More Skull Goodness from Ryohei Hase

Suddenly Appeared Out of Nowhere is a new painting piece by the super talented Ryohei Hase. The imagery in his work is powerful, a little bit disturbing but still extremely beautiful, and with the inclusion of some skulls he is a firm favourite for us here at the SAS HQ. We have featured his work before, and I’m assuming there will be much more to come. Enjoy.

Suddenly Appeared Out of Nowhere

Ryohei Hase skull paintings skull painting detail

Skull Print by Jim Bargas

Jim Bargas sent us this this skull artwork and asked us if we liked it enough to post it. Well Jim, here it is so obviously we liked it. I mean, what’s not to like about a intricate skull illustration, which is made up of little bones! See Jim’s Facebook page here – Thanks for sharing and keep coming back for more skull action :)

skull print by Jim Bargas

More Skulls by Mr Four Fingers

These are 2 of our latest skull works of art – Eve and Sweet Vice. The artwork is inspired by what lies beneath and we are planning on doing a third one to complete the set. Both these pieces featured in our first 2 art exhibitions – the first, Sweet Vice, was displayed at the Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town for We Art Camden and the second, Eve, is currently on display at the Curious Duke Gallery in London for the current Art In-Flux exhibition.


Sweet Vice