Memento Skull Jewellery Series by Sirkel

deer skull necklace hipster skull ring mini skull necklacesirkel skull ringskull necklacemonkey skull ear rings skull earrings

Sirkel is a Johannesburg-based jewellery designer who loves creating beautiful skull jewellery. I’m partial to the creatives coming out of Jozi as that’s my hometown and I miss that lekker vibe :) So happy to spread the word and hopefully help them become a raging success.

We’ve featured Sirkel’s hipster skull before and after spotting that bad-ass skull we knew we had to get her in our skull shop! Sirkel’s Memento series features a variety of animal and human skull pieces, made from silver, yellow and red gold, so proper quality merchandise. The jewellery is shipped from South Africa and they post WorldWide so don’t let the distance stop you from becoming a customer.

To visit Sirkel’s profile in our Skull Shop simply follow this well constructed link. There are loads more skulls there!

Skull-A-Day: 365 Days/365 Skulls -The Ultimate Book

We’ve often blog(here, here and here) about Noah Scalin and his amazing Skull-a-Day project, which really helped to put skulls back on the art map again. Noah created 365 skulls in 365 days, hence skull-a-day, and shared it with the world. He instantly started to build a following and now Skull-a-Day is a worldwide hit.

Noah has always wanted to showcase his project in 1 place where you can sit and enjoy all of his creations all at once and he has launched this Skull Kickstarter project to make his dream a reality. There are numerous rewards from the Kickstarter project, which start at just $5. Bargain!

Please help Noah get this amazing book made! Follow this link to donate to his Skull-A-Day: 365 Days/365 Skulls -The Ultimate Book project.

I’ve taken some info from the Kickstarter page: “Finally the entire original Skull-A-Day project by Noah Scalin in book form! Including never before seen bonus materials.

With your help all 365 of the unique skulls from my entire original Skull-A-Day year-long art project will finally be available in one beautifully produced book.

Outside of their online home only a fraction of the project has ever appeared in print – including in my first book SKULLS, a detailed look at the first half of the year in skulls, which is now sadly out of print. However, with encouragement and help from my friend Ward Tefft, owner of the amazing, independent Chop Suey Books in Richmond, Virginia, I’m proud to finally create the book I’ve always imagined for the project: a beautiful, high-quality hardcover volume of all 365 of my skulls sold at an affordable price and distributed through the newly created imprint Chop Suey Books Books.

This is the first chance to hold all 365 of my skulls in your hands in an easy-to-follow chronological format, giving you a uniquely detailed view of the breadth of the project. The book will feature 260 full-color pages in a hardcover binding. And I’ve even designed the entire book myself to best showcase the images.

In addition the book features a brand new foreward by Anna Dhody, the curator of the world famous Mütter Museum, alongside a new introductory essay by yours truly. I’ve also included a bunch of brand new anecdotes about the creation of the pieces, as well as some alternate images and process shots that haven’t been seen before.”

Below is a mock-up of how the book might look – complete with Noah’s skull font!

skull a day book mockup

Here are some of the rewards you can get by Donating. skull a day reward skull book cut out skull collage

 Follow this link to donate to his Skull-A-Day: 365 Days/365 Skulls -The Ultimate Book project.

Oh and Happy Friday the 13th!

Cable Stealing Gypsies


Cable Stealing Gypsies are an upcoming rock’n’roll band of four miscreants that play bad ass, good ol’ rock ‘n’ fuckin’ roll hailing from Johannesburg, South Africa. These guys are super cool and nice geezers too, and I should know I went to school and college with them, which makes me pretty much the coolest guy (without a band) ever.

This cool promo vid was to promote a gig they were playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Jo’burg. They use a mixture of skulls and boobs in their advertising and branding and it’s definitely a winning formula. Rock on okes!

Visit their Facebook page and like the shit out of it, if you dare.

Cardboard Safari Skulls

skull wreath brown skull wreath whitecardboard skull variety of cardboard skulls

These cardboard skulls are just some of the cut-out delights from the Cardboard Safari’s Etsy Store, who create environmentally friendly and recycled cardboard creations. The pieces are all laser-cut to ensure absolute precision and come in a variety of colours – you can decorate them yourself if you are up for it it but they look great plain – and are the perfect gift for any home and/or office.

About Cardboard Safari: “Cardboard Safari makes its home at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Charlottesville Virginia. Inspired by the surrounding natural beauty we celebrate the union of art and technology, joining imagination and fabrication to make beautiful sculptural forms for your home.”


Skull Cabinet and Pop-up Bar

skull pop-up bar 2skull pop-up barskull cabinet 2 skull cabinet

Mario Sabljak, a Vancouver based designer, has a new line of skull based furniture – a skull cabinet and pop-up bar. His design company, Mario Sabljak Design, creates custom hand built furniture and interiors for private and commercial clients.

I love the pop-up bar, for obvious reasons, and it is battery powered which makes it cordless too so you won’t trip over it after a few wet ones.

As always we have this handy linky internet thingy which means you can visit Mario’s website to see more of his designs.

Golden Skull on Colossal

bling golden skullbling golden skull 2

This is Colossal is one of the coolest blogs around. They often blog about art and design and they’ve recently launched their online shop. That’s where I spotted this golden skull sculpture which is available for just $46.

The skull has been created by Chicago-based artists Sarah and Joseph Belknap. Each skull is created one at a time by rotocasting a durable urethane plastic and coated with Montana gold paint.

Bling Homo Sapien Skull

Dimensions: 7″ x 5″ x 7″.

Futuristic Skull Chair

We get lots of requests about the skull chairs that we post, so much so that if I had a truckload of cash I would open up a store for all the skull chairs I could find. I spotted this futuristic ceramic design on a post dedicated to the best skull chairs found online. I used Google image search to credit the artist/creator but no luck – any ideas? Comment below – thank you please :)

Future Skull Chair

Skull Designs by Kristy Patterson

Graphic artist, Kristy Patterson, loves creating skull designs. It’s apparent in her graphic-styled illustrations, which can be found on Society 6 or Red Bubble, and contain bucket loads of skulls (obviously). It’s one of the reasons we think she rocks :)

From what I can see, and I’m by no means an expert, her work is a mixture of illustration and digital components. It is extremely vibrant, detailed and uses the glorious skull as the main focal point with supporting elements to compliment or bring the design together.

You  can buy her skulls as prints, t-shirts, iPhone cases and iPad covers too. There’s probably more, but don’t see the point in listing them all now…

skull illustration by kristy patterson 2 skull illustration by kristy patterson skull illustration

Skull by 3D Artist Meats Meier

In my search for some skull action I went searching through the popular skull sites (we are not the only ones of course) and my search took me too Obsessed With Skulls, which is a great skull blog BTW.

This skull was created by 3D artist Meats Meier and I’m assuming it’s some sort of mecahnical device which moves and forms part of a 3D animation sequence – stop me if I’m wrong :)

3d skull

The RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award

This magnificent specimen of an award was created as the trophy for the RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award. The design was completed by Jacknife and explores the central theme of “visually representing the design thinking process” and they used the traditional and rather popular human skull. What a spanking good idea.

Winning this coveted prize means you are pretty much the coolest guy/girl on the planet who has utilised design to drive business success through innovation, problem solving and communication.

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award

RGD DesignThinker of the Year 2 RGD DesignThinker of the Year 3

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award 4