Alexis Diaz The Hatching Muralist

streetartnews_alexis_Diaz_paris_France-5 Skull_wall_Mural streetartnews_alexis_Diaz_paris_France-4 Skull_Drawing Skull and bird photo 1-1_905 photo 1_905 photo 1_905_1 alexis-diaz1 alexis_diaz_2 alexis_diaz_1

These large-scale murals by Alexis Diaz are something to behold. Covering large areas with with paint is not for this fella, oh no. Alexis would rather hatch the shit out of it. As you can see by the detail shots this means a whole lot of lines.

Alexis Diaz is an artist/muralist from Puerto Rico

Found on Pow Wow Hawaii



Nosego_1 Nosego_2  Nosego_4 Nosego_5Skulls may not play a central role in the crazy world of Nosego but there are a few. That at least means we can introduce  you to the facking bonkers world of this fella.

Nosego explains that his compositions are influenced by childhood memories. But not exactly in the way you may think. His particular influence came from the way his toys looked jumbled together in his toy box. Often imagining they were one creature.

Nosego says that he would love if people described him as bodacious. We tend to agree with that.

Found of Ufunk

Skull Painting by Pascal Vicollet


Out the plethora of paintings styles that exist I’m definitely drawn to the ‘painterly style’ above all. A lovely example of that style is this skull painting by the fantastic Pascal Vicollet.

Pascal is known for his thick brush strokes, dripping lines and dynamic angles. All of which comes together beautifully in his portrait paintings.

Pascale Vicollet is French self-taught painter with a background in graphic design.

Found on The Genealogy of Style

Resin Skulls by Kieran Brown


Waste 1 Resin Skull by Kieran Brown

YEAR: 2012
SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 12 cm x H 15 cm x Depth 18 cm
PROCESS: Cast Resin
MATERIAL: Polyester Resin and Oil Paint


Waste 2 Resin Skull by Kieran Brown

YEAR: 2012
SUBSTRATE DIMENSIONS: W 12 cm x H 15 cm x Depth 18 cm
PROCESS: Cast Resin
MATERIAL: Polyester Resin and Oil Paint

Skeleton Cardboard

Well_Hung Well_Hung_Board-Boreds ThinIce Skeleton_type Skull_Help Skeleton_Skull Skeleton_Cardboard_5 Skeleton_Cardboard_4 Skeleton_Cardboard_3 Skeleton_Cardboard_1 Skeleton_Cardboard_2

On one drunken night in East London we spied a mischievous little skull through blurry eyes. The skull I’m referring to was a vinyl sticker created by Skeleton Cardboard. We were fortunate enough to find out the artists name through posting about it on Insta. It’s the yellow skull in case you were wondering.

Skeleton Cardboard is the artist name of Scot Bared Kolanerd. Scot is known for leaving these little skull buggers on the streets on London. These skeletons are generally drawn on discarded bits of cardboard or painted on walls.
Skeleton Cardboard has a great stream on Insta and if you fancy buying some originals then drop by Well Hung. Don’t worry, it’s SFW.

Skull Stickers and Original Drawing by Defame

Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_5 skull stickers Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_4 skull stickers Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_3

Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_1Defame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_2 skull stickersDefame_Skull_Drawing_Brushpen_6

We recently posted about some skull stickers from the devilish mind of Defame. Since then we decided to purchase some of those stickers for ourselves and nab an original too.

The skull stickers are great and the original drawing is damn fine. The details of the actual are great and the slight embossed logo is a great touch.

Check out more of Defame’s work on his website and definitely follow him on Insta.

Painted Coyote Skull by Dead Happy

dead_Happy_Painted_Skulls_1dead_Happy_Painted_Skulls_4 dead_Happy_Painted_Skulls_2 dead_Happy_Painted_Skulls_3

Dead Happy has a whole load of skull pieces in her online ETSY store. The most curious skull piece has to be this painted coyote skull. This piece is made form a spray painted coyote skull, deer maxilla, resin tiles and beads. Ships from USA for £66.17 and only one is available.

Dead Happy specializes in art that incorporates natural bone, minerals, metals and gemstones. All bones are ethically sourced.

Failed Lobotomy

transorbital-lobotomy_tools Failed_Lobotomy_Skull_Sculpture_5 Failed_Lobotomy_Skull_Sculpture_3 Failed_Lobotomy_Skull_Sculpture_4 Failed_Lobotomy_Skull_Sculpture_2 Failed_Lobotomy_Skull_Sculpture_1 Chart

It’s quite horrifying to think that there was once a time that a sharp metal rod and hammer were used in a neurosurgical procedure. I’m referring to a lobotomy. This may sound more than a little lame but I found this out watching the film ‘Sucker Punch’ . I thought it was electro therapy like in movie The One Who Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Read more on Wicki about this terrible procedure.

‘Failed Lobotomy’ is a brass metal sculpture, that depicts a macabre twist on the procedure. This gruesome lobotomy depics the ‘orbitoclast’ (modified ice pick) bursting through the back of the skull. In reality physician would hammer the pick through the patients eye socket. The pick would then be moved from side to side. This action was to separate the frontal lobes from the thalamus. Yeah it’s fucking grim.

This macabre skull sculpture is for sale on Museum Oddities for $699. The skull is life size and very heavy.

Yukon Seasons – Carved Animal Skull and antlers

‘Yukon Seasons’ is another amazing carved animal skull and antler piece from the hands of the immensely talented Shane Wilson. We have featured his carvings and sculptures before with Gaia Moose Skull and Dall Sheep Duality. As usual we are blown away with the immense detail and skill.

This may be an old piece dating back to 2003 but if you have not seen it before then it’s new right? This particular carved animal skull belonged to a  moose skull and is carved with various geometric motifs and animals of the Yukon, the home of Shane Wilson.
Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_1Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_5 Shane_Wilson_Carved_Animal_Skull_4 Shane_Wilson_9  Shane_Wilson_8 Shane_Wilson_7 Shane_Wilson_1