The Art of Naomi Chen

There is something quite delicious about monochromatic images with spots of colour as shown here with Hyperion (first image) by Concept Artist and Illustrator Naomi Chen. The rest of her portfolio pretty much follows suit with desaturated landscapes, darkly fantastic characters, nightmarish horses and some suited skull fella with horns.

Naomi Chen also works for Psyop which is pretty feckin awesome. Check out more of Naomi Chen

naomi chen

naomi chen naomi chen Chen_2 Chen_3 Chen_4

Skulls in Elvis’ Graceland

In my short road trip through the States I stopped at Elvis Prestley’s Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee. My mom is pretty much his biggest fan and I promised her some pics of his pad.

The last thing I expected to see in his TV room was a collection of skulls. Skulls that that rock king used to see whenever he was watching his 3 TV’s.

If this blog was about gold and platinum records I would’ve run out of memory on my 32GB card as the man has hundreds and I still would’ve been there taking photo’s of all of them.

skull-in-Elvis-graceland skull-in-elvis-tv-room


La Mano de Cuervo

La Mano de Cuervo , translated as Raven’s Hand (or Crow Tongue?), is a random Flickr account find of a fella with a whole bunch of lovely photography from excursions into the forest. Amongst these gems are a few diamonds, in the form of skulls.

Check out the rest of La Mano de Cuervo and his photography over at his Flickr account.

animal_skull_7 animal_skull_8 animal_skull_2 animal_skull_3 animal_skull_4 animal_skull_5 animal_skull_6

Identifying Skulls

We were recently contacted by one of our fellow SAS followers about identifying a certain animal skull which we are, ehum, in the process of finding out. One our searches on the interwebs we found this cracking website called Skulls Unlimited. The collection of skulls on this website is mind boggling whether they are real or replicas I’m pretty sure you will find what you are looking for.

Skulls Unlimited
also works closely with the Museum of Osteology, Americas only skeleton museum located in Oklahoma City where they have over 300 skeletons on display. If you live in that area, then check it out and tell us all about it.

Whilst perusing their skulls I also realised that fish skulls are pretty damn weird, many with bones like interlocking plates of armour. Below are some of the fish skulls and some other unexpected finds.

Yellowfin_Grouper_Fish_Skull King_Mackerel_Fish_Skull Featherback_Fish_Skull two_headed_calf_skull Juvenille_Pit_Bull_Skull Vampire_Bat_Skull

Can you guess the skull below?




If you follow our skull blog at all then you’ll have no doubt noticed that we’ve launched an online skull shop. The shop stocks a variety of skull merchandise including prints, t-shirts, jewellery, sculptures and home wares, all from a collection of artists from around the world including the UK, Australia, Canada and America.

All the artists are independent and postage costs do vary as they are posting from various corners of the globe so please double check the full price before completing your order.

We are always on the lookout for new additions to the store so if you would like to join the collective then please email us and we’ll send you the details.


Visit our online skull shop.


Triceratops Skull

This skulltastic Triceratops Skull is soon-to-be on sale at Christie’s London, the famous auction house. The sale is called “Out of the Ordinary” and it is opening next month. There are over 150 other bizarre artifacts, from a caged taxidermy ostrich to a massive triceratops skull to a 1950’s Italian robot. But let’s not digress and list all the things that aren’t skull related!


Triceratops Skull

Ink Illustrations from Michelle Harvey

These amazing A3 illustrations have been created by Deviant artist Michelle Harvey. The detailed pen illustrations have a gritty feel to them and the stylised-imagery is powerful. My personal favourite is ‘Within Us’ and it is also a very piece of personal art by Michelle, and it certainly shows.

Your can view Michelle Harvey’s Deviant Art profile here.





It’s been a great few days with regards to getting sent some sweet skulls from our fans. This selection of skulls is from Goth Chic Accessories and can be found on Etsy. The skulls range from cuff links, ornaments and replica fetal skulls.

The skulls range from around £6 to £40+ so there is an affordable option for everyone.

Victorian Skull Cufflinks - selection of skulls

Victorian Skull Cufflinks 2


Oddities, Fetal Skull replica

Oddity - Fetal Skull display replica -  selection of skulls

Raven skull ornament


Giant Dragon Skull Found on Beach

This is a obvious sign that Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of Dragons, is coming for the British Crown. Or maybe she has already been and we defeated her and her dragon-army and this bad-boy skull just washed up on the shore, after evading fossil hunters for years and years…

Actually the dragon skull is part of a publicity stunt by BlinkBox promoting the fact that they have the Game of Thrones series available on their new video-on-demand service. The 40-foot dragon skull was left on Charmouth beach, along England’s Jurassic Coast, which has been the site of many fascinating dinosaur-fossil discoveries over the years.

Dragon SkullThere is also a short video on how they made the dragon skulls.

Macabre Gadgets Rings

Skull-styled rings are all the rage at the moment, and why not. The shape of a skull works perfectly with the style of a ring and these Macabre Gadgets rings are fine examples of that.

The rings are handmade with an industrial material and mass production, such as polymer plastic, chosen for the specific characteristics of durability and flexibility, but the end result has a patina of old and used. A part of rings is encrusted with metals and semi-precious stones.

Macabre-Gadgets skull rings 2 Macabre-Gadgets skull rings

Erick Swenson’s Rotting Deer Skull

This gruesomely beautiful decaying deer skull is indeed an extremely well crafted piece of sculpture cast in resin. As you can see from the detail shot, there is also some mysterious ship and motif with further script writing underneath.

This deer skull, called Ne Plus Ultra, measures 30.5 x 40.6 x 35.6cm and was found on Saatchi Gallery

erick_swenson_plus_deer_skull_1 erick_swenson_plus_deer_skull_2

Black Rhinoceros Skull

Originally from South Africa I have had the opportunity to see this beautiful creature in it’s natural habitat before. They are truly amazing creatures, they have a peaceful nature and are truly a sight to behold in the African bush, and not in my garden, which is a common misconception us South Africans have to rectify when travelling to different countries. The picture of the rhino skull is that of a black rhinoceros, with the other type of rhino being a white rhino.

Unfortunately the rhino has been added to the critically endangered species list, the highest category for animals that are close to being extinct. They now face a fight for survival as they are targeted by poachers for their horns as they contain ivory, a valuable commodity which is still traded today, most of it on the black market. Because of this the western black rhinoceros is extinct as of 2011.

There are many ways you can help, even if you just donate some money to a charity to help them combat poaching or give them the resources they need to create safe enclosures for rhino’s to breed and hopefully stay with us on this amazing planet. I have included some pictures of rhino’s in the wild to hopefully show you some of their beauty.

Some links, if you wanted to help:

The Rhino Orphanage
Save the Rhino

Rhino skull



More Skull Creations from Resonanteye

We featured Skull Spider from artist and tattooist Resonanteye a few months back and now we are back with some more creepy skull oddities. Skull Spider is still available for purchase from her online Etsy store for £1962.32. It’s pretty amazing and is probably something that will end up in a museum one day.

I really loves this little excerpt from here commission info page for paintings:

“no fucking robot vs zombie with chariots and unicorns in the majestic landscape”

Check out her website here.

skull skull resonanteye_sculptures_3 resonanteye_sculptures_4 resonanteye_sculptures_5


Porcelain Animal Skulls

If you fancy some porcelain animal skulls then head over to Oakleaf & Acorn and grab yourself one or all ( a mantlepiece covered in them is one idea). One of the options is a beaver skull with 23k gold glaze teeth. Having visited the website I noticed that these skulls are created by Beetle & Flor, who supply stockists like Oakleaf & Acorn.

Now these guys love skulls and it certainly shows in their collection and with a master like Christine Facella orchestrating behind the scenes, there’s no wonder they look so gorgeous.

porcelain-animal-skulls2 porcelain-animal-skulls-3 porcelain-animal-skulls-4 porcelain-animal-skulls-5 porcelain-animal-skulls-1


Animal Skull Clad Figures

These animal skull wearing guys were a part of the festivities and celebrations at the recent 2013 Rijeka Carnival in Croatia. Rijeka is located in Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and a quick search on Google Images will show you how beautiful it is. I’m not sure if there is a particular reason for the Carnival but it certainly looks good telling by the great photographs taken by Rudolf Abraham.

Check out Rudolph’s blog here.