Death by Dodkin – Mosaic Skulls

Death_by_Dodkin_7 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_6 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_5 Mosaic Skulls Death_by_Dodkin_4 Death_by_Dodkin_3 Death_by_Dodkin_2 Death_by_Dodkin_1

I’m not entirely sure what the term ‘Death by Dodkin’ means (surname?) but what I am sure of is the superb array of amazing mosaic skulls in the Dodkin gallery.

These mosaic skulls were created by Jaclyn, originally from Melbourne Australia, who showed an early childhood fascination for mosaics. Many years later she purchased a longhorn skull and covered it with glass tiles and so the obsession began!

Jaclyn works mainly with Roe Deer skulls now and a whole stash of Swarovski crystals.

Artist Announcement – Lauren Baker – Celebrabis Vitae


Lauren Baker, a multi-media London-based artist, is the first sculptor to join the illustrious list of artists who are taking part in the skull show we cannot, and will not, stop speaking about – Celebrabris Vitae.

I saw some of Lauren’s animal skull pieces in one of her solo shows and I can confess, she does things with swarovski crystals that would confuse and challenge your mind. I can’t wait to see what Lauren brings to the party, apart from her amazing self, and we are looking forward to working with her on this exciting project. 

This piece features 2 eagles skulls, which have been beautifully decorated and the expertly photographed.

Mosaic Skulls by Kate Sutcliffe

Kate_Sutcliffe_4 mosaics Kate_Sutcliffe_3 mosaic Kate_Sutcliffe_1 mosaic Kate_Sutcliffe_2

There is something quite alluring about an animal skull, even more so when it’s adorned with mosaic styled designs. This kind of adornment reminds of bygone era where humans were dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, only to be buried in them. This time however there is no burying and we get to admire the beauty.

These two wonderful bejeweled animal skulls were created by Kate Sutcliffe Mosaics and are available to buy from her online Etsy store.

Macaw Skull by Mr Four Fingers

macaw skullmacaw skull macaw skull

This latest Macaw Skull creation by Mr Four Fingers has been created for an upcoming exhibition called ‘ZOO’. So at least on of their two submissions has to be a skull. A very large bird skull.

As you can tell by the title this bird skull is based on a Gold and Blue Macaw, hence the stylised plumage background. The skull was hand drawn with extra fine dip pen (outlined with brush) and indian ink. The background was created by filling in each section with a thin layer of water into which blue ink was dropped. Light blue copic marker was applied, followed by some mare hatching. Process shots here.

This Macaw Skull piece measures 50cmx70cm and is available as a framed original for £230. It is currently collection only, so if you are in London then make sure to visit the Hanbury Arms Pub to check it out, come this Friday the 11th July and we may even buy you a pint.

Follow this link for more information about the ‘ZOO’ exhibition, curated by Mr Gresty.



Skull Faced Caterpillar

Skull Faced Caterpillar Skull Faced Caterpillar pink+undewrwing+moth+larva+skull+head+caterpillar+2 Skull  Caterpillar

I was looking for a different sort of skull faced caterpillar today when I stumbled across this gorgeous looking creature. Say hello to the Skull Faced caterpillar of the Australian rainforest.

This is the larva of the Pink Underwing Moth, an endangered species which lives in the sub-tropical rainforests of Australia’s New South Wales and Queensland. As you would have guessed, these markings were developed to ward off potential predators. The first thing you notice is the yellow ringed eyes followed by white markings reminiscent of white teeth, hence the naming.

Photos and information via The Ark in Space – A compendium of creatures.

Memento Skull Jewellery Series by Sirkel

deer skull necklace hipster skull ring mini skull necklacesirkel skull ringskull necklacemonkey skull ear rings skull earrings

Sirkel is a Johannesburg-based jewellery designer who loves creating beautiful skull jewellery. I’m partial to the creatives coming out of Jozi as that’s my hometown and I miss that lekker vibe :) So happy to spread the word and hopefully help them become a raging success.

We’ve featured Sirkel’s hipster skull before and after spotting that bad-ass skull we knew we had to get her in our skull shop! Sirkel’s Memento series features a variety of animal and human skull pieces, made from silver, yellow and red gold, so proper quality merchandise. The jewellery is shipped from South Africa and they post WorldWide so don’t let the distance stop you from becoming a customer.

To visit Sirkel’s profile in our Skull Shop simply follow this well constructed link. There are loads more skulls there!

Re-constructing a Hake Fish Skull

hake fish skull hake fish skull

The diversity shown in a fish skull is remarkable and just downright pretty to look at. When I say ‘skull’  I include the whole head area as the fish head/skull is made from various components.

I never really thought about what a fish skull would look like before construction. I figured it was a few linked pieces stuck together. Not at all. So if you were or are good at model plane buidling then give this a go.

Images found on Skulls, Bones and Fish Soup blog

Set of Two Pastel Goth Decoupage Animal Skulls

decoupage animal skulls2decoupage animal skulls3 decoupage animal skulls_1 animal skull

I never even knew there was a term ‘Pastel Goth’ until I found these two decoupage animal skulls. These two skulls, a deer and a raccoon, are creations by 2 Flying Frisbys and were originally sourced from a local hunter.

These animal skulls were first processed to remove the flesh, an all natural process without the use of harsh chemicals. The decorations were achieved by creating decorated paper and cutting into small pieces for decoupage. There are also other elements like feathers, crystals and designs from old books. Suffice to say there is much more going on than first meets the eye. I think these would look great box mounted individually sourrounded amongst white freathers.

These decoupage animal skulls are for sale at £76.42 and only one is available (that means the two as a set). Ships form louisiana USA.

Visit the ETSY store

Steampunk Bear Skull by Miss Monster

steampunk_bear_skull_3 steampunk_bear_skull_2 steampunk_bear_skull_1

Another great looking skulll design from Miss Monster. Though this time instead of a werewolf skull bandana it’s only a fricken steampunk bear skull! I have a fascination with steam punk, not with regards to wearing any costumes but rather the creations they come up with. Aged metal parts and skulls make for a wicked combo.

Originally found on Boing Boing


myself-by-mr-walter-print with skulls in it

This beautiful skull-themed print is by a french artist called Mr Walter from the Art&Toys website. I love black and white imagery and this piece also reminds me of an African-styled painting hanging in a typical African pub, only this time, it includes some sexy skulls.

The print is limited to 50, with a signed certificate of authenticity, is printed on 300g of Innova fine art paper and is 40x60cm. It can be yours for just €60. DO IT.

Deaths Head Hawkmoth and Dali

deaths_head_hawkmothsilenice-of-the-lambs-movie-poster-optical-illusionI’m pretty sure we have all been introduced to the creepy looking Deaths Head Hawkmoth, notoriously featured on the famous ‘ Silence of the Lambs’ film poster. The skull is not what it seems upon closer inspection. Some of you may know this already so forgive me if I’m a little slow.

silence-of-the-lambs-death-head-moth-blownup dali-skullThe Deaths Head Moth on the film poster has a skull but it is based on Dali’s skull image, ‘In Voluptate Mors’. Dali’s creation is is a group of women assembled to resemble a skull.

Read more about this interesting critter on Synapse. Article originally found on Visual Fun House

Another movie to utilize this the style of Dali’s skull is the film The Descent. If you have not watched this film then be sure to add it to your list. Not for those of you who suffer from fear of claustrophobia or blood sucking bastards.


Mounted Animal Skulls by Stephan Alexandr

Stephan Alexandr is an American designer and artist. He sources these animal skulls locally and imports these too, if not available in the US, paints and decorates them and in doing so transforms them into mountable pieces of striking art. The style reminds me of a simplified version of a recent artist I saw, when I attended the Blow My Mind’ exhibition  by Lauren Baker.

I really like the shape of the Buffalo skull, and would love to see this in person as I think the size of it would surprise me, plus it’s proportionately very symmetrical which I love :)

Stephan has got a big selection of work to offer – visit his shop but do check out the rest of his site as it gives you plenty of info about him, his history and his work.

buffalo animal skull

animal skull - blesbok animal skull - pink skull of a bull cow springbok skull zebra - animal skull

You Blow My Mind – Exhibition by Artist Lauren Baker

You Blow My Mind is a current exhibition by Hackney-based artist, Lauren Baker. The show is taking place at the Hang-Up Gallery in Stoke Newington, London, and also features a collaboration between Lauren Baker and artist Sequin Kay. The exhibition runs until the 24th January 2014 – see you there this weekend?

The following pictures and extract (below) has been taken from the Hang-Up Gallery’s website.


Lauren-Baker-Jungle-700 lauren-baker-lucid-visions-700lauren-baker-zeus


“The show will take you on a journey through Baker’s Enchanted Afterlife series of beautifully hand painted, embellished human and animal skulls and then onto The Storm, an appreciation of science in the form of a powerful sound and light installation set up in room two of the gallery. The production will incorporate lightning bolts, smoke and crackling thunder.

Baker’s work explores the relationship between life, death and afterlife – inspired by time spent in the Peruvian Amazon and the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations. By experimenting with different colours and textures such as crystal and neon, the artist aims to challenge the perception of her chosen objects. Each piece holds a unique spiritual power, creating an added depth.”

Visit their website to view more of Lauren’s work and to take a look at the other art coming up this year.

The Art of Naomi Chen

There is something quite delicious about monochromatic images with spots of colour as shown here with Hyperion (first image) by Concept Artist and Illustrator Naomi Chen. The rest of her portfolio pretty much follows suit with desaturated landscapes, darkly fantastic characters, nightmarish horses and some suited skull fella with horns.

Naomi Chen also works for Psyop which is pretty feckin awesome. Check out more of Naomi Chen

naomi chen

naomi chen naomi chen Chen_2 Chen_3 Chen_4