Resin Skull Watch Sculpture

skull one- watch and resin skull side profile Resin Skull Watch Sculpture

This interesting looking Resin Skull Watch Sculpture was sent in to us to our Facebook page by Kenny Irwin Jr. and is a solid resin skull which has been filled with 100 watches. It’s a great looking piece of art and I love the fact that there are so many different executions of this idea…

resin skull sculptures

Must weigh a ton though! Good luck posting that :)

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Left and Found Skull Art

Skull_Art_7 left and found left and found left and found Skull_Art_4 Skull_Art_2 Skull_Art_1

This piece of skull art is a part of an ongoing series of Left and Found Art series by Mr Four Fingers. As simple as this skull looks it was actually far trickier to create.

First the skull was drawn on to paper to create a spray stencil. This was stencilled on to the back of thick Perspex then covered with black paint. A blank surface is far harder to re-align with the drawing. The skull design was then scratched into the paint and painted black again. The process was repeated a few times.

After completion this piece of skull art made it’s way to Budapest. It was left on the streets as our latest piece of Left and Found Art.

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Strange Skulls – Babirusa


Phot cred : Art of the MysticStrange_Skulls_Babirusa_2

Photo cred : Coke Smith / Cool Green Science

There are a whole lot of strange skulls out there and this one ranks pretty high. Though this skull does look stranger than most due to the long and curved tusks. They can grow so long that they have been know to pierce the animals own skull.

The Babirusa can be found on the Indonesian islands and has been know to give the ‘Crazy Eye’ to many a tourist. Read more on Wicki


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Death Vader Skull

Death Vader skull illustration

Paul Jackson Lives presents Death Vader! This creative piece of illustration appeals to 2 very large audiences, the Star Wars fans and the skull lovers, and for those who are both this is gonna be like igniting a piece of dynamite covered in C4.

We have been neglecting our Insta account lately and this was literally the first image I saw when I went back on. Which of course has inspired me to crack on with it and get moving again. Thanks Paul!

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The Art of Wolfskulljack Book – Kickstarter Project – 1 day left

The Art of Wolfskulljack Book is a Kickstarter to back one of our favourite Skull Society Artists – Wolfjackskull.


We were a bit late on the draw with this one unfortunately but hopefully you see this blog in time…

Wolfskulljack kickstarter campaign Wolfskulljack art bookWolfskulljack illustrationWolfskulljack skull drawings

 What’s all this then? What am I getting?

You are essentially pre-ordering  a 80 page (was 70 pages), black and white, art book brimming with traditionally inked drawings from me, Wolfskulljack. There is a chance to buy exclusive numbered and signed books, and there are options to purchase mini prints, commissions, prints and sketches! (Look to the reward section on your right!)

The book is A4 with a NEW HARD COVER, and will be professionally printed. We have a list of quotes from various printers and are ready to go!

A4 dimensions = 210 x 297 mm 8.3 x 11.7 in

The book is due to be dispatched December 2015 and in time for Christmas!



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Skull Etch A Sketch

SKull_etch_a_sketch_1 SKull_etch_a_sketch_2

The ‘Etch A Sketch’ is a classic toy that enables the user to endlessly draw and re-draw anything they want. The two knobs control a stylus that etches lines in aluminum powder to create black lines. A simple shake reverts the drawing board back to a blank canvas.

These two Etch A Sketch skull creations were created by Jane Labowitch. Jane AKA ‘Pikajane’ has many more creations in her Deviant Art gallery.

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Zombie Boy in Dali-Inspired Skull Photo Shoot


Zombie Boy as the main centre-piece of this Dali-inspired skull shot by Joey L.

Extract below taken from Joey L’s website which goes on to explain more about this creative project.


The main image was inspired by an classic image created by Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman called In Voluptate Mors. Joey L and Rebel Ink Magazine. chose to create a similar image with Zombie Boy because the visual portrayal of the skull goes along with the theme of the tattoo artwork decorating his “human canvas”. The women in the photographs are also covered in real tattoos, and were cast based on their position in the skull. In the actual magazine cover, you’ll notice the girls are wearing underwear.

With Rebel Ink being carried in stores, and this shot being intended for the cover, we needed the models to have some kind of clothing on… Now, Obviously the better of these shots is the nude version because the underwear, even though its flesh toned, is a little distracting. Not only does it cover up their tatoos, but it creates breaks in the otherwise continuous natural lines of the human body. So, I shot a version with clothing, and one without, then used the plates to make two versions of the same image. The reason behind this multi purposed. One reason was so the client could have the nude image to use in other places such as their website, and the other being I wanted the less distracting version for my own portfolio.”

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Plague Doctors

Plague_Doctors_2 Plague_Doctors_1

Plague doctors (wicki) were special medical physicians who treated plague victims. Their skull-like mask had a long beak and looked truly freaky. The beak was filled with scented materials and straw. The straw was thought to filter out “miasmic bad air”. In case you were wondering the eyes were traditionally covered with glass.

The talented Chrisopher Lovell created this wonderful illustration, called ‘Plague Dr’. It depicts a skulled figure wearing one of these plague masks. Though as you can see, this fella requires no protection from the plague. Here is another link to a Tumblr dedicated to plague Doctors.

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Jason Stieva and his macabre sculptures

Jason_Stieva_5 Jason_Stieva_4 Jason_Stieva_3 Jason_Stieva_2 Jason_Stieva_1 J_Stieva_9 J_Stieva_8 J_Stieva_7 J_Stieva_6

These mesmerizing and macabre sculptures are creations birthed from the twisted mind of Jason Stieva. The sculptures are made from a variety of objects like skulls, toys, cogs and old frames. They are covered in some sort of ooze and then blackened in the fires of hell.

Check out the Instagram feed of Jason Stieva for loads of amazing skull goodness. His studio looks like Satan’s hobby room.

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Memento Mori Linocut


This intricate and old fashioned wood carving style Memento Mori linocut was created by Woodcut Emporium. This hand printed design features a skull, sinister skulled birds, an oriental house and a clock with no hands. Mysterious indeed.

This Memento Mori linocut is available to buy as a limited edition print on rice paper by Woodcut Emporium.

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Dead Spaceman By Shaun Mooney




Admittedly one of my favourite skulled figures has to be the dead spaceman. These superb digital illustrations were created by Shaun Mooney. These ghoulish fellas seem undead rather than dead. They are wearing futuristic uniforms and are definitely looking to haunt some fellow space travellers.

Found on Concept Art World

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