Kit King Skull Paintings

Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_7Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_6Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_5Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_4Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_3Kit_King_Skull_Paintings_1Kit_King_Skull_DrawingKit King is another unbelievable artist that we have been fortunate enough to stumble across in the wonderful land of Instagram. Her portfolio is split into either amazing large-scale portraits or wonderful skull drawings and paintings.

Kit King is a self-taught Canadian artist with a penchant for the beautifully macabre. She also has seven years experience as a tattoo artist who regularly collaborates with fellow artist and husband Corey Popp.

All of her originals are available from her online store. But if you are interested in prints then be sure to visit her Society 6 store. There is even an amazing skull ring, which is a collaboration with Street Evil USA.



Skeletal Sculpture by Evan Campbell

Blind_Dead_Skeletal_Sculpture_Evan_Campbell_1 Blind_Dead_Skeletal_Sculpture_Evan_Campbell_2The above “design maquette” , another term for scale-model, shows a skeletal sculpture of a figure wearing an Asian conical hat. Evan Campbell sculpted this skeleton out of Klean clay and it is called ‘Blind Dead’.

Evan is a freelance sculptor living in California with an impressive client list, including names such as Wes Craven, John Carpenter and Quentin Tarantino to name but a few.

This is the only skull I can find in his amazing portfolio. I recommend that you visit Evan Campbell’s Deviant Art profile and have a gander at his other gruesome creations.

Skull Paintings by Johnny Crap


Jonathan-Bergeron-_1Jonathan-Bergeron-_6 Jonathan-Bergeron-_4 Jonathan-Bergeron-_3   Johnny_Crap_5 Jonathan-Bergeron_5  Johnny_Crap_3 Johnny_Crap_4

Jonathan Bergeron A.K.A. Johnny Crap has evolved a skull character that is instantly recognisable. Well it’s recognisable if you know his work. If Johhny Crap is new to you then I’m sure this skull style will not soon be forgotten.These slightly enigmatic looking skull characters appear all over the place from Star Wars to riding horseback wandering the sea.

Johnny Crap is a Canadian full time artist, paints with oils mainly, though he can also draw like a man possessed.

jonathan-bergeron_art Johnny_Crap_1

Many of Johnny Crap’s paintings can be bought from his online store. He also has prints available from Society 6. I also recommend that you follow his Instagram account as he is always updating in with WIP images. It’s a severe understatement when I say he has a prolific imagination.

Slipknot Skull Print

framed slipknot skull print unnamedslipknot skull poster


This brilliant Slipknot Skull print was created by Keepsake Design and is the Official screenprinted poster for Slipknot’s performance in Hamburg. Germany on February 8, 2015.

This design was created as part of their ‘Prepare For Hell’ 2014/2015 European Tour and is the second gig poster they designed for the band.

A2 (UK sizing)
5 colours on 300gsm Natural White Stock
Ships carefully rolled in a study tube, with love.

Real Painted Animal Skulls from the Outback

Real wild boar skull Real wild boar skull 2 Real wild boar animal skull  3

Title: ‘I’m Dead’
Size: 23x23x30cm
View in the SAS shop.

Real painted buffalo animal skull 2 Real painted buffalo skull 3 Real painted buffalo skull

Title: ‘Holy Cow’
Materials: Real buffalo skull, acrylic paint and collage
Size: 90x90x22cm

View in the SAS Shop.

The exquisite real animal skulls were painted by Violet Bond, Australian-based artist who lives in Maningrida on the coast of Arnhem Land in a remote Aboriginal community, in Northern Australia, where life can be harsh to those who experience the wrong side of the lands power. Art is Violets way to connect her life to the world.

She has always been fascinated with the ritual, spirituality, cultural expression and passion of people in association with death. I have always found the ‘western’ style of dealing with death, cold and unemotional. And yet cultures all over the world including the one that Violet lives in, have a connectedness, a shared pain and a love that one is never left to deal with alone.

View Violet’s Artwork in our shop now.


Bad-ass Metal Skulls

PLATED_SKULL_BLACK_NICKEL_003CS_CROP PLATED_SKULL_BLACKNICKEL_003CS_CROP_ANGLEThis full-scale, 3d printed human skull sealed using a proprietary process to allow for direct metal plating. Once the sealant has cured, the skull is plated in copper, polished, plated in black nickel and then polished again to create its stunning mirror finish. VIEW HERE


This skull combines a variety of techniques to create the three dimensional depth.  Useful and eye-catching, this skull activates and enlivens any environment. VIEW HERE


This is a full-scale, 3d printed human skull that has been sealed using a proprietary process to allow for direct metal plating (as opposed to a mass-production casting process). The 3d printed skull, once cured, is plated in copper and then polished, plated in nickel, polished again, and finally plated in 24k gold at which point it receives its final polish to produce an incomparably stunning mirror finish. VIEW HERE


The metallic skulls are super slick and BAD-TO-THE-(UH)-BONE. Or what is the bone version of metal? Exclusively sold at and West Out East in East Hampton, NY. Although I might ask if we can get these metallic beauties in our shop!

Lords of Salem – Giclee Skull Print

lords of salem skull print

The Lords of Salem is a limited edition Giclee skull print available from New Rule. This skull print was created by Liane Plant and was featured in a past exhibition by New Rule called Horror Show.

This skull print is available in A3 (£20) and A2 (£40), printed on 305gsm Hahnemuhle and limited to 14 (I guess that’s 14 per size). Each skull print is numbered and embossed.

Mr Stabby – Skull Screen Print

skull screen print

Limited edition skull screen print called Mr Stabby by Josh Holinaty. Available to buy from his online store for $65. This skull screen print is single colour on Stonehenge paper, measures 15” x 19” and is limited to 13 prints.

Josh Holinaty is a full-time freelance illustrator from Canada.

Skull Bliss – Balinese Skull Carvings

tribal_2_-_1_large Balinese Skull Carvings tribal_1_antique_-_1_large Balinese Skull Carvings horse_tribal_2_-_3_large Balinese Skull Carvings horse_-_buddha_3_large horse_-_tribal_1_-_3_large Balinese Skull Carvings Dragon_Fight_Antique_-_2_large horse_-_buddha_1_large Cow_skull_with_buffalo_horns_-_tribal_6_-4_large Cow_skull_with_buffalo_horns_-_tribal_4_large cow_skull_-_tribal_6_-_4_large cow_skull_-_tribal_5_-3_large

One of our favourite forms of skull decoration definitely has to be the superb Balinese skull carvings. This time these carvings comes from the online gallery of Skull Bliss.

Skull Bliss has an assortment of amazing skull carvings ranging from cow skulls, buffalo skulls and ram skulls. Each are wonderfully hand carved with some nice photography showing each pieces amazing detail.

The prices for the cow skulls are some of best we have seen at about $179. The larger buffalo skulls are $350, ram skulls are $250-$290 and Horse skulls are $290.

We truly believe every home should have one of these amazing Balinese skull carvings.

Visit Skull Bliss

Skulls from Stolen Space Gallery

Beau_Stanton_TenebrasLux_ExMorteVita2‘Ex Morte Vita II’ – by Beu Stanton

  • Oil, acrylic, and gold leaf on wood
  • 30 x 30 cm
  • Quantity Left: 1


‘Otomi Skull’ – By Sylvia Ji
  • Acrylic on wood panel framed
  •  60 x 60 cm


Skull (Print) – by HAROSHI
  • Giclee print,
  • Edition 100,
  • signed & numbered
  • 46 x 61 cm


‘The Art Of Toshikazu’ By Toshikazu Nozaka

  • 1 Colour Hand Pulled Screen Print
  • On 100 % Somerset Paper
  • Limited Edition Of 50
  • Signed & Numbered
  • 75 x 55 cm


 ‘Just killed 7th sin, but death is still after me’ – by Twoone
  • Ink, acrylic, spray paint, metal leaf, oil pastel on 300gsm archival paper, framed.
  • 68 x 100 cm
  • £1,200.00


Usugrow ‘Kanaianzen’
  • 2 Colour Hand Pulled Screen Print
  • On 310 GSM Paper
  • Limited Edition Of 75
  • Signed & Nu

For Valentines Day today it is my quest to be surrounded by death, in the form of skulls. Which I love. So I am going on a tour of some of London’s finest art galleries, including Stolen Space. Having had a quick browse on their website I was hapy to see a number of skull related pieces so I thought I’d share these!

Visit Stolen Space’s Website here.

DEATH™ on Valentine’s Day – 14 February to 29 March 2015

death cigarretes exhibition

death cigarretes“Cigarettes Rule. They deliver every time. They’ll also kill you. It’s a money back guarantee.” – BJ Cunningham

HINTERLANDGALLERY presents DEATH™ Cigarettes from the Enlightened Tobacco Company PLC: an exhibition of the twentieth century’s most honest, provocative and confrontational product campaign.

DEATH™ Cigarettes were launched in the UK in 1991 and sold originally in black soft packaging printed with a white skull and crossbones. Later products included DEATH™ Lights (marketed as Slow DEATH™), and DEATH™ Shag. Bold, no nonsense designs clearly stated the product’s ethos; “Manufacturer’s advice: Cigarettes are addictive and debilitating. If you don’t smoke don’t start.” “It’s Your funeral” and “Too bad, You’re gonna die.”


HINTERLANDGALLERY’s exhibition will be featuring the only two known surviving original ‘ADSHELL’ posters from the ‘suppressed’ 1994DEATH™ Cigarettes poster campaign, original ‘DEATH™ Trap’ vending machines, early original artwork designed for DEATH™ Cigarettes original website homepage and other DEATH™ related products.

  • DEATH™ runs from 14 February to 29 March 2015
  • Hinterland Gallery, 65 The Old High Street, Folkestone , KENT CT20 1RN

Dead Astronaut Gangsta and other Skulled Toys

Dead astronaut gangsta  Dead astronaut gangsta_3 This skull faced astronaut, named ‘Dead Astronaut Gangsta’ is a part of the Adventure Kartel toy series by 3A. Now I say toys but I should rather say ‘collectiable’ as these creations are so damn fine. The detail that goes into thes figures is simply astounding, from the distressed clothes all the way down to the buckles.

As well as the Dead Astronaut Gangsta there are also various creepy as fuck skull astronauts from the Evenfall series.




3A is a toy, publishing and entertainment company founded by Kim fung Wong and Ashley Wood.

Originally found on  A Fat Gecko Blog