Haas Style Art

Haas_Style_Art_3 Haas_Style_Art_4 Haas_Style_Art_2 Chris_Hass_Art_6 Haas_Style_Art_1 Chris_Hass_Art_4 Chris_Hass_Art_5 Chris_Hass_Art_3 Chris_Hass_Art_2 Chris_Hass_Art_1

Every now and again I’m blown away by someone’s incredible imagination. This is one of those times. Whilst posting about Scourgee999 I saw that he posted about a guy called Haas Style Art and his wondorous skulls.

Haas Style Art is is art name for Chris Hass and he man behind these amazing and wholly weird skulls. His signature style come from the way he adds swirling mounds of clay, cartoon-esque eyes and otherworldly colours. From what I can tell the base skulls are a mixture of replica and/or real.(like replica skulls from Skull Shoppe)

Hass states that he re-animates skulls to bring them back into our dimension. But for me , I think the skulls are re-animated and born again into a different realm of fantasy filled with his curious creatures. A place I would surely like to visit but in the meantime he has a wicked Insta account to peruse.

Skull Shoppe by Scourge999










Whilst spending a good portion of the morning looking for real human teeth, as you do, I realised we have not yet posted about Scourge999.

Scourge999 is the Instagram ‘ handle’ or whatever it’s called is for the owner of the ‘Skull Shoppe’. This guy has what is undoubtedly some of the best replica skulls you can get your hands on. So good, you begin to wonder if Scourge999 is indeed a grave robber.

Skull Shoppe
has a product section for ‘Museum’ grade skulls that are incredibly detailed whilst still maintaining decent prices of about $98 – $150 a pop.They also stocks cheaper novelty foam skulls for $30-$35.

You should definitely follow Scourge999 on his Instagram account as he is constantly updating with new skulls, projects and the amazing sculptures, drawings and paintings of other artists based on his skulls.

Boneface – Original Pen and Ink

Boneface_1Boneface_4 Boneface_2 Boneface_3

I have been fortunate enough to nab this original Boneface piece following our recent Celebrabis Vitae skull exhibition in November. I’m supremely happy as I have been a long time fan of his work and seeing the original up close I can’t help but admire the detail. I mean look at the patch on the arm for fucks sake, a tiny Deaths Head Hawkmoth. Devil is in the details and the devil certainly lurks in Boneface.

The piece was created pen and ink/waterolour, with the pose being an homage Andy Warhol’s famous cowboy Elvis Presley painting.

Phyliss Original Skull Artwork by Labour of Love


A Labour of Love is another one of the amazing artists we featured at Celebrabis Vitae. This original skull artwork, titled Phyliss, was created using the A-Z London map, oil paints and wire. The skull was made up using rolled up maps and it was definitely one of the surprise pieces at the show. ‘A Labour of Love’ creates delightful one off art pieces from mixed media to individual client requirements.

Artist Name: A Labour Of Love
Name of piece: Phyllis
Type: Original Artwork
Materials: PAINT, OIL, A-Z & WIRE
Price: £900 Framed
Size: 50x70cm (artwork)

Buy Phyiiss, Original Skull Artwork, from the Skull Shop here

The Death Of Walt by AXR

death-of-walt-1-front-on death-of-walt-original-artwdeath of wal skull photo

Death of Walt was created by Mexican-born Arantxa Ximena Rodriguez, AKA AXR. Arantxa kindly sent us this piece of creative artwork for our skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, and everyone absolutely loved it. It actually sold before I got to the exhibition myself, so basically between 6 and 6:30pm. That must be a world record or something!!

Arantxa Ximena Rodriguez, AXR, specialises in drawing facets, or fractals, which entails connecting singular objects together to make another object. Her style is definitely unique and this piece was inspired by a Mickey Mouse Skull which was sitting in front of a piece of her art which she photographed and framed. The artwork itself is packaged in a ornate golden box where it lives.

If you wish to see more of AXR’s artwork then please visit her Facebook page here, or her Instagram here. 

Artists Name: AXR
Name of piece: Death of Walt
Type: Photograph
Edition number, if limited edition: 1 of 5. SOLD OUT but commissions and prints available.
Materials used: photograph printed on cotton paper.

*Death of Walt is sold out but commissions are available and prints can be created on request.

View Death of Walt in the SAS Shop

Ancient Skulls

Skulls_Kenneth_Garrett_5 Skulls_Kenneth_Garrett_3 Skulls_Kenneth_Garrett_4 Skulls_Kenneth_Garrett_1 Skulls_Kenneth_Garrett_2 Ancient_Skulls_3 Ancient_Skulls_4 Ancient_Skulls_1

These ancient skulls are glimpses into the evolution of our species and the species of our fellow mammals. Often broken and weathered these relics tell us stories from times past and it’s this idea that inspires photographer Kenneth Garrett.

Kenneth does not only photograph skulls but most things to do with ancient cultures, things from our past “that tell us who we are today”. His photographic passion has taken him on journeys for National Geographic and even into exhibitions hosted at the Smithsonian Institution.

Decorated Animal Skulls Available from Child of Wild

IMG_3398_1024x1024 Decorated_Animal_Skulls_3   Decorated_Animal_SkullDecorated_Animal_Skulls_2Decorated_Animal_Skull_2

One thing we will never get bored of as dedicated skull fanatics is the sight of decorated animal skulls or immaculate carvings.

These particular skulls are available through Child of Wild. They are a brand that have a store full of amazing jewelry that often have some form of cultural relevance or a past life.

The Skull with the dragon carving is from our favourite skull carvers over in Bali. These guys and gals are the masters.

Originally found on Re Fashion

More Skull Artwork – Paul Alexander Thornton

colourful-pen-skull-drawing-by-paul-alexander-thornton CV_Paul_1untitled skull artworkskull artwork by paul alexander thorntonpaul alexander thorntonCV_Paul_4

Paul Alexander Thornton is a magician with a ball-point pen. So much so that every piece of his, skulls or not, completely blows my mind. His skulls are incredibly detailed and have a vibrancy about them which is a refreshing take on skulls in art, when compared the gloomy and macabre. We’ve shared his work countless times which can be seen here.

We were so excited to have him part of our inaugural  skull exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, and now his work is also available in our skull shop! Result :)

View Paul’s beautiful pen work here on the Skull Shop, and if you wish to get one of these collectible pieces as part of your collection please do contact us, or place the order directly on our site. Pieces can be framed or sold as a print.


Natural Selection by Noah Scalin

darwin-and-skull-set Darwin50x70cmDarwinSkull50x70cm

Name of piece: Natural Selection Series – Darwin
Type: Limited Edition Print
Edition: 10
Price: £700 Framed
Size: 50x70cm
Sold as a set of 2

Buy Natural Selection Prints – Darwin

Noah Scalin’s work explores the theme of transience – specifically the temporary nature of
individual lives and the tenuous nature of all human life on the planet. By using everyday
items, including mass produced consumer goods & found materials, he repurposes things
that would normally end up in the ever-growing garbage dumps of the world, allowing them to
tell a story of the potential long-term impact, both positive & negative, of human creations.
And like human lives, his installations are intentionally temporary, reverting back to their
component parts after a short lifespan, only to exist in memories and photos after they’re


Name of piece: Natural Selection Series – Einstein
Type: Limited Edition Print
Edition: 10
Price: £700 Framed
Size: 50x70cm
Sold as a set of 2

Buy Natural Selection Prints – Einstein

The Natural Selection portrait series specifically explores the lives of great scientists whose
work has had an incredible impact on the world. Each diptych is made up of the portrait of a
deceased scientist and a representation of his/her skull. The skull is made by literally
rearranging the elements used in the portrait, thus destroying that original creation. The
scientists represented are all great thinkers whose creations had an impact on our lives today,
but also serious repercussions for their own lives (and deaths).

Skull Prints from AON! BLACK

AON! BLACK, Jimmi Coffin, started off designed limited edition, and premium quality, t-shirt designs and has started to dip his macabre toes into the murky waters of print making and original artwork. He was one of our 45 artists who exhibited work with us during Celebrabis Vitae and we are happy to announce the inclusion of his prints in the Skull Shop! They’re just £31 for one of the limited edition prints and I would highly recommend picking up one of these. Just in time for Christmas :)

Hymnes Pour Sans L'espoir skull print

Name of piece: Hymns Pour Sans L’Espoir
Type: Original Print
Edition number, if limited edition: 1/13
Materials used: Digital
Country: UK
Twitter handle: @aonblack666
Price: £31 unframed
Size: A3

Buy this skull print.

Pineal Death print 1

Name of piece: Pineal Death
Type: Original Print
Edition number, if limited edition: 1/13
Materials used: Digital
Country: UK
Twitter handle: @aonblack666
Price: £31 unframed
Size: A3

Buy this Skull Limited Edition Print

Dead Cosmonauts and Skulls


cosmonaut_by_bradwright dead cosmonautsspaceman_with_no_face__by_bradwright dead cosmonauts taciturn_by_bradwright-d5ux69u skeleton_study_by_bradwright-d850k47 painting171_by_bradwright dead cosmonauts painting_57_by_bradwright-d4u7073 painting_104_by_bradwright-d7iy7qa fragmented_skull2_by_bradwright-d84gu0t fragmented_skull_by_bradwright-d84g460

One never gets tired of dead cosmonauts, especially when they are done this well. There is something I find deeply frightening about being lost in space. Drifting through emptiness, slowly dying. As the famous film tagline goes ” In space no one can sell ice-cream”. Wait hold on…I mean “In space no one can hear you scream”.

This first image in this post of space death is called ‘Cosmonaut’ and is created by Bradley Wright. Well actually all these dead cosmonauts and other skulls are all created by the same fella. It seems that the term ‘Cosmonaut’ is simply the Russian name given to what Americans call ‘Astronauts’.

A really interesting fact about the word ‘Astronaut’ is that is derived from the Greek words astron, meaning “star”, and nautes, meaning “sailor”. I find that rather poetic.

(More about Astronauts on Wiki)

Brad Wright is a concept artist who was born in Durban South Africa, grew up in Ireland and now lives in Sweden.