Celebrabis Vitae Opening Night is Sold Out!


The opening night of our skull art exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, is sold out!! BOOM. Thanks for the support! Halloween promises to be extra special night.

For those who missed out don’t worry, the gallery is open daily and we’ll be hosting a free event on the 6th November. Details here.

Celebrabis Vitae Exhibition Details

  • Dates: 1st November – 6th November
  • Times: 10am – 6pm
  • Address: Box Studio, 1-3 French Place, E1 6JB
  • Freebies: Pistonhead Lager on entry (while stocks last)

Skull Artist Announcement – Hannah Adamaszek – Celebrabis Vitae

skull canvas by hannah

Some artists have a hidden secret, a guilty pleasure if you will, where they get the chance to draw something which is not only challenging but also something they long to draw or paint! Now I’m not sure if this is the case with upcoming artist Hannah Adamaszek, but I’d like to think so. For Celebrabis Vitae, Hannah has created this original skull on canvas using acrylic and using the colours synonymous with her style and execution. We love it!

We met Hannah through the Curious Duke Gallery here in London, and in the 3 years we have known her we have seen her grow into a fine artist mixing painting and street art together to bring striking female portraits. He style is distinct and beautiful and she’s one of the ‘hottest’ artists around currently making some serious waves in the London art scene. Hannah has broken her own mold by taking part in the show but we do hope she makes more skulls, but only for us :)

Take a look at Hannah’s other paintings and street here on her website.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Halloween Treats from Black Baroque

skull magnet from black baroque skull magnet

Black Baroque have been kind enough to donate some of their amazing skull-shaped magnets for the prize we are giving away at Celebrabis Vitae, the upcoming skull art exhibition which is opening next week on the 31st October 2014. One lucky winner will be chosen on the night to win a goodie bag full of skull treats worth over £100!

The magnets are great, and really detailed! They are a decent size (17.78 x 13.33 cm) which I love and have been die cut to ensure amazing accuracy in the design. They are definitely the perfect Halloween treat for lovers of the macabre and gothic. They are also super affordable and start from just £5.70 for one

Here is a happy Halloween message from Black Baroque – be sure to visit their Etsy store.

“Happy Halloween! Decorate your refrigerator with our Skull Magnet! Our magnets are unique to Etsy as they are die cut into the actual shape of the image, fully backed with vinyl magnetic material. Our magnets are also different than any other magnets on Etsy as they are made to mix and match so you can make your own art on your refrigerator while at the same time they are very strong to hold your photos and papers up on your fridge! We also sell our original art prints shown in Photo 3, which is how we became one of Etsy’s top sellers. Our magnets make great wedding gifts, birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, party favors, hostess gifts and more!”

Skull Artist Announcement – Le Marke – Celebrabis Vitae

Le_Marke's skull Illustration

It’s nice when you are a fan of someone’s work and they are a fan of yours. Le Marke, or Antonio Aguirre, started following our progress through Mr Four Fingers and we in-turn did the same, and now he’s creating some great skull illustrations, among others. The guy is super talented and passionate about his craft, and we are happy to help kick-start his journey into a world of art, illustrations and the macabre. It gives me the utmost pleasure introducing Le Marke as one of our skull artists who will be exhibiting at the skull art exhibition that is Celebrabis Vitae.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Skull Artist Announcement – Amy Napper – Celebrabis Vitae

skull illustration - Amy Napper

At this rate I will run out of days before I can post about all the skull artists we are featuring at Celebrabis Vitae! Amy Napper, founder of The Decadent Decline, is the next exciting artist to join the growing list of amazing talent on show.

Amy adores all things gothic and is obsessed with skulls, skeletons and the portrayal of death, shrouded in the remnants of our decadent history… She has a very distinctive style and her piece looks great! It’s not the one I am sharing with you now though as I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises! You’ll just have to wait and see what skull masterpiece she has created :)

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Michael’s Guide to Life

Michael's Guide to Life Michaels_Guide_to_Life_3 Michaels_Guide_to_Life_4 Michaels_Guide_to_Life_5 Michaels_Guide_to_Life_6 Michaels_Guide_to_Life_7 Michaels_Guide_to_Life_8

‘Michael’s Guide to Life‘ is not some sort of skull themed Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy  but rather a sum of personal experiences by Michael Pharaoh. Designed to look fucking cool, this book details the experiences and good advice that he has experienced so far in life.

To further bring his idea to life, the skulls and various other elements were implemented across a range of collateral from business cards to tote bags. It all looks quite lovely.

Michael Pharaoh is a Graphic designer from New Zealand.

Originally found on Adweek

2 Weeks Until Celebrabis Vitae


There are just 2 weeks to go until our inaugural skull art exhibition, Celebrabis Vitae, and the whole thing is coming together nicely! Lots of the artists are finalising their artwork and all will be ready, fingers crossed for opening night.

There are just 50 tickets left, it’sa big vnue, so please make sure you buy yours ASAP to avoid disappointment.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Skull Sketch by Lisa Moran


Sometimes the nicest drawing can simply be a loose sketch, one of the ideas that leads up to the ‘final piece’. This is one of those times.

This skull sketch was created by Lisa Moran of Ireland, and was actually a process shot. The final was never saw the light of day as somewhere along the line a mistake was made. Going from this sketch I reckon Lisa definitely needs to create more with the intent of not finishing them as these sketches are pretty sweet.

This hand painted skull is pretty damn well executed.

Lisa Moran Sketch

Originally found on Skullspiration

Scratchboard Skull

scratchboard skull

This fantastic skull was created on a scratchboard. Now that may sound simple enough but reading E-Tahns description on how she created this piece makes it sound like a war of scratchboard attrition. The white scratchboard was painted black, scratched, painted, shaded , scratched, inked, scratched, painted….

The result, called Dead Head, is utterly ghoulish and leaves me wanting to see more. Yes E-tahn, get scratching.

Skull Artist Announcement – Mr Four Fingers – Celebrabis Vitae

mr four fingers - Tessa_2_LR

With 16 days to go until our inaugural skull exhibition I thought it best to do some serious self promotion, and that is by announcing the involvement of our very own art brand, MR FOUR FINGERS, in this massive collection of skull art. We are honoured, and bit star struck, to be included among some of our favourite artists and we hope you can join us, and them, for a celebration of life and art through in appreciation of this iconic symbol.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Skull Artist Announcement – Raf the Might – Celebrabis Vitae

raf the might skull illustration 3

Oh yes! In the build up to this exhibition I have been watching my emails like a hawk, in anticipation of hearing from some of the coolest skull artists I know. And most of them come with good news, like the latest announcement – RAF THE MIGHT will be exhibiting some artwork at Celebrabis Vitae! BOOM.

His work is powerful and extremely graphic and ranges from Day-of-the-Dead inspired designs to some serious heavy metai-styled skulls, it is some of the best illustrative work I have seen. I wonder which one we’ll have to show you? Best you come by and see for yourself. You can like Raf the Might’s Facebook page and you’ll have the honour of seeing his fantastic skull creations on a daily basis.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Wasanbon: Skull-Shaped Japanese Sugar

wasanbon_nobumasa_takahashi_1_1024x1024 wasanbon_nobumasa_takahashi_2_1024x1024 wasanbon_nobumasa_takahashi_4_1024x1024 wasanbon_nobumasa_takahashi_5_1024x1024

These black and white sugar skulls are made from Wasanbon (和三盆), a fine-grained premium Japanese sugar, traditionally made in the Shikoku prefectures of Tokushima and Kagawa.

They were designed by artist Nobumasa Takahashi and come in 18 pieces of black and white (9 each). The black sugar is made all naturally from bamboo charcoal and can be used just like regular sugar. Perfect for a Halloween party, or for just sweetening your tea or coffee when you’re in a ghoulish mood.

– Designer: Nobumasa Takahashi
– Size: Box Size: W 100 × H 38 × D 120 mm / Wasanbon size: φ 15mm
– Ingredients: Wasanbon premium suger, bamboo charcoal
– White 9pc, black 9pc
– Made in Japan

Copy and images courtesy of Spoon and Tamago.


Something to do on Halloween 2014

alfonso elola skull illustration Ben Allen - Psychedelic-SkullSweet-Vice-by-Mr-Four-FingersNoahScalinNaturalSelectionEinsteinsneaky studios skull inkPaul Alexander Thornton

By now you would’ve noticed that we are running an event on Halloween, the upcoming Celebrabis Vitae. If you haven’t then WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Under a rock? Exploring the North pole with limited 3G? For those of you new to our society – The good news is for those based in London we are hosting a kick-ass skull art exhibition and party on Halloween!

I also wanted to share with you some of the work that will be on show at this skull art exhibition featuring some of the skull illustration big dogs including; Noah Scalin, Alfonso Elola, Ben Allen, Paul Alexander Thornton, Sneaky Studios and Mr Four Fingers (That’s us!).

So if you are looking to do something on Halloween, 31st October 2014, then do join us for an evening of skulls, art, cocktails and just general celebration of life as we pay tribute to our past loved ones. For more info on the event, and to buy tickets, please visit our Celebrabis Vitate Event page.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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Skull Book Display Courtesy of Noah Scalin

Noah Scalin Skull Book Display

If there is one man who knows how to create a skull it’s Noah Scalin. He created this skull window display at Chop Suey Books store with his latest Skull-A-Day book in anticipation of his Skull-a-Day book release party tonight!

Word on the street is that The Skull Appreciation Society will potentially be the sole distributor of the Skull-A-Day book here in Europe and the UK!! Watch this space. details to follow.

Skull Artist Announcement – Dan Hillier – Celebrabis Vitae

Dan Hilliers Skull Illustration

So it finally happened. After weeks of waiting for Dan Hillier to return from his adventures and many many emails to his inbox he finally replied to say he’d love to be involved in our skull art exhibition! You see we’ve been following Dan’s illustrative journey for many years and he’s always been one of our favourite artists so I am overjoyed that he has confirmed his place alongside our list of illustrious artists!

Dan Hillier is a London-based artist and illustrator who ‘makes pictures all come out of his hands.’ He has taken part in a number of solo and group shows and has had work featured in the Saatchi and Saatchi Gallery as well as the ICA.

CELEBRABRIS VITAE Exhibition Details:

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