Remember Four Pocket Sculpture

pocket sculpture - skull skull pocket sculpture open skull pocket sculpture

Remember Four is a a pocket sculpture, by Kpavio, which incorporates a Breitling watch to remind us that nothing is eternal.

“Mors ultima linea rerum est”
Death is the last boundary-string of things

Th inscription in Latin translates that the pocket watch is protected by the cranes of noble materials which were produced between XVII and XIX centuries.


Skull Pancakes by Noah Scalin

skullcake1skull pancake skull pancakes skullscake9skullcake10I think by now Noah Scalin, the creator of Skull-A-Day, must see the world in skulls. He does have an uncanny ability to spot a skull in the oddest places, and if he’s not spotting them then he’s creating them. These skull pancakes are certainly well executed and look pretty darn delicious.

Noah spent last Valentines Day creating pancakes for a fun charity event called RVA Pancake Love. He worked alongside a dozen other artists, most working for the first time in the medium of pancake batter, to raise funds for FeedMore a local charity that helps feed the needy here in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Deanist Art and His Colourful Skulls

Deanist Art and His Colourful Skulls Deanist Skull kaleidescope print iphone skull case Deanist Art and His Colourful Skulls

I spotted Deanist Art on Instagram recently and went searching online for more of his vibrant and colourful skull creations. He’s got something for everyone here with prints, iPhone cases and stickers too.

I love his bold use of colours which provides a skull sensory overload for the creative juices! Visit Deanist Art’s online store today for some unique skull goodies.

Cosmic Skull Inspirations

Sneaky Studios skull WIP Skull Illustration

Sneaky Studios, one of our favourite artists here at the society, has created another juicy skull filled with whole planets and amazing detail. I’ve gone ahead and labelled it a cosmic skull due to the nature of the contents, and in matching with his previous work which is also mesmerising.

Be sure to visit Sneaky Studios here and give the fella some damn appreciation already.

X-ray Skull Cards



These x-ray skull cards will definitely add extra mystery to the next poker night and will make you think twice about bluffing. It is slightly unnerving to be able to see through your cards and this would definitely add an extra layer of tension.

Each of its 54 inclusions have slightly varying skull images on each side, with the backs printed in black and the fronts blue. Face cards also have special colored highlights on their eyes, teeth, or brain.

Available here:

Skull T-shirts from RSI Apparel

CRYSTAL-BLACK-FRONT RSI apparel CRYSTAL-WHITE-POCKET-TEE-FRONT-560x560 KILLING-TIME-BLACK-FRONT skull apparell The-Hand-That-Feeds-Black-RSI apparel fhobik1-560x560I think that Doug has been building up to do a post on RSI Apparel as he’s recently bought some really good t-shirts from these guys – but I obviously beat him to it. BOOM. I’m actually waiting for pay day before splurging on some of these amazing designs.

A bit about RSI…

At RSI Apparel work with talented artists to bring you more than just a logo – But real art that is made accessible through quality clothing. With others, the Logo is king – At RSI Apparel, Design is King – their goal is to create brilliant design that supports our artists and provides a platform for talent.

RSI Apparel is an open community where artists can contribute towards creating great apparel with real design.


Bubble Skull Lamp

bubble skull lamp on Bubbleskull lamp

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogs! We have been on holiday, moving house, job hunting and it’s the British summer so when the sun is out it’s hard not to celebrate!

This Bubbleskull Lamp, by Hedi Xandt, is like the stuff from nightmares. Nightmares so beautifully interesting you want to fall back asleep again.

This Lamp made from soft and hard rubber broaches the issue of vanity and energy and its wastage. The legs are made from bendable, rubber-clad wire.

Year: 2010 
Media: Resin, Wire, Rubber, Glass

‘Skulls’ Skull Book of Skulls. To be clear it’s about skulls.


Skulls_Skull_book_Alan_Dudley_1Skulls_Skull_book_Alan_Dudley_4 Skulls_Skull_book_Alan_Dudley_3 Skulls_Skull_book_Alan_Dudley_2  Skulls_Skull_book_Alan_Dudley_

Yeah it may have taken a couple of years (featured before) but we eventually bought ourselves ‘Skulls’. That is to say it’s a skull book. This is an amazing book that explores the stupendous collection of human and animal skulls belonging to Alan Dudley.

With photography by Nick Mann and fantastic writing by Simon Winchester, this skull book is a must. Not only is there a huge assortment if skulls but also a wealth of skull lore.

We even found this lecture/talk by Simon Winchester on Youtube about this very collection of skulls.

Buy a copy on Amazon for $22.24

*Update: This book is the shit! Get it.

Skull Sale Over at Chad Pierce

skull_saleskull_r_skull_sale _skull_side_skull_sale skull_front_skull_sale skull_l_skull_sale skull_mouth_open_skull_sale

The amazing Chad Pierce is having a Skull Sale on his prints and paintings. 50% off ! Ok, there are also other prints and originals that are not skulls, like some fantastic prints and paintings of water pistols, toys,locks to name but a few.  Be sure to check them out while you can.

Enter code: HALFOFFSALE at checkout.

Skull Ghost Ship Sculpture

jshea_skull_ghost_ship_3 jshea_skull_ghost_ship_2 jshea_skull_ghost_ship_1

We stumbled across this fascinating Skull Ghost Ship on the awesome Streets of Beige. This curious skull ship was created by J. Shea and is a part of his ‘Ghost Vessel’ series.

What makes this Skull ghost Ship even more special is that it was a gift from J. Shea to Streets of Beige. This was an unexpected gift to thank SOB for their support via the wonderful world of blogging.

J.Shea is an American sculptor and “assembler of junk” and we will definitely be looking more into his work.

Skull Stickers by Defame

Defame_skull_stickers_5  Defame_skull_stickers_2 Defame_skull_stickers_3 Defame_skull_stickers_1Defame_skull_stickers_4

About time we added these skull stickers to the Society. These are great looking, sinister and macabre all rolled into one. Created by skull fiend, Defame. These are not only fine looking but also thick, durable and cheap as chips. Visit Defame’s online store and grab yourself some.

These skull stickers were printed and produced by Rockin’ Stickers. Be sure to check out their Website and Instagram profile as they produce an abundace of great looking vinyl stickers.


Fixed Gear Skull Zombie Vinyl Sticker

fixed-gear-skull zombie-decal_1024x1024fixed-gear-skull zombie-decal_2

Sweet looking skull zombie riding a fixed gear bike. At closer inspection you can see the heart on the handlebars, with arteries extending back into the chest through a gaping hole. Grim.

This mad bastard is available as a peel and stick vinyl for $1.99 from Sticky Addiction. Originally discovered on FFFFOUND. Drop a comment if you know who the artist is.

Traditonal and Digital Skull Art by Javier Gonzalez Pacheco

Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 Javier_Gonzalez_4 ghostrider_Javier_Gonzalez digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_skull_gif digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_Skull _Gifs digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_4 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_3 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_2 digital_Skull_art_Javier_Gonzalez_1

Every portfolio should have a healthy dose of skulls. Javier Gonzalez Pacheco excels at this by creating amazing digital skull art and a few traditional ones to boot. One can never become bored with skull astronauts.

Javier moves easily between digital and traditional art and his gallery is a riot of animals, textures, colours and skulls. It’s damn fine. There are even a few skull GIFs dotted about.

Check out more of his work on Behance and Deviant Art.

Intricate Paper Skulls

Paper_Skull_Koleva_4 Paper_Skull_Koleva_2 dead3 Paper_Skull_Koleva_1

Some intricate and beautiful paper skulls from the hand of Tsvetislava Koleva. She is a Bulgarian artist studying graphic design with a penchant for highly detailed paper art.

Tsvetislava’s paper skulls are influenced by one of our favourite days, The Day of The Dead. BE sure to check out the rest of her portfolio on Behance

Originally found on Creative Blog