Skull T-shirts by District 13

get pizza or die trying skull t-shirt by district 13 sugar skull t-shirts

On our recent trip to Nashville to visit my lady’s friends and family, I was introduced to the main man behind the District 13 clothing label – a quality graphic designer who goes by the name Dave Walker – a Nashville-based clothing design company.

David has been working for Harley Davidson for a number of years and you can definitely some of that style coming through in District 13’s classic skull t-shirt designs, and rightly so as their main target market is bikers. Some of his new t-shirts are launching on the 4th of May and if you were smart you would order in bulk!!

I already own some District 13 T’s and I can highly recommend them – great design, good quality, awesome fit and super affordable. Definitely placing another order for more soon. District 13 is available through Etsy and you can check out their full range here.

3D Printed Polygon Wire Mesh Skull

Polygon_Wire_Mesh_Skull_2 Polygon_Wire_Mesh_Skull_1

Polygon_Wire_Mesh_SkeletonThis is a 3D printed life size skull that has been converted to a polygon wire mesh model. The skull reference belongs to a 6foot male and you can even order the rest of his skeleton finished in the same polygon wire mesh.

It’s very cool but will set you back a fair penny.

Check out Spacetimes online store on Shapeways for more info

At The Heart of Winter – Digital Skull Illustration

jameszapata- digital skull illustrationDeviant artist James Zapata brings us this subtly sinister digital skull illustration called ‘At The Heart of Winter’. The illustration depicts a skull facing skywards; submerged under the ice of a frozen lake . Or maybe it’s the spirit of icy death? .

James is a professional digital artist hailing from the USA.

Jim Skull

Jimskull_4 Jimskull_5 JIM et ses sculptures Jimskull_3 Sculpture Jim 21/01/2012 Jimskull_1 JIM et ses sculptures JIM et ses sculptures Jim_Skull_4  Jacques Antoine Granjon

ambrotype7_4096 ambrotype2_4096 We are more than a little shocked to find that we have yet to feature Jim Skull on The Skull Society. I mean he even has the word ‘skull’ in his name. He also happens to have some of the most beautiful skull creations we have seen. They are superb.

Jim’s skulls are a simplified version of a human skull that are often covered in beads, string and various other material. The material used on the skull often cascades down from the mandible to the floor. Instantly recognisable and utterly gorgeous.

Mr Skull has an impressive set of ambrotype (also known as collodion) photographs that feature skulls viewed from above. This unusual view makes the skull look like a giant fossilized dinosaur egg.

Jim Skull was also a part of our Celebrabis Vitae exhibition last year. His piece was donated on behalf of Live Life Give Life, an organ donor organisation. Jim’s piece was an ambrotype photograph of a skull (front view this time). It was damn fine.

Rustic Skull Linocut

Rustic_Skull_LinocutThis Rustic Skull Linocut is a hand pulled print created by Little Bunny Sunshine. As mentioned in a previous post about lino prints, these are created by inking up the original hand carved piece (carved into linoleum) and then pressing on to paper.

This piece measures 8×10 inches and is printed onto a 9.5×11 heavy sheet of paper. Little Bunny Sunshine is open to the idea of people buying a print and then drawing their own elements onto it. A collaboration of sorts.

This original ‘Rustic Skull Linocut’ print is available from her online ETSY store for £6.87.

Real Alien Skull

alien_skullBreaking news (5 years old that is): Real alien skull found in Africa. This curiously humanoid skull with distinctly extra terrestrial features is the fossilized remains found by archeologists. According to Takeshi Yamada.

This otherworldy skull is the creation of Mr Yamada who is a “rogue taxidermist” and eccentric. He is a Coney Island resident and can often been seen strolling along the beach in a suit wearing a considerable number of mardi gras beads.

Read more about this skulls history HERE

The Unknown Terror of the Mummified Woman


This mummified woman was found in a hidden underground vault in the Amazon. Researchers say that she is around 600 years old and is in such good nick due to the embalming skills of her tribe. If she was embalmed why does she look so terrified?

These mummified remains are thought to belong to an Amazonian tribe called the Chachapoyas or Cloud Warriors (great name). They were a “ tall, fairhaired, light-skinned race that some researchers believe may have come from Europe”.They were eventually conquered by the Incas.

Read more about this amazing find in this article on the Evening Standard

Gruesomely Awesome Skulls by DEFAME



This original piece is was a blast to illustrate. Free your mind of delusions, remember to think freely and use the light of truth to guide you through the fog of lies that encompass this world.

  •  Signed and dated on front, dated, signed and stamped on back.
  •  Medium: Micron, India Ink, and white Gelly Roll on watercolor paper
  • Size: 6”x9”
  • Price: 95 USD


Dead Pirate

This original piece is killer for all your sea loving, pirate loving, and booty hiding needs.

  • Signed and dated on front, dated, signed and stamped on back.
  • Medium: Micron, India Ink, and white Gelly Roll on watercolor paper
  • Size: 9”x12”
  • Price: 200 USD


The Damned

Being a horror fan he wanted to create a book cover that would draw attention to the eye and leave a reader inspired. Looking for books that would complement his illustration style and challenge his ability, he stumbled upon The Damned, a book written by Algernon Blackwood. This piece is the full un-designed version of the concept. This print has been hand detailed by the artist by drawing directly onto the print.

  • Size: appox 11.5″x 11.5″
  • Price: 60 USD
  • Color:  lime green and black matte finish with white detail (hand drawn)

DEFAME is in DA HOUSE And we are super excited to welcome him to the fold! It truly is an honour to have him part of the society wall.  Plus his work is now available in our shop!

DEFAME is a Saint Louis-based designer, illustrator and fine artist and we first saw his bad-ass skull illustrations on Design by Humans and later on Instagram.

JOE KING Strikes again!

crossed-skull by Joe king fourth-world_ripper_graphite by joe king skull poster_dali - by Joe King skull-control_-pen-ink-digital-color

Joe King, one of the first artists to grace our society’s walls, is back again and this time with an even bigger boom. His skull art is impressive and I love his graphic style which particularly works well as posters or straight-up portraits.

I wish he’d put some of these bold illustration on a t-shirt or two… hint hint :)

Visit his website here for more insane artwork.

Sugar Skull Sculpture by Joseph Marr

sugar skull sculpture face sugar skull by joseph marr 2 sugar skull by joseph marr 3 sugar skull by joseph marr sugar skull sculpture head shot

We partnered with an organ donor charity called Live Life Give Life during last year’s skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae. The charity asked a load of famous artists to get involved and submit some of their own skulls to the show. They contacted Joseph Marr, an Australian multi-media artist living in Berlin, to send in a #skulfie and got this. A fantastic, life-sized raspberry-flavoured sugar skull in support of #TheDayoftheLiving.

Joseph is an expert when it comes to making art out of sugar so be sure to visit his website.

Here is more info on the Day of the Living Campaign, with options to sign up and donate :)


The Day of the Living is our new campaign to raise awareness of donation, remember those who donated, and celebrate those who are only living because of donations.

Taking inspiration from the colourful Mexican festival The Day of the Dead, in which ancestors are remembered with a vibrant and colourful festival; The Day of the Living campaign will raise awareness about the importance of organ donation with the same energy, optimism and joy.

Read more about what else is going on in their events page here. You can make a donation here or text SKUL14 £3 to 70070And if you haven’t already don’t forget to join the register.

Linocut Skulls and Skull Tattoos by Luca Bassi

Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_7 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_3 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_4 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_5 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_6 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_2 Luca_Bassi_Linocut_skulls_1

Following on from a recent post about linocut skulls I stumbled across yet more. This time the linocuts come from Luca Bassi. Luca has quite a distinctive style, a combination of 50’s tattoo aesthetic and old woodblock prints/carvings.

Luca has a great portfolio of tattoo work and linocut prints.

Black and White Skull Drawings

Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_5 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_4

Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_1 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_3 Ivan_Kamargio_Skull_Drawings_2

These black and white skull drawings by Ivan Kamargio are simply lovely. I think the skull and rhino are rather more poignant considering the current dire circumstances that have befell these majestic beasts. These drawings were a part of his first solo exhibition, where he focused on the importance of all the small details that go into creating an elaborate piece.

Ivan is from Mexico and created all these skull drawings with pencil on paper. It’s his use of line and texture that transforms a simple ‘pencil drawing’ into something far more impressive

Originally found on Scene 360

Flower Skull


This impressive looking ‘Flower Skull’ was made from woodburning onto a kitchen table. This skull was found on Reddit, posted by Outadock who I’m guessing was the creator. The user account link has since been slapped with a 404, so there’s no knowing if more of these amazing skulls exist.

Luke Chueh’s Dissected Bear and Skull Kickstarter

This is a Kickstarter Project by Luke Chueh and he’s looking to get his iconic bear head design with a quarter cut exposed, showing the human skull within, fully painted in vinyl.

Fund it now! The need $17,000+ to get started!

A bit more about the project – Artist & creator Luke Chueh — known for his parody-laden paintings & designer toys — presents a project very near and dear to his heart: Dissected.

Accompanies by human skull within, the iconic anthropomorphic bear character is more human than we previously thought, this vinyl sculpture measures 6″ [t] × 6″ [w] × 5½” [d] and will be factory painted to approximate Luke’s original “Anthropomorphized” painting.

The project is in partnership with Clutter Magazine, a 10 year veteran of the designer toy world, and Unbox Industries, a skilled and reputable producer of vinyl toys.

Fund it now!