SAS_Logo_Lockup_2 (2)We are the Skull Appreciation Society and we’d like to welcome you to a world of skulls.

We created SAS so that we could find, document and share the very best skulls with you from all corners of the globe. From skull art to skull sculptures and from skull jewellery to skull toys we will not stop searching until we have all the skulls in the world, in one place, for your reference and enjoyment.

Our passion for skulls was born through the work we create through Mr Four Fingers, where we use skulls in our art, illustration and t-shirt design. We would often search the internet looking for inspiration and artistic reference and were disappointed with the results. So we created a website dedicated to skulls in all their shapes and forms, where other skull lovers could come and join us in appreciation of this iconic symbol.

Skulls have always represented death but to us skulls are a celebration of life, a symbol of what was and what will be through the lives of us and everyone that follows. Artists have been using skulls in their creations for hundreds of years and will continue to do so and we are going to be talking about and sharing them with you in all their glory and beauty.

We will always try to identify and credit each of the skull artists featured on our site, including links back to their respective pages, but if we have made an error please leave a comment or contact us and we’ll look into it.

Thanks for visiting our site and welcome to the society.

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