Carved Crocodile Skull by Bali Organic Arts

This piece doesn’t really need an introduction, but this carved crocodile skull is immense! Bali Organic Arts produce some of the best skull art we have ever seen! We’ve featured their carved skulls before and they have bee without a doubt some of the most popular posts on the Skull Appreciation Society’s wall.

Their website contains even more skull goodness so feast your eyes on the other work.

Bravo sir. Bladey bravo.

crocodile skull by Bali Organic Arts

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2 thoughts on “Carved Crocodile Skull by Bali Organic Arts

  1. I actually don’t know what to say; like as if I’m not sure what I’m seeing. I need an adjective but I can’t find one good enough. How about just saying “Good sir, I must say, you did a bloody fucking good job on that Crocodile skull there.”

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