Brenton Bostwick and his Nightmares

Flower-and-Skull-Study Beaver_Skull Brenton_Bostwick_translinguistic-rams-skull1 Brenton-Bostwick-Orchid-Skull cat_skull_by_brentonbostwick

Upon first visiting the website of Brenton Bostwick I’m greeted by  a solitary figure sitting at a high work bench, surrounded by carpentry tools. There is order. It is normal. Skip to his sculptures and all of a sudden you are in the realm of nightmares.

I have included two of these sculptures, both of which have skulls (cat and beaver I believe), to show you what I mean. Alas these grotesque works are not the reason he is here on SAS. Brenton Bostwick is here for some fine looking skull paintings. You can tell there are strong similarities between his layered scultures and the layered texturing in his paintings.

I think, over time, these two forms of art will meet together to create something wholly new, more than it is now.The result will be slightly macabre and completely amazing. Just imagine a large 3D skull in the  style of his current sculptures.

Originally found on Skullspiration

Artist Announcement – Lauren Baker – Celebrabis Vitae


Lauren Baker, a multi-media London-based artist, is the first sculptor to join the illustrious list of artists who are taking part in the skull show we cannot, and will not, stop speaking about – Celebrabris Vitae.

I saw some of Lauren’s animal skull pieces in one of her solo shows and I can confess, she does things with swarovski crystals that would confuse and challenge your mind. I can’t wait to see what Lauren brings to the party, apart from her amazing self, and we are looking forward to working with her on this exciting project. 

This piece features 2 eagles skulls, which have been beautifully decorated and the expertly photographed.

Artist Announcement – Alfonso Elola – Celebrabis Vitae


Our search for skulls, and the cream-of-the-crop talent, means we are reaching out to all corners of the globe. Alfonso Elola, a Spanish-born artist, is the next artist to accept our exclusive invitation and join the ranks of other skull artists at the upcoming skull showcase, Celebrabis Vitae.

We have blogged about these pieces before but they are too good not to share again. Word on the street is that Alfonso will be submitting something even more striking and just as hauntingly beautiful (no pressure dude! ha) so you have to come and feast your eyes on it. I don’t want anyone getting FOMO and missing out on what should be a brilliant opening night.

Artist Announcement – Dr. Brezak – Celebrabis Vitae


It just gets better and better - Dr. Brezak, a super-talented illustration specialist, has bitten the bullet and decided he can’t miss out on all the action at the SAS-hosted skull exhibition in October, falling on Halloween.

As with all the artists we are inviting and featuring at the show we have come across their skull skills through the SAS blog, and have shared the impactful skull creations with you. The Dr. will be submitting and original piece, never seen before, so stop ya salivating and come check it out. If I have to share another link here then I’ll start to think you’ve never seen a skull post before, and if that’s the case then get cracking and scroll through our amazing library of skulls.

The piece above is titled Once Were Warriors.

Concept Art by Arash Radkia

Radkia_4 Radkia_3 Radkia_2 Radkia_1 Arash_Radkia_3_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_4_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_2_Concept_Art Arash_Radkia_1_Concept_Art

I have a growing fascination for concept art whether its crisp hand drawn images or digital imaginings. One weaving thread that I like to see passing through these creations is art created in a painterly style. By that I mean you can see the brush stokes, things feel loose and fresh, like an idea coming to life.

Arash Radkia
is one such concept artist working in the realm of digital media. Now with most artists there will be an innate ability to draw in real life as well as digitally. Sometimes the digital ‘look’ can be a crutch or overbearing in perfection. This can detract from the art. That is of course my own opinion.

has maintained that amazing freshness with his concept art. His visions are full of lush textures, menacing shadows and imposing figures

3D Printed Cranium

A woman suffering from Camurati Engelmann’s disease recently had her cranium removed and replaced with a 3D printed version. This amazing surgery lasted 23 hours and was performed by a team of Dutch surgeons. This is not the first time 3D printed elements have been used in the skull though it is the first time the whole cranium has been replaced.

Camurati Engelmann is a rare disease that causes anomalies in the skeleton, a form of dysplasia. In this patients case her skull was 3 times the thickness of a normal skull. This caused the skull to press down on the brain causing severe headaches and sometime loss of sight.

Maximo Lutz Skull Tattoos

Cara_ob_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Milano_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Roma_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Microfono_by_maximolutztattoo_Skull Tattoos Calavera_Meltdown_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Granada_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Cover_Up_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Color_by_maximolutztattoo Calavera_Br_by_maximolutztattoo Cala_ac_by_maximolutztattoo

There are a few things I never get bored of when it comes to the human skull and all the different ways to create them . One of those ways is skull tattoos. The fusion of amazing drawing ability and pain.

If you are looking for a colourful and downright skilled skull tattoo artist then you should check out the art and tattoo creations of Maximo Lutz. He is currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

Artist Announcement – Sneaky Studios – Celebrabis Vitae

sneaky studios skull art

Doug, the other half of SAS, introduced me to Sneaky Studios recently and I have to admit that I am in awe of his illustrative work. And now I’m even more in awe knowing that he has agreed to be part of our skull art exhibition on the 31st October.

Great illustration is amazing to see on a pc, but when you see it in the flesh, or on paper, it is incredible and this guys guys work oozes class. Looking forward to seeing his contribution to the show. And hey, you should come too. For more info on tickets and the exhibition itself, check out our page here.

Artist Announcement – Emily Evans – Celebrabis Vitae

Emily Evans Anatomy_Boutique_Skull_Winter_Print_Black1

You will have noticed a trend with my last few posts, and that is because I’m spreading the wonderful news about all the amazing artists who have confirmed their spots for our upcoming art exhibition, called Celebrabis Vitae. The show is taking place at Box Studios from the 31st October to 6th November, in Shoreditch, London.

Emily Evans will be showing us some of her amazing skull work and you know we’re big fans when one of the first ever prints we bought was from her. Emily started her illustrative career as a medical illustrator and has broadened her skill set and style to a number of other mediums including wallpaper and crockery.

This gold printed calavera skull wa released on Street Anatomy’s store a few months ago and sold out pretty much instantly. It’s not hard to see why! Hopefully we’ll get something just as beautiful, but whatever it is, I’m sure it will blow our socks off.

Artist Announcement – Ben Allen – Celebrabis Vitae

Ben Allens Psychedelic-Skull-No6-2px-border-inside_1024x1024ARTIST ANNOUNCEMENT!!! More exciting news as another amazing artist has agreed to exhibit a skull piece at the upcoming skull art exhibition, Celebrabris Vitae, and we’re thrilled to welcome Ben Allen on board.

This skull piece is part of Ben’s range titled PSYCHEDELIC SKULL SERIES. You can also see some of Ben Allen’s other skull prints in our online shop.

Please join me in welcoming Ben to the fold and do yourselves a favour and come see his work in person on opening night, tickets here, or during the show which runs until the 6th November at Box Studios in Shoreditch, London

Skull Design by Iain Macarthur

black bones club blck n wite low res

Somehow this amazing skull drawing by Iain Macarthur eluded our SAS nets. This leering skull was created amongst other illustrations for Be-Street Magazine.

Be-Street is a French (there is English however) quarterly publication distributed to 15 countries worldwide.

Mosaic Skulls by Kate Sutcliffe

Kate_Sutcliffe_4 mosaics Kate_Sutcliffe_3 mosaic Kate_Sutcliffe_1 mosaic Kate_Sutcliffe_2

There is something quite alluring about an animal skull, even more so when it’s adorned with mosaic styled designs. This kind of adornment reminds of bygone era where humans were dressed in jewels and beautiful clothes, only to be buried in them. This time however there is no burying and we get to admire the beauty.

These two wonderful bejeweled animal skulls were created by Kate Sutcliffe Mosaics and are available to buy from her online Etsy store.

Hand Carved Animal Skulls by Aureus Arts

Hand Carved Animal Skulls Hand Carved Animal Skulls Hand Carved Animal Skulls Aureus_Arts_5 Aureus_Arts_3 Aureus_Arts_4 Aureus_Arts_1 Aureus_Arts_2

We have featured some amazing hand carved animal skulls from Bali before and this time we have yet more amazing skulls from a different collective called Aureus Arts. These beautiful, hand drawn designs are carved into real buffalo/cow and horse skulls.

These skulls are meticulously hand carved by Balinese Master Artisans, with each skull taking days to complete.

Strangely enough the also sell a variety of Native American items.

Visit Aureus Arts Etsy Store