The RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award

This magnificent specimen of an award was created as the trophy for the RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award. The design was completed by Jacknife and explores the central theme of “visually representing the design thinking process” and they used the traditional and rather popular human skull. What a spanking good idea.

Winning this coveted prize means you are pretty much the coolest guy/girl on the planet who has utilised design to drive business success through innovation, problem solving and communication.

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award

RGD DesignThinker of the Year 2 RGD DesignThinker of the Year 3

RGD DesignThinker of the Year Award 4

Origami Skull

this origami skull sculpture was sent to us inn the comments section from a recent post about an exploding skull. The skull has been created by Christopher Yuki Itoh. From the look of his Tumblr blog he loves a bit of origami, and even teaches origami classes in New York from time-to-time!

origami skull by Christopher Yuki Itoh

A – Z Skull Print

Here is a A-Z Skull Print by 67 inc. It’s definitely a must for all skull fans and the best way to test your knowledge! The skull images were provided by Skulls Unlimited International and starts with an alligator skull ending with a zebra skull. It’s only £40, so you might as get one.


New Faceted Skull T-shirt Designs

We’ve recently launched some new faceted skull t-shirt designs over at our Mr Four Fingers online shop. The faceted skull illustrations were created by Doug, the illustrator behind all of our designs. The girl’s t-shirt is a small in the image below. it was meant to be a medium but I forgot the medium at home like a total douche. They can all be ordered from our shop and we ship worldwide so get involved!

Single colour screen printed design on 100 % cotton. This ‘Fair Trade’ Continental Clothing Classic Jersey (165g) is printed in Britain.

T-shirt costs just £20 excl. shipping.







Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer

This unique creations are Melted Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer. Ted, like most of us, is big fan of art and music and he decided to create these skulls by placing a vinyl onto a plaster skull and then melting them so the vinyl shapes itself over the skull nearly perfectly.

The series is titled Primal Sound and more of Ted’s work can be found here.

Melted Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer 3

Melted Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer 2

Melted Vinyl Skulls by Ted Riederer


If you follow our skull blog at all then you’ll have no doubt noticed that we’ve launched an online skull shop. The shop stocks a variety of skull merchandise including prints, t-shirts, jewellery, sculptures and home wares, all from a collection of artists from around the world including the UK, Australia, Canada and America.

All the artists are independent and postage costs do vary as they are posting from various corners of the globe so please double check the full price before completing your order.

We are always on the lookout for new additions to the store so if you would like to join the collective then please email us and we’ll send you the details.


Visit our online skull shop.


Skull Bracelets by Danijela

We’ve launched an online skull shop through our Skull Appreciation Society blog and we have just been making sure that everything is in working order before doing a big announcement. These skull bracelets are a few of the new additions to the shop and have been created by Canadian skull creator Danijela. They are authentic with regards to the materials – 1 is 14K gold skull chain with Swarovski Pearls and the 2nd is a sterling silver skull chain with Swarovski Pearls and are £34 and £28 respectively.

14K Gold Skull Chain With Swarovski Pearls

14K Gold Skull/Chain with Swarovski Pearls, £32

Skull Chain With Swarovski Pearls

Sterling Silver Skull with Swarovski Pearls, £26

Hand Drawn Skulls Pack – 11 Free Skull PSDs – from Media Militia

We’ve got free skull PSDs for you too download! After the popularity of the other free skull download post I did a while back, courtesy of Media Militia, I had a rummage through their site again to find this amazing free tool – Hand Drawn Skulls Pack – 11 Free PSDs! These guys are so generous! This time these are PSDs of hand-drawn skulls so you can change colour and background, plus they are amazingly detailed. I’m not sure whether they can be used for commercial use so you will have to contact Media Militia directly and ask them yourself.

hand drawn skull psds

Click here to download the free skull PSDs.

media_militia_skulls_001-A media_militia_skulls_001-B media_militia_skulls_005 media_militia_skulls_006 media_militia_skulls_009 media_militia_skulls_010 media_militia_skulls_psds_003 media_militia_skulls_psds_004 media_militia_skulls_psds_007 media_militia_skulls_psds_008

Click here to download the free skull PSDs.

Giant Dragon Skull Found on Beach

This is a obvious sign that Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons, is coming for the British Crown. Or maybe she has already been and we defeated her and her dragon-army and this bad-boy skull just washed up on the shore, after evading fossil hunters for years and years…

Actually the dragon skull is part of a publicity stunt by BlinkBox promoting the fact that they have the Game of Thrones series available on their new video-on-demand service. The 40-foot dragon skull was left on Charmouth beach, along England’s Jurassic Coast, which has been the site of many fascinating dinosaur-fossil discoveries over the years.

Dragon SkullThere is also a short video on how they made the dragon skulls.

White Lady with Black Glove Doll

Christine’s husband left a comment in our contact section with a link to her work and we were happy to do a post about it. Christine Polis does a variety of things including creating dolls, stop-motion puppets and illustrations. Her work has a similar feel to some of Tim Burton’s movies so I wonder if she got any inspiration from those calibre of films.

This particular doll is called ‘White Lady with Black Glove’ and features a skull on top as the head.

Excerpt take from Christine Poli’ website:

“The white ladies appear for centuries, in castles on the battlefield or at the roadside. Some are ambivalent, they announce a good presage if they wear white gloves but also death if they are black”
2012 / 45cm tall / Single piece, cast resin, silk, thermoformed, organza, polymer clay, old lace.

WHITE LADY WITH BLACK GLOVE Doll by Christine Polis 3


Skull Helm From Dark Heart Armoury

I wonder what the reaction would be if you turned up at one of those fantasy/medieval battles they have in parks (not actually sure where), wearing this skull helm , kitted out in full armour astride a massive warhorse. Shitting all round I’m guessing.

This amazing skull helm was created by DK Wickstrom – Armourer and Chief Thingmaker over at Dark Heart Armoury.

skull-helm-3 skull-helm-1 skull-helm-2

Originally found on Fuck Yeah Skulls

Skull USB Hub

We certainly like to find a good variation of skulls for this blog! This skull USB hubs is one of those and it really is pretty cool. I personally don’t have space for a skull USB hub, but if my desk was big enough then I might change my mind.

You can get yourself one of these Skull hubs from Amazon for around $19.

* Works with Windows or Mac
* USB cord included
* 2 USB ports on each side of its jaw will keep all of your gadgets connected simultaneously.
* 4 Port High Speed 2.0 USB Hub

skull usb hub