Skull Tattoos by Kelly Doty

skull tattoo skull tattoos skull tattoos

Here are a few cartoon style and what can only called ‘evil cute’ skull tattoos by Kelly Doty. Kelly started tattooing professionally in 2009 and has since developed a specialty in “spooky colour work”.

Also found on Skullspiration.

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Skull Illustrations From Drew Millward

Holy crap does Drew Millward have copious amounts of skull illustrations. Yes, skulls may not be the main feature of most of them but they certainly play an important role, at least to us anyway.

Amongst all these amazing illustrations, most of which I’m guessing are prints of some sort, there is also a skull tee called Dead Happy (last two images). This tee design is printed with discharge inks on black fabric, meaning the design is bleached into the fabric making for one smooth design. That shit feels good and can be bought for £25 from his online store.

drew-millward-1 drew-millward-2 drew-millward-3 drew-millward-6 drew-millward-7 drew-millward-8 drew-millward-9drew-millward- skull illustrations

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Skull Creations of Jiri Geller

I have seen this Donald Duck skull a short while ago but has since taken me ages to post about it. This cartoon Duck  is called Dunkelheit which I think means ‘Darkness’ and is created from painted resin. Having a look through Jiri Gellers portfolio I notice that he is also a massive fan of skulls. He tends to explore the darker side of pop culture and what better way to illustrate his point better than by using the iconic skull. I really love the minimalist and ultra clean aesthetic of his pieces.

Original found on mashKULTURE

Jiri Geller  Jiri_GellerJiri Geller Jiri_Geller_Skull_1Jiri Geller

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Mickey Mouse Skull

Found this amazing Mickey Mouse Skull on Sick of the Radio and had to share. Would love to see a series of these with Donald Duck, Goofy and the rest of the crew.

IF you know who created this skull please let us know. We’d like to give him/her some skull appreciation. Skull creator found!! This Mickey Mouse skull was created by Nicolas Rubinstein.

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