain would be be as abundant as we are? Food for thought, and no puns intended.

Carved Skulls by Zane Wylie – NEW TO SHOP

We’re happy to welcome the arrival of our newest SAS artist to our skull shop – Zane Wylie. The carved skulls are museum quality heavy cast resin and marble dust reproduction of the real human skull that was carved by Zane. The mold was crafted by Chris Erney Master Artisan and Mold maker.

What I love about these is that every skull has it’s own unique story, from Thor to a Celtic Warrior and from a Mermain Queen to a Templar Knight, each is created using these historic characters.

Each piece is £150 and comes signed with a certificate of authenticity. They are shipped worldwide from the US. Please double check postage costs before placing your order.

View Zane’s Carved Skulls Now.


CELTIC WARRIOR – Vercingetorix was a chieftain of the Arverni tribe; he united the Gauls in a revolt against Roman forces during the last phase of Julius Caesars’s Gallic Wars.Mermaid_Queen Mermaid_Queen.jpg_1

MERMAID QUEEN – During the great Gallic Wars the Queen mourned the loss of her husband the warrior king, and stayed watch over the seas until he would come from the mists to take her home with him.

It was not known if her King did ever come for her but one of the villagers said he saw her dissolve into the mists almost as if she had become them.
Russian_Sea_Captain_1 Russian_Sea_Captain_2

RUSSIAN SEA CAPTAIN – This skull honors the bitter hard life of Russian Sea captains. Vadim Konyashev grew up on the bow of his father’s ship where he learned the payment for hard work was being able to take I another breath of the salty Laptev sea.

The sea can drive a man mad and fighting off mutiny, starvation and the bone-biting East Siberian Sea winds either cold forge you into a man of iron or they slice you up like chum and throw you out the stern (the back of the ship for you “land lubbers”).


TEMPLAR KNIGHT – This piece was created to honor family lineage that aided the Templar Knights and hid treasures for them. The skull has very detailed carvings that contain modern and ancient Templar symbolism as well as Masonic imagery.

The original piece contains an authentic piece of Templar currency from the 1100s

Thor_Skull_1 Thor_Skull_3

THOR SKULL – The skull features a tribute to Thor and Viking heritage. With dragons on each side and the Midgard Serpent biting it’s tail this replica is sure to be the envy of anyone’s collection.

View Zane’s Carved Skulls Now.

Black Obsidian Skull

This shiny black obsidian skull was tracked back through numerous Tumblr accounts to what seems to be the originators, Skullis, who we have featured a few times. I can’t seem to find the actual link to this skull as there are hundreds.

This skull measures 5.3 inches long with a removable jaw with teeth finished with Australia opal. If you want it, you gotta hunt it.

Originally found on Fuck Yeah Skulls Tumblr

black-obsidian-skull-1 black-obsidian-skull-2


Bali Organic Arts – Skull Carvings

One of our previous posts showed some insane skull carvings on buffalo skulls available from Beachcomber (Yorkshire, England) has smashed out almost 200K Stumbles on StumbleUpon (not sure if that sentence is correct). Anyway, they are awesome.

We have posted a few times about these amazing carvings and have since come into contact with the actual artists from Bali from a company called Bali Organic Arts (FB Page). Below is some recent work and definitely some of their most intricate. There are also some nice process images how they take an already beautiful skull and elevate it to splendid beauty.

I will own one of these one day!



Crazy In The Coconut Skull

This coconut skull has found it’s way into the dark folds of the Skull Appreciation Society and we all welcome you. This fiendish mask-like skull was carved by skull nut (badum tish) Scott Middlehurst,  a self taught artists hailing from Canada. Scott has made me aware that these skulls can be made available for purchase but do take a month to create from start to finish (includes getting the coconuts). If you dig this skull as much as we do then we recommend popping over to Scotts Facebook page (liking it of course) and get in touch with regards to pricing.

Hopefully we will see many more skull creations in the near future.

cococut-skull-1 cococut-skull-2

Dall Sheep Duality – Sheep Skull Sculpture

This amazing sheep skull sculpture was created by the amazing Shane Wilson (featured on here before) and is definitely one of the best skull sculptures I have seen. This was a commissioned piece by a man who hunted the sheep (that does sound amusing) and you can even see one of the bullet holes on the right horn.

sheep_skull_1 sheep_skull_2

Kranium Wood Skulls

These cute wood skulls (that’s what I said) are created from pine with a lid that uncovers a secret compartment. Well maybe not so secret but it’s still cool. I know what quite a few people would use this for.

These carved wood skulls are available in either white or unpainted and measure 14cm in diameter. Both can be purchased from Acne Jr for  €68.90

Originally found on NOTCOT

Wood Skulls

Wood Skulls

Wood Skulls

Wood Skulls

Carved Skulls of Jaguar and Wolf

These lovely, shiny and oh so large carved skulls are created by Thought and Memory and are sold on a first come, first serve basis and on that note of course they are sold out. Man, that Jaguar skull is amazingly carved from obsidian and based on a real casting of a Jaguar skull.

There is also a variety of carved  Wolf skulls that look long, sleek and wicked. There is one caved from obsidian like the Jaguar skull but there are also versions carved from Brazilian Agate and Carnelian Agate.

They are beautiful.







Beto Janz Skateboard Skulls

These evil looking skateboard skulls were created by Beto Janz as a way of spreading the word of a skate shop called Ultra Skate that he was promoting. Yes it’s advertsing but we do a similar thing with Mr Four Fingers in our own Left and Found Art. I would have loved to find one of these skateboard skulls.

Upon finding an article at Inhabitat about these skateboard skulls I looked at Beto Janz portfolio and was happy to find yet more skulls. Yaassss.

Original source: Inhabitat






Transformation Mask by Anthony Santella

This transformation mask, carved from cedar wood, is inspired by traditional Native American masks. These masks are normally used in tribals dances with the outer mask being an animal visage that opens to reveal an inner carved human face. This is Anthony Santellas version and what a superb one it is.

transformation mask


Asmat Tribe Trophy Skulls

The Asmat Tribe, from Irian Jaya Indonesia, collect and worship ancestor skulls to remember their deceased family members. The tribes all decorate the skulls differently, in this case the Asmat Tribe use feathers, seeds and carved sea shell rings to decorate their skulls.

We found these amazing skulls on Tribal Art Asia’s website.