Fixed Gear Skull Zombie Vinyl Sticker

fixed-gear-skull zombie-decal_1024x1024fixed-gear-skull zombie-decal_2

Sweet looking skull zombie riding a fixed gear bike. At closer inspection you can see the heart on the handlebars, with arteries extending back into the chest through a gaping hole. Grim.

This mad bastard is available as a peel and stick vinyl for $1.99 from Sticky Addiction. Originally discovered on FFFFOUND. Drop a comment if you know who the artist is.


Traditonal and Digital Skull Art by Javier Gonzalez Pacheco

Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 Javier_Gonzalez_4 ghostrider_Javier_Gonzalez digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_skull_gif digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_Skull _Gifs digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_3 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_2 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_1

Every portfolio should have a healthy dose of skulls. Javier Gonzalez Pacheco excels at this by creating amazing digital skull art and a few traditional ones to boot. One can never become bored with skull astronauts.

Javier moves easily between digital and traditional art and his gallery is a riot of animals, textures, colours and skulls. It’s damn fine. There are even a few skull GIFs dotted about.

Check out more of his work on Behance and Deviant Art.

Intricate Paper Skulls

Paper_Skull_Koleva_4 Paper_Skull_Koleva_2 dead3 Paper_Skull_Koleva_1

Some intricate and beautiful paper skulls from the hand of Tsvetislava Koleva. She is a Bulgarian artist studying graphic design with a penchant for highly detailed paper art.

Tsvetislava’s paper skulls are influenced by one of our favourite days, The Day of The Dead. BE sure to check out the rest of her portfolio on Behance

Originally found on Creative Blog

Killer Skull Illustration by Marcus Manfredi

Killer Skull Illustration by Marcus Manfredi

This Killer Skull Illustration is by artists and tattoo artist – Marcus Manfredi. A humble talent, Marcus still refers to himself as an ‘Amateur Tattooer’, currently working out of Black Barock Tattoo in Barcelona. Marcus enjoys drawing and painting in addition to tattooing. His other passion involves creating portraits of people who inspire him.

This image was initially found on Illustrated Monthly and bio is courtesy of Sullen Clothing.

Biting Skull Bottle Opener

Biting-Skull-Bottle-Opener Biting-Skull-Bottle-Opener-2

This biting skull bottle opener is hand cast out of bronze, features two skulls, one of which is ready to clamp down on your next bottle cap. Created by Jac Zagoory in collaboration with Adam Davenport. Jac Zagoory Designs is a pen and desk art company conceived by Jac Zagoory in 1995.  The company is dedicated to designing original, thought-provoking writing instruments and pewter desk accessories which include unique pen holders, staplers, and staple removers.

The biting skull nottle opener is available here:

Macabre Skull Busts by Hannes Hummel

Picture 2hannes_hummel_08hannes-hummel-03hannes_hummel-10

Hannes Hummel has certainly nailed these slighty macabre skull busts. These busts are the result of rapid prototyping and a whole lot of finishes I imagine. As well as superb photography.

These Greek style skull busts were created but scanning several busts, stone sculptures and bones. After some digital tinkering and magic, the final design was prototyped.

Found on Scene 360

Subodh Gupta

NEW DELHI, INDIA - JANUARY 16: A visitor looks at Indian artist Subodh Gupta's sculpture ' Mind Shut Down' that is part of Gupta's first major museum show in New Delhi,  'Everything Is Inside' at National Gallery of Modern Art on January 16, 2014 in New Delhi, India.. The exhibition traces Gupta's career from his upbringing in the rural province of Bihar to his rise to prominence as one of India's foremost contemporary artists.The show draws together his varied body of work including painting sculpture, video and  (Photo by Graham Crouch Getty Images for Subodh Gupta/Hauser & Wirth )

Subodh_Gupta_5_Clay_Skulls_ Subodh_Gupta_4_metal_Skull Subodh_Gupta_3 Subodh_Gupta_2 Subodh_Gupta_1_metal_Skull

Hailed as India’s Damien Hirst, Subodh Gupta certainly knows how to make some big ol skulls. We posted about his massive metal skull made from various kitchen utensils a few years ago. It’s only fair that we share some more.

We stumbled across an interesting article on Walker Art, written by Darsie Alexander that brought the amazing work of Gupta to our attention again. Written as a part of a journal in 2012 the article talks about a studio visit with Subodh Gupta and Bharti Kher. It was the weathered clay skulls that really caught my attention. Created in Gupta’s skull style, these huge clay skulls sit outside his studio. These glaring monsoon weathered skulls are both beautiful and slightly ominous.

Intricate Skulls by Hunter Stabler

Hunter_Stabler_Intricate_Skull_4 Hunter_Stabler_Intricate_Skull_3 Hunter_Stabler_Intricate_Skull_2 Hunter_Stabler_Intricate_Skull_1

There are a few intricate skulls lurking in the portfolio of Hunter Stabler. There is a mixture of hand cut, laser cut and hand drawn skulls. All of which depict immensely detailed elements. Hunter is a Philadelphia based cut paper artist, who also forays into the world of installations.

Found on Neatorama

Steampunk Glass Skull

Steampunk Glass Skull

The ladies from Sea on Glass have an endless supply of creativity and ideas it seems! We of course follow their work on Facebook  and they have been creating some real beauties lately! This Steampunk skull (WIP) is one of those and I am happy to share this with you even though it’s not completed yet. Can’t wait to see the finished article…

*Update to follow.

Digital Skull by Antoni Tudisco


The shiny chrome like digital skull is a part of a series called ‘Chemical Rawness’. The blue and red organic shapes that are reflected on its surface are symbols of pulsing life. This probably makes more sense when you see the skull as a part of the series with other portraits..

This digital skull was created by Antoni Tudisco.

Found on Scene 360

Predator Skull Linocut Prints

d216792d0bd60b8d3bbe56e1023ac3d0linocut_skull_1 linocut_skull_2

Found these intricate skull linocut prints squirreled away in the design portfolio of Orla Hunter. Like her namesake these prints are skulls of predators, a tiger and a sun bear.

Orla Hunter is digital Art Director and Designer from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Charcoal and Golden Skulls by Joseph Loughborough

Flowers+of+Alcatraz josephlough boroughLaw josephlough boroughThe+Cage joseph loughborough Torso+with+skull

Joseph Loughborough, a British Artist, is able to reach into the dark corners of your mind with these moirbid yet enticing charcoal drawings. There is a definite loneliness portrayed in his work, and a feeling of melancholy which draws you in. The subjects of his drawings seem to be crying out for help, only no-one can.

Drawing inspiration from various themes concerned with Camus/Kierkegaard’s notion of ‘Absurdity’. Each drawing becomes story pursuing a standing point within the concept. Honesty, expressionism and possibly exorcism can be read from Loughborough’s impulsive and intuitive rapid-fire mark making, which strive to grasp a comprehension of the human condition.
I have only just discovered Joseph’s work and already I am a fan, definitely without a shadow of doubt he’s one of the more impressive British artists I have seen recently. Be sure to visit his website here to see Joseph Loughborough’s entire collection of recent work.