More Skull Creations from Resonanteye

We featured Skull Spider from artist and tattooist Resonanteye a few months back and now we are back with some more creepy skull oddities. Skull Spider is still available for purchase from her online Etsy store for £1962.32. It’s pretty amazing and is probably something that will end up in a museum one day.

I really loves this little excerpt from here commission info page for paintings:

“no fucking robot vs zombie with chariots and unicorns in the majestic landscape”

Check out her website here.

skull skull resonanteye_sculptures_3 resonanteye_sculptures_4 resonanteye_sculptures_5


Porcelain Animal Skulls

If you fancy some porcelain animal skulls then head over to Oakleaf & Acorn and grab yourself one or all ( a mantlepiece covered in them is one idea). One of the options is a beaver skull with 23k gold glaze teeth. Having visited the website I noticed that these skulls are created by Beetle & Flor, who supply stockists like Oakleaf & Acorn.

Now these guys love skulls and it certainly shows in their collection and with a master like Christine Facella orchestrating behind the scenes, there’s no wonder they look so gorgeous.

porcelain-animal-skulls2 porcelain-animal-skulls-3 porcelain-animal-skulls-4 porcelain-animal-skulls-5 porcelain-animal-skulls-1


Animal Skull Clad Figures

These animal skull wearing guys were a part of the festivities and celebrations at the recent 2013 Rijeka Carnival in Croatia. Rijeka is located in Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and a quick search on Google Images will show you how beautiful it is. I’m not sure if there is a particular reason for the Carnival but it certainly looks good telling by the great photographs taken by Rudolf Abraham.

Check out Rudolph’s blog here.


Art and Graffiti by Nychos Featuring Skulls

Quick Intro Clip of some London Street Art by Nychos

I walk past these most days and now that I’ve watched the video’s I can’t believe what an amazing talent this man is.

NYCHOS is incredible and his work can be seen in most major cities – just watching his video’s now and the man is a graffiti machine, I still don’t know how he does it. Through Rabbit Eye Movement he has been mentioned on most high-profile art blogs and websites and is definitely one of the most well-known street artists of our generation.

Nychos’ work focussing heavily on dissection, anatomy, skeletons and skulls. His style is instantly recognisable and even if you don’t know the ‘art scene,’ once you’ve seen his work you will know straight away when you’ve seen it again. He is able to create art on a variety of mediums including A3 prints to huge fantastic murals which are cartoon-like in their execution but the level of detail he gets out of a tin of spray paint is mind-boggling.

Even though the main focus of his art is not skulls, what kind of Appreciation Society would we be if we didn’t mention him and give you the chance to see his creations and some great little vids too which show you some process shots.

Follow his Tumblr Blog here and Like his Facebook page to be kept up-to-date with his latest projects.

Anatomy of Deinonychos graffiti Apocalypse Weird skull detail Graffiti Astro Skeleton Graffiti CANIS LUPUS Skull Illustration Cheesebrain by Nychos

NYCHOS for iOnArt- Cheesebrain image courtesy of IONART.digest the rest - skull in crocodile illustration DISSECTION OF A FOX Art by Nychos Dissection of a Skull Street Art nychos Ghettobird Print by Nychos Mickey's head dissection Mother bear giving birth nychos splatterface graffiti VULVES PELLIS OS OMENTUM fox dissection by Nychos

Some Cool Nychos Videos

Splatterface Graffiti Video

The Beautiful Remnants of Wildlife

World Wildlife Products is the animal division of Atlantic Coral Enterprise and as you can tell by the name they sell an absolute plethora of items from nature ranging from wholesale sea shells, animal bones, skulls, eggs, decorative fish nets… the list goes on. This is a shop that would be damn awesome to visit. They are based in Saint Augustine, Florida, so if that’s a little out the way then be sure to visit their online store.

As far as I can see they do not ship internationally and there is a $100 minimum order required.

Below are a selection of skulls we found.Some pictures are pretty small but on their website they also provide a written description of the products which will proves useful when buying.

Blesbok SkullBlesbok-skull wildlife

Kudu Skull

kudu_skull wildlife

Vervet Monkey Skull

Vervet-monkey-skull wildlife

Racoon Skull racoon-skul

Wildebeest Skull

Wildebeest kudu-skull-2


Robin Loznak Skull Photography

Some amazing skull photography by Robin Loznak. He does not normally photograph skulls as this was only a way to show off his new studio upgrade for better and seamless backgrounds. We are glad he did because they are great.

You can check out the rest of the skulls here and you can also visit his website here.

Animal-Skulls-27 Animal-Skulls-10 web-Animal-Skulls-05 web-Animal-Skulls-21


Little Shop of Horrors Skeleton

This Little Shop of Horrors Skeleton, titled Audrii muscipula, is by Tim Price from Forgotten Boneyard. The skeleton is made up of Mink vertebrae, box turtle shells, skunk skull, coyote teeth, and raccoon mandibles.

I actually remember the Little Shop of Horrors as being my favourite musical when I was growing up, but more in my teens as I was petrified of the monster flower when I was younger than that. But sssh, don’t tell anyone as I need to keep my manly image intact :) or did that get destroyed when I mentioned I like musicals?

Little Shop of Horrors Skeleton by Tim Price.

Unknown Skull Image

Found this skull image online on another Tumblr blog where the masses of Tumblr folk have once again not bothered to credit the artist/creator/photographer. Cheers guys, YOU SUCK!

Here it is anyway. It’s a bit odd but it’s  a powerful image complete with animal skull and skull tattoo.

*Updated: Thanks for those who leave comments! We’ve just been told the image is from Flote’s Deviant Art profile and can be seen here.

skull image


Skulls – An Exploration

Found these curious and often impressive skulls on the New York Times website and are also featured in a book called “Skulls: An Exploration of Alan Dudley’s Curious Collection”. This book is written by Simon Winchester with photography by Nick Mann.

Find out the names for these skulls and more by popping over to the NY Times website.

The book can be bought on Amazon for $18.82

Black Casqued Hornbill - skulls Chinese Water Deer - skulls Gila Monster - skulls Armadillo lizard Lion Skull

Happy Easter Skulls

Happy Easter Monday! Hopefully you’ve had a good long weekend (well, for those of you who get the extra days off) and enjoyed the Easter break.

I did a search for Easter skulls and this is what I found! There is a Tumblr image which is  not credited properly (no surprise there) so please let me know if you recognise where they are from.

Easter Bunny Sugar Skull by Kelly von Grimm

easter bunny sugar skull Kelly von Grimm

Skull Treat Boxes by Martha Stewart

easter skulls

Skull and Cross Bones embroidery by MTcoffinz on ArtFire


Easter Skull Image found on Tumblr

easter skull found on tumblr

Easter Skull T-shirt found on Spreadshirt

Easter Skull T-Shirt by Spreadshirt

Skull Art from Sebastien Lafleur

Sebastien Lafleur sent us his beautiful skull art through Facebook and we had to share them with you. You can see more of his skull art and other paintings on his website too. Thanks for sharing Sebastien! Remember you can share your skulls with us through our website here or on our Facebook page.

skull art from Sebastien Lafleur

skull art from Sebastien Lafleur 2

skull art from Sebastien Lafleur 3

Fredz Hedz – Collection of Skulls

We recently had a comment left by Fedz Hedz sharing his collection of skull photography in his “Virtual  Museum”. This is a really great catalogue that is continuously growing and shows a wide array of skulls including humans and a heap of animals. After I post this I’m pretty much going to spend the next 45 minutes having a delightful gander at these skulls.

Check out Fredz Hedz by following this link.

skulls fredzhedz_skulls_1 redzhedz_skulls_3 redzhedz_skulls_5 redzhedz_skulls_4

Skull and Bones Extracted from Barn Owl Pellets

Probably not the most exciting title for a post but one thing is for sure that extracting these skull and bones was actually quite fun; in a  weird CSI unearthing dead remains kinda way. It was pretty cool unveiling the first skull (leave a comment if you can name the critter), and as I was pretty thorough with each pellet I ended up spending about 4 hrs going through 30 pellets. Man it took ages!

We have a load more pictures and information detailing the process over at our Mr Four Fingers blog so be sure to check it out. I could not believe the size of some of the skulls.

skull and bones skull and bones


Aluminium Lion Skull

Johanna Silvester is a Kenyan born artist who created this awesome sand cast aluminium Lion Skull. This skull is based on an actual lion called Scaramanger! He was the pride male on Loisaba Wilderness between 2001 and 2003. Loisaba Wilderness is a conservation project in Northern Laikipia.

The skull of this impressive beast underlines how powerful they are created to be.

Found on Lions Live Free

Aluminium Lion Skull