Halloween Special – Skull Make Up

skull make up - halloween special

As  Halloween approaches I thought I’d do some Halloween-inspired posts in a  small series called Halloween Special. To kick us off I found this truly bizarre skull make up – it hurts my eyes! But I love it. Not sure who the dud is but found on Facebook on a page called ‘I BET I CAN FIND 1,000,000,000 WHO LIKE DARK GOTHIC HORROR.’

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Skull Masks by Santani

Skull_Masks_Santani_3  Skull_Masks_Santani_2Skull_Masks_Santani_1

Amongst the horde of small creatures with sharp fangs, fur and large staring eyes you will find these fantastic looking skull masks. These death mask creations made by Santani.

As I mentioned Santani, who resides in Russia, mainly creates amazingly detailed creatures that are adorable. Yes that’s what I said and there is no going back. So best head over to her Deviant account to check them out.

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50 Skull Movie Posters

So we figured it was time that we collected a whole bunch of skulls together again and this time we decided on Skull Movie Posters. They are in no specific order and this is not the most comprehensive list of all skull movie posters ever created but we have a fair few to feast your eyes on. Plus we’ve also included the trailers, from Youtube, for each movie (where possible!) so please view at your leisure.

Feel free to send us any skull movie posters that you think should be added and we will add to the skull compendium.  (or add to comment section underneath post). Without further adieu here are 50 of the best Skull Movie Posters!


black-death-skull movie poster



2_Once_Upon_a time in the west

Poster was created by Oliver Barretty but now sold out via Tommy Good



32-night of the living dead

Artist : Grzegorz Domaradzki


4_goonies4_goonies 2

Artist Randy Ortiz – Sold out






silence of the lambs_WBYK

Variant screen printed poster by We Buy Your Kids

Read our previous post about the Deaths Head Hawkmoth and Dali

7_bride wore black

8 – CABIN FEVERcabin_fever_xlg





10_den vladco


11_the dead are alive





12-expendables 2



final destination skull movie posterurl



13_final destination 5 13_final destination5 _2


14-terminator 2

15 – INFERNO16-inferno



PUNISHER skull movie poster






19-the house on skull mountain








21 – Ghost Town


22 – Ghost Rider

ghost rider skull movie poster


23 – Ghost Ship



24 – Death Proof


24-death proof

25 – Untraceable

untraceable movie poster


26 – Pirates of the Caribbean

pirates_of_the_caribbean pirates_of_the_caribbean_on_stranger_tides


27 – Laid to Rest



28 – They Live

28-the live

29 – The Shining



30 – The Marked Ones

30-the marked ones

31  – Pathology


32 – Crimson Ghost



33 – Captain America (Red Skul)

33-captain america 34-captain america


34 – Skyfall



35 – Scream

35-scream 4


36 – Screaming Skull

36-screaaming skull


37 – Mati Suri

37-mati suri

38 – Simon Says

38-simon says


39 – The Burrowers

39-the burrowers


40 – Death Ship

40-death ship


41 – Indiana Jones


42 – Tales from the Crypt


43 – Return of the Living Dead 2

43-return of the living dead 2


44 – Skulls (Ok no actual skulls but I’m pretty sure ‘Skulls’ refers to one of the most famous cladestine organisations called Skull and Bones)


45 – Terror in the Aisles

45-terror in the aisles

46 – The Bay



47 – The Descent

47-the descent


48 – The Skull

48-the skull


49 – The Supernaturals

49-the supernaturals


50 – VHS





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Mask from Papua New Guinea

papua new guineapapua new guinea

This seemingly benign mask from Papua New Guinea (1801-1910) is actually made from a real human skull. As you can see the front has a jovial face and the back is sections of a human skull pieced together. You would literally be wearing someone’s face.

Maybe it was used to represent the deceased soul and by wearing it you could bring them ‘back to life’.

Found on Science & Society

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Gory Skull Mask

gory skull mask

I always think it’s a bother to wear a mask for fancy dress, mainly because I get sweaty and I can’t drink my beer. Then there are exceptions to the case when I see a gory skull mask such as this badass creation by Ghoulish Productions.

This is a full head deluxe latex mask with skull bursting out of ‘Charlies’ head, Oh yeah the mask is called Blurp Charlie. Charlie’s bulging eyes remind me of when Arnie was having the air sucked from his lungs as he was being subjected to the atmosphere of Mars in the film Total Recall .

This gory skull mask is available to buy for £49.99. There seems to be no product image available on their product page, though this image should be there.

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Skull Masks and Skull Ornaments Box

Whilst perusing EBAY we found one seller of skull goodness by the name of Longyh118. Yes, a pretty weird name but at least the added “Cool Gift” to their store name. Below is a variety of skulls we found.

Resin replica Alien Kapala ornaments box – $62.99



Airsoft Skull Terror Mask – $62.99

skull terror mask


T800 Terminator Skull Mask – $32.94



Skull Mask Prop Cosplay Halloween – $61.99


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Skull Helm From Dark Heart Armoury

I wonder what the reaction would be if you turned up at one of those fantasy/medieval battles they have in parks (not actually sure where), wearing this skull helm , kitted out in full armour astride a massive warhorse. Shitting all round I’m guessing.

This amazing skull helm was created by DK Wickstrom – Armourer and Chief Thingmaker over at Dark Heart Armoury.

skull-helm-3 skull-helm-1 skull-helm-2

Originally found on Fuck Yeah Skulls

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Typewriter Skull by Jeremy Mayer

This bizarre typewriter skull was created by artist Jeremy Mayer. The skull is titled Skull I and is made from vintage typewriter parts. As with all of Jeremy’s creations, the skull was assembled with various typewriter parts and are bent, screwed and bolted into place – no welding or using adhesives.

typewriter skull Jeremy Mayer

typewriter skull Jeremy Mayer 2

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The Skull Man

Whilst stumbling about on the net I found this creepy looking guy called The Skull Man, who is the main character in a Shōnen manga series created by Shotaro Ishinomori in 1970. It caused a sensation as The Skull Man was the first of the antiheroes to be seen in manga, as the guy would sacrifice innocents in his quest for vengeance.(Wicki).

In 2007 Studio Bones adapted the Skull Man into an anime TV series which can be bought on Amazon for $28.78

the skull man

Found on Zerochan (inspired by)


Some Cosplay at SDCC photo by Husky Photoworks


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Death: A Self Portrait

Death: A Self Portrait is an exhibition currently on show at the Welcome Collection in London and is from a collection of works from Richard Harris.

The exhibition has been running since November and will be closing its doors on the 24th February 2013 – I suggest going to see it; it’s free and full of skulls (not to forget loads of interesting information and history). See here for more details on Death: A Self Portrait.

The exhibition is one of the best that I have been too and contains a fantastically diverse collection of skulls, skeletons and anatomical art. The collection has been put together by Richard Harris and was inspired by anatomy in art, skulls and also death.

The collection comprises of around 1500 artworks and historical artefacts relating to death and Richard Harris started this collection in 2000 and is still collection works today. Harris has said: “As I get older the thought of my own demise has begun to enter my conscious thoughts. The universality of ‘Death,’ with the realisation that we will all die, encouraged me to begin the conversation of my mortality visually, rather than reading about it.”

You can see an interview below where he talks about the collection:

Just like Richard Harris, the exhibition also got me thinking of my own death – where will my skull be in a hundred years and what would I have done with it to not only enrich my life but also the lives of others.

All this time I have been drawn to skulls as objects for artistic expression but they are more than that. They represent our mortality, our life, past and present, and our imminent death. Initially when we started this blog posting skulls daily it was for enjoyment and to share our passion with you, but it’s more than that, it’s about celebrating life and death every day.

Calavera, Mondongo Collective

My favourite piece at the exhibition was this huge skull, Calavera from the Mondongo Collective (Argentina), plasticine on board, 2011; which is three-dimensional and and stands about 4 ft tall (rough guess). I have included the description from the Welcome Collection’s website below.

Calavera, Mondongo Collective (Argentina), plasticine on board, 2011
Argentinian collective Mondongo (the word for a traditional Argentinian tripe stew) assemble everyday things into irreverent three-dimensional collages. In this work, the economic and cultural dominance of Europe and the USA (represented by neoclassical architecture and Western literature) is seen to have radical consequences for South America (evoked by the villa miseria or shanty towns that are found close to Argentina’s largest cities). Copyright Mondongo Collective

Get on down to the Welcome Collection and explore death before it’s too late.

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Halloween Skull Mask Ideas

With Halloween fast approaching it’s time to start thinking of some ideas and if you are like us then I’m sure you don’t have any yet. So being skull lovers it seems only right that we represent! So here are a few Halloween skull Mask (face paint to follow) ideas we have collected that you can either  purchase or take inspiration from. There are of course many more skull masks out there so please feel free to add any links in your comments and we will be sure to check them out.

metal skull mask

Metal skull mask in case you get knifed or shot in the face. Normally used for Airsoft games but fuck it. Available from Evike for $89.99

death sock skull mask

Keep it traditional with this oddly named Death Sock Skull Mask from Caufields Novelty for $41.99

merimask skull mask

merimask skull dragon

leather skull mask

Great custom leather masks created by Merimask. Make sure to check out the other non skull designs as they are very nice indeed.

harlequin skull mask

Not available for sale or human size compatible but blady awesome skull mask idea from Kessen-Chu

sabertooth skull

Sabertooth skull by Miss Monster (sold out)

jason soles excarnate mask

Jason Soles Excarnate Mask available from his Etsy store for $500. Not sure his is for wearing but good idea if you can make similar from rubber latex.

mike loh punisher skull mask

Awesome punisher skull mask from Mike Loh (sold out)

deer skull mask

Go big or go home. Deer skull mask made from paper mache by Custom Fairy Wings

mistic unicorn skull mask

Mistic Unicorn custom Death Skull mask (not for sale)

dragon armoury skull mask

Metal-esque Horned Deaths ceremonial mask by Dragon Armoury (not for sale as far as I can see)

skeleton with neck skull mask

Throw in some more bones with this Skeleton with neck skull mask from Spirit Halloween for $29.99

fin skull mask

Pretty weird one aptly names Fin Skull Mask .$34.99 from Spirit Halloween

joji kojima

Simple elegance with this piece by Joji Kojima. I can’t find this piece for sale but if it was it would probably be around $1600 going by the store prices of some of the other pieces.

red skull mask

Red skull mask from Horror Emporium for £9.99. The same red freaky red skull dude from Captain America that I could not quite take seriously.

Ivory metal filigree skull mask

This metal filigree skull mask is definitely one of the finest skull masks I have seen. Created by Masque Boutique and costs £65. This will look amazing when worn or framed.

Haw Haw James skull mask

From one extreme to another with this watermelon mask from Haw Haw James.

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The Book of Skulls by Faye Dowling

I recently bought this Book of Skulls from Amazon and it’s the perfect little book for any skull lovers’ coffee table. The book tells a story of the skull and how, from around the 1970’s, it has enjoyed a renaissance and emerged as one of the most recognisable symbols in today’s contemporary visual landscape. It’s over 150 pages of skull porn – from skull prints to skull sculptures and skull fonts to skull tattoos, this book has it all.

I highly recommend this book! It’s only around £7 ($11) and can be bought from Amazon here. 

The Book of Skulls

Author: Faye Dowling – freelance photography editor, art buyer and curator.


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Skull Mask/Balaclava

If you have ever played Modern Warfare 2 then you will be aware of a character called Ghost that wears an ominous skull mask / balaclava. Alright for a character in a game but some folk have the idea that it’s cool to wear in real combat situations. Ok, maybe that can be kinda cool but definitely not when you are called a ‘Peacekeeper’.

I actually quite fancy one the these, maybe sightly toned down, for cycling in the lovely London winter.

Ghost from MOD2 by Strider of Shadows on Deviant Art.

Image from NY Post

Peackeeper image from Military Photos.

Schampa Skull Balaclava $14.99

Ghost Skull Face Mask Grey $12.63


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Mickey Mouse Skull

Found this amazing Mickey Mouse Skull on Sick of the Radio and had to share. Would love to see a series of these with Donald Duck, Goofy and the rest of the crew.

IF you know who created this skull please let us know. We’d like to give him/her some skull appreciation. Skull creator found!! This Mickey Mouse skull was created by Nicolas Rubinstein.

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