Choas Rules Skull GIF by Mr Four Fingers

chaos rules skull gif

After our recent skull GIF post I figured we should give it a shot with one of our skull designs from Mr Four Fingers. This is our first skull GIF and honestly if I stare at it too long I feel kinda sick, hahahahaha. Look forward to creating some better ones with skulls and laser beams and cats getting blasted by said laser beams. We shall see what ideas Craig, the other half of MFF and SAS (well 1/3) throws my way as he has been the GIF groupie so far.

The black and white version of this skull does exist as a fine art print called Chaos Rules, measuring 30cm x 40cm If you are interested in buying a print then make sure to visit our Mr Four Fingers shop can grab on for £40. Better yet , use discount code CHAOSGIFT for £5 off. Boom.

Joe Black Skull Art Created From Toy Soldiers and Flowers

toy_soldier_skull_art_2 toy_soldier_skull_art_1   flower_skull_art_1Joe_Black_skull_art_2

Meet Joe Black, no not Brad Pitt as the peanut butter loving death dealer but rather contemporary British artist who creates amazingly detailed art created from smaller elements like buttons and toys.

The flower skull piece is entitled ‘Do you get it Damian’ and is created from  an array of 7000 + plastic flowers with resin coating on aluminium and form-ex and measures W133cm H214cm. I wonder at the misspelling of the name ‘Damian’ as Joe Black mentions this piece is a nod to Hirst’s “iconic motif of the skull.”

Whatever the case, these are truly some gorgeous skulls.

Gruesome Skulls by Scott Greenwalt

scott_greenwalt_2 scott_greenwalt_5 greenwalt_3 scott_greenwalt_1

Looking at landing page of Scott Greenwalt and his portfolio reminds me of a scientists lab and an array of Petri dishes full of bustling organisms. His drawings are reminiscent of horror films where the victims are plagued by some unknown disease that slowly engulfs them and eats their flesh. They are horrifying and yet grotesquely beautiful.

The paintings of Scott Greenwalt are far less gruesome but no less intense in their use of patterns.

THOMAS HURLOCK – New Artist in the SAS Shop

Camo-skull_TJH002 Multi-coloured_skull_TJH001

Thomas Hurlock is an Illustrator in mixed-media and based in South Wales, UK. He graduated from Camberwell College of Arts and his work has been influenced by folklore, urban myth, street art and occult iconography. They are as much devotional pieces as they are illustrations. He created these multi-coloured skulls using a mixture of illustration and computer manipulation. The prints are 297mm x 223mm and are giclée print on semi-matt photographic paper and cost just £20.

Visit Thomas Hurlock’s profile in our shop.

The Kiss of Death

the kiss of death 3 the kiss of death 1 kiss of death 2

The Kiss of Death is a marble sculpture found in Poblenou Cemetery in Spain. What becomes immediately noticeable about this sculpture, apart from it being a winged skeleton, is the embrace and kiss. The embrace is is not one of a man fighting his death but almost welcoming it and the skeletons posture is tender is anything.

The tomb underneath has the following inscription:

“His young heart is thus extinguished. The blood in his veins grows cold. And all strength has gone. Faith has been extolled by his fall into the arms of death. Amen.”

The Kiss of Death sculpture is thought to be created by Jaume Barba. More details on Wiki.

Not sure where these particular photos are from so if you know whose they are let us know so we can credit them.

Skull Walking Stick Sword

If you ever watched the movie Blind Fury and thought ‘Fuck yeah I want a walking stick sword’ then look no further. Not only does this walking stick come with an optional blade but the stick is also topped with one good looking sterling silver skull. Skull also can also be finished in German Silver or Yellow Bronze

Skull Sword Walking Stick by Boris Palatnik $530 – $750

boris_pa WalkingStickSwordCane144Sc



Horsebites Skull Screen Print


Spotted this skull and eyeball screen print created by Horsebites that was recently part of an exhibition by Skull and Heart. This is a two colour A2 design with a varnish layer called Code Blue and is limited to 50 signed prints. This scree print is a part of their ongoing ‘Colour’ series so check out the rest of them over at Skull & Heart as they sure have some stellar designs.

Horsebites AKA Richard Minio is a part of clothing apparel brand called VNM and also designs for The Black Axe.

Purchase Code Blue for £30 by following THIS LINK


monkey_skull_1 Raven_skull_ring_1 silver_wolf_skull_1 silverbirdskullcufflinks1 skullring1 bottle_stop_3 crowskullbelt1 heartofskullnecklace1

I’m very pleased to announce the inclusion of Blue Bayer to our online Skull Shop! Blue Bayer is a true skull artist and creates a variety of jewellery using a mixture of materials. I love the product shots and the diversity of his pieces. His work is raw and has a certain grittiness to it which I love – as opposed to high street jewellery which is all shiny and fancy, and generic and shit if you ask me.

Blue Bayer’s collection includes the likes of lockets, cuff-links, belt buckles, necklaces, bottle stoppers and sculptures.

Visit Blue Bayer’s Profile on the Skull Shop now.

More about the artist:

Blue Bayer is a self taught New York-based artisan. He has traveled the world living solely from his work for the past 20 years. A seasoned street artist he cut his teeth selling on the streets of Key West to San Francisco and Europe to New York.

Blue was deeply influenced by his upbringing on the edge of the coal field wastes of Western Pennsylvania. He spent his boyhood hunting and fishing the vast tracks outside the family home.

Visit Blue Bayer’s Profile on the Skull Shop now.

Skull Rock Sculpture

skull sculpture

This eerie-looking skull rock sclupture is by the artist Luis Garcia Vidal and is about death, obviously. His work sits peacefully, quietly watching over the valley in the Parque de los Desvelados, Navarra, Spain, despite the elements and any would-be vandals. Unfortunately I cannot find the artists details online, feel free to leave comments below if you can find this geezer. Much obliged.

This picture was found Yahoo’s picture of the year. Some belters in there too, but I try not to visit Yahoo-powered sites just in case people see and start judging…

Skull Armour



If you are going to venture into the world of fantasy, battling who the fuck knows what, then you had better suit up with some fine looking skull armour. These skull armour creations are created by Dragon Armoury and are used for various LARP events and film work.

The first time I heard the term LARP was when watching the movie Knights of Badassdom (though I have seen played before in other movies) and if you have seen the movie then you will know it stands for Live Action Role-Playing games. Probably quite fun and once you see the level of detail and skill that some of these costumes/armour show then you can’t but be impressed.



Smashed Human Skull

Smashed Human Skull

This smashed human skull is said to be the horrifying result of a mace to the face. Anthropologists believe that the man who received this shattering blow did indeed survive as there is evidence of medical intervention in what can only be called medieval brain surgery.

This was deduced from the fact that the bone edges had been smoothed and the bone appears to have begun healing and stitch together (don’t you think the left eye looks like an eye closed..creepy). Below is an image of a Byzantine Mace, the proposed culprit. (image from Ashoka Arts)bronze-spiked-mace-3-4726


Article originally found on Daily Mail

Calavera and Mr Four Fingers


We posted about talented South African artist Nicola from Calavera before and since then she created this wicked embroidered felt skull inspired by some work by our other half Mr Four Fingers. We feel pretty damn honoured and impressed.

Of course this was not the only skull created by Calavera during that time as her collection of embroidered skulls seems to have boomed in numbers as seen in the last image.

If you want to buy some of these fantastic skulls from her then the best advice is to look through her gallery and then contact her directly via the Contact page.




Game of Thrones Posters

game of thrones skull illustration game of thrones skull posters

I am actually tired of seeing all the adverts and promotions etc for the upcoming Game of Thrones series. It starts next week and the hype best not disappoint – just show it already. I did however love seeing this series of illustrations by artist Robert M. Ball which depicts death oh so beautifully. I have only shown the illustrations which have skulls in them but check out Mashables website here for more.

‘HBO has partnered with studio agency 360i and artist Robert M. Ball to highlight the beauty of the deaths that make Game of Thrones such a shocking phenomenon. The project consists of 30 intricate illustrations representing the most poignant death in each prior episode leading up to season four.’ – VIA Mashable