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bioworkz 3 skulls bioworkz skulls detailed skull illustration eagle skull

We have been following BioWorkz on Instagram for a while now and I have been dying to do a blog about these beautiful skulls. I am sucker for this style of illustration and the work is similar to two of my other favourite artists – Iain Macarthur and Sneaky Studios.

BioWorkZ a.k.a. Ben Kwok is an L.A. based graphic artist and illustrator. Born in Taiwan, raised in Los Angeles, art has always been a huge part of his life. Well Ben, you are a master with a pen so please keep art in your life and ours!


SKull_6 SKull_7 SKull_4 SKull_5 locatelli_4 SKull_1 SKull_2 locatelli_2 locatelli_3 locatelli_1

We have featured the talents of Steve Locatelli before but it’s time we shared some more. Locatelli is a graffiti/mural artist hailing from Belgium who has a definite flair for skulls. Like I said he is great at skulls but don’t let that fool you because he can smash out a fair portrait as well.

What attracts me most to the work of Locatelli, apart form the obvious abundance of skulls, is his style. His style is one of cumulative shapes and textures. The final image resolves itself from a mass of colour and forms.


Locatelli has a good Instagram profile as well so check it out.

Arsinoitherium has one scary skull

Arsinoitherium_zitteli_scary_skull_2Arsinoitherium_zitteli_Scary_Skull 1024px-Arsinoitherium122DB

When I initially saw this skull I though it was a fake Kaiju from Pacific Rim. Maybe even that big bastard from Avatar. This scary skull is far from fake and actually belongs to a Arsinoitherium. This was a massive elephant like herbivore that has been extinct for 27 – 36 million years. Yes, this was a real animal.

When they were flesh and blood they resembled a rhinoceros. The skull is far more sinister than the artist renderings of what the creature could have looked like.


Read more about this fascinating creature on WIKI

Skull Sculpting Tutorial

We have a project on the horizon that involves skull sculpting. So the logical place to look for a video tutorial is YouTube of course. This video by YT user 3DworlD2 (no more info in ‘About’ section) shows you just how much effort goes into creating such a skull sculpture. He even shows how to create the plinth and structure that holds the skull internally.

All in all it ends up looking like a great skull.

‘Inkteraction’ series by Alex Solis

'Inkteraction' series by Alex Solis 1 'Inkteraction' series by Alex Solis 2 'Inkteraction' series by Alex Solis 3 'Inkteraction' series by Alex Solis 4

These little fella’s are part of a ongoing series by Alex Solis called Inkteraction. Without stating the obvious, the idea of incorporating human interaction with illustration is probably not a new idea but this is certainly executed well. And of course it’s been captured well as the drawings are brought to life.

I found this series on the amazing Illustrated Monthly.

Skulls at Haggerston Espresso Room

Haggerston Espresson roomamy nappers skull printRaf the might skull illustration
Anatomical Phases series by Alfonso Elola SKULL APPRECIATION SOCIETY 078


4615419541 bastard-paradise-original-a cosmic_skull David Kraif Skull Art

Our favourite coffee shop, Haggerston Espresso Room (HER), in London recently invited us to display some of our glorious skull artwork at their gallery space/coffee shop. I’m so glad we finally got some of the artwork up – I just wish there was more wall space!!

In attendance are the talented and lovely artist including; Mariana Villanueva, Dionne Marshall, Amy Napper, Alfonso Elola, Paul Jackson Lives, Susi Whittaker, Sneaky Studios, David Kraig and Raf the Might. All of these artists were part of Celebrabis Vitae

Polyopic Fragments by Randy Ortiz

Randy_Ortiz_1 Randy_Ortiz__2

There is a skull in there, which means I can share the amazing work of Randy Ortiz. Been following the work and ramblings of Randy for a while now and I must say, I dig this fella. Not only do I love his works (bought one of his ‘First Date’ screen prints) but I also admire the way he goes about it. He is constantly tackling hard things to draw/render, like voluminous folds of fabric or miasmic smoke. Ok that last one sounds confusing. Just check out his portfolio and you will see what I mean.

Randy Ortiz is also an artist that has a voice as a person and not just his art. He often writes weird shit that baffles some of his followers (referring to social media comments). They are not sure if he is joking or being serious. You either get Randy or not. Wait…

This particular creation is called ‘Her Visage Sullied with Iniquity’. It is a SOLD OUT limited edition print and is a part of the Polyopic Fragments collection.


Sleeping Gods

SleepingGods_Product4(Detail) SleepingGods_Product6(Detail2) Sleeping_Gods_4 Sleeping_Gods_2 Sleeping_Gods_3 Sleeping_Gods_1 Paul_Jackson glitchape_paul_jackson 3rdeyewolf

Sleeping Gods is a clothing label run by two fellas by the name of Paul Jackson and Richard Davies. As you can see there are skulls aplenty and you may even be familiar with the fantastic art.

This is because the t-shirt designs were created by non other than Paul Jackson. Paul was actually a part of our popular Halloween/Day of the Dead skull exhibition last year called Celebrabis Vitae. Paul is known for his ‘Skull Removal’ series of intensely detailed drawings of creatures with their skulls and often brains being ripped out. Somehow less gruesome than you think.

I have already bought Glitch Panther from Sleeping Gods and it’s only a matter of time before I get me paws on that Glitch Ape tee.

Camouflage Skull by Mr Four Fingers

Camouflage_Skull_LR_6 Camouflage_Skull_LR_7  Camouflage_Skull_LR_5 Camouflage_Skull_LR_4 Camouflage_Skull_LR_3  Camouflage_Skull_LR_1

The skull today comes form out very own closet. This Camouflage Skull drawing was created by Mr Four Fingers (the creators of this very skull blog). No fancy pens were used and a fair amount of dizzy spells were endured.

Mr Four Fingers is continuously creating this type of ‘pattern skull’ using these ‘bits’, like small floating rectangles. This time however we wanted it to look more like a hidden skull. This Camouflage Skull reminds me of bark on a tree or those moths that cover tree trunks. Hmm, maybe our next skull piece can be a mass of moths.

Curiosities from the 5th Corner

Picture 5Human_Skull_2 Curiosities from the 5th Corner_1 Curiosities from the 5th Corner_2 Curiosities from the 5th Corner_3 Curiosities from the 5th Corner_4 Human Skull 3 human skull 4 Human_Skul


Curiosities from the 5th Corner is a shop as strange as the name sounds. This store has a host of oddities available to buy from real human skulls to puppy skulls, from framed spiders to creep taxidermy. We recently purchased a one of their Deaths Head Moths and I can tell you I was not disappointed.

They are based in UK and it seems a lot of their products have free UK postage. All the skulls are real with the correct documentation. Oh man, would I love to own a real human skull. One day…one day.

In the meantime go check out the weirdness contained within the pages of Curiosities from the 5th Corner.

Antique Skulls

okimono-of-a-skull-with-a-coiled-snake-1_antique_Skulls okimono-of-a-skull-with-a-coiled-snake_antique_Skulls a-fine-and-unusual-lacquer-skull-with-three-ivory-oni-clambering-over-it-1_antique_Skulls a-fine-and-unusual-lacquer-skull-with-three-ivory-oni-clambering-over-it a-carved-wooden-okimonno-of-a-human-skull-with-a-snake-1890 a-carved-wooden-okimonno-of-a-human-skull-with-a-snake-1890-1 a-carved-wooden-okimonno-of-a-human-skull-with-a-snake-1890-2

The pure skill and sublime craftsmanship that goes into the creation of these antique skulls is amazing. Whether it’s the carved detailing on the snakes or the small ’Oni’ creatures clambering over a gold laquered skull. These beautiful skulls are over 100 years old.

These wonderful antique skulls are available to purchase from Online Galleries, found under Art & Antiques. (possibly under sub category of ‘Asian Antiques’)

Timelapse Skull Drawing by Alphonso Dunn

time-lapse skull drawing


This timelapse skull drawing demonstrates one of the ways to draw a skull with pens. I first stumbled across Alphonso Dunn’s tutorials a few months back and he certainly has some good techniques for a range of mediums. I’m particularly interested in pen techniques, hence finding this skull.

If you are interested in drawing then check out his YouTube channel for tutorials and tips.


Deaths-head Hawkmoth

Deaths-head_Hawkmoth_1 Deaths-head_Hawkmoth_2

There rare times that deciding to buy something is instant. This amazing Deaths-head Hawkmoth was one of the times.

Most of us will re-call this moth from the gruesome film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’. The killer from the film bred Deaths-head Hawkmoth’s (is there a correct term with regards to moths?) . This amazing moth is also featured on the film’s poster. A little known fact (posted on our blog previously) is that that ‘skull’ on moth from the film poster was doctored to look like Salvador Dali’s ‘In Voluptate Mors’. A skull Dali created from naked women.

The Deaths-head Hawkmoth are fairly large with a vaguely human skull shaped pattern on the thorax. They have the ability to emit a loud squeak when irritated and have been known to raid beehives for honey! They move about undisturbed as they emit as they mimic the scent of bees.Read more on Wiki

This particular specimen was purchased from Curiosities from the 5th Corner. We have been following them in Instagram for awhile now as they are always posting amazing things. We will be sure to follow up with another post that tell you more about them .