Halloween Skull Face Paint Ideas

Following on from our Halloween Skull Mask Ideas comes, yes you guessed it, Halloween Skull Face Paint Ideas! I’m writing this before I actually start looking but I’m guessing the majority of designs I find will be Day of the Dead themed and why not, they are awesome. Well not any of those I have tried to paint. So hopefully this list will inspire you to create some great ones this year. As we mentioned before these are only a speck of skull face paint ideas out there so feel free to add some links to more in the comments box.

haw haw james skull face painthaw haw james skull face paint

The execution may be simple but the idea are pretty good. Check out Haw Haw James other designs as they are a little tricky on the eye.

sylvia ji skull face paint

Anything painted on your face that looks remotely like the amazing work of Sylvia Ji would be amazing.


skull face paint

Simple and effective from MNTFa

skull face paint

It’s like a female Zombie Boy but less permanent and still awesome. Source

skull face paint

So shiny. Siberfi Flickr

skull face paint

If Tim Burton did skull face painting I’m sure it would look something like this. Source

skull face paint

About as close as you can get to the paintings of afore mentioned Sylvia Ji and pretty damn good in it’s own right from Terribly Lovely

skull face paint

Yes this one is a little creepy. Source

Karin Dreijer Andersson skull face paint

Great interpretation from Karin Dreijer Andersson. Source

skull face paint

Ok there are some photshop filters at play here but the ground work face painting is damn good. Created by Lead Heavy

skull face paint

Nightmare befre Christmas. October 31st to be precise. Source: Pin Up Girl

skull face paint

Throw some big ass teeth on! Source Ronnie Mena

skull face paint jellyfish

Skull Jellyfish of course. Source : Black Magdalena

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