CandyCherep’s Eco Friendly Handmade Skulls

beautiful handmade skull
bloody mess eco friendly skull bunny massacre skull carmen hand-crafted skull eco friendly handmade skulls freaky looking handmade and eco friendly skull mexicana eco friendly skull sculpture mr gringo handmade skull polka dot handmade skull yellow handmade skull

CandyCherep is a Bulgarian collective of artists who create hand-made Skulls (Cherep means skull in Bulgarian BTW!) from eco-friendly materials. They even plant a tree every time someone buys one of their skulls so you are literally saving the planet with your skull-loving purchases. Each skull sculpture is custom-made to order, hand-crafted and hand-painted.

This extract is taken from their websites and highlight their passion for their eco-creative-conceptual living: “The choice of being responsible for Mother nature, to respect, love and keep the Earth green and clean; to make it a better place for our children – is only ours to make. With our cause we are fighting for nature preservation. We are trying to inspire and incite the developing of people’s inner senses, of their ability to take responsibility and to improve themselves as a caring and active people who won’t ignore or stay indifferent to nature’s balance.” 

Visit their Facebook page here and show them some love.

Cartoon Skeletons and Skulls

cartoon skeletons and skulls cartoon skeletons homer simpson skull spongebob skull tweety bird cartoon skeleton

This bizarre look at popular yellow cartoon characters has been created by Egyptian illustrator Mahmoud Refaat His illustrative work features the skulls and skeletons behind popular household names like Homer Simpson, Spongebob Squarepants and Tweety Bird to name a few. The cartoon skeletons give a glimpse as to what is behind what are normally cute or funny facades, and give the impression of a more devious scheme at work. I for one fricken love them.


Andy Brase

skullthe darknesshulk skull brase Brase Andy Brase Andy Brase Andy Brase

Andy Brase may not use skulls as the focus of his works but they certainly show up in many of his works. Brase creates a lot of hellish and dark styled illustrations so it seems only natural our beloved skull to make an appearance.

I simply lovehis  line-work and I particularly admire the character lighting. The detail in Brase’s drawings is amazing, more so when you realise these are not big drawings but rather small mechanical pencil drawings

Andy Brase is a fantasy artist from USA and is known for his dark characters, creatures and cover illustrations.

You can check out more of his work on Facebook, Blog or Deviant Art

Mask from Papua New Guinea

papua new guineapapua new guinea

This seemingly benign mask from Papua New Guinea (1801-1910) is actually made from a real human skull. As you can see the front has a jovial face and the back is sections of a human skull pieced together. You would literally be wearing someone’s face.

Maybe it was used to represent the deceased soul and by wearing it you could bring them ‘back to life’.

Found on Science & Society

Real Human Skulls for Sale

variants_large_8511 variants_large_8500   category5_species_5362_large_4  real human skull real human skull real human skulls



Iif you are a fan of skulls then you will no doubt have wanted to own your very own array of real human skulls. Or one to start apart from the one in your head. You can do just that over at Skulls Unlimited.

Skulls Unlimited sell these real human skulls for about $1650 – $1950. This may seem steep but this is a real skull we are talking about.

You can even purchases a stand or wood carrying case, though I’m not sure you will be carrying your skull many places.

Bespoke Barware Teams Up with Sweet Toof

SWEET_TOOF_MUGSbespoke barware ceramic skull mug sweet toof ceramic mugs

This creative collaboration between Bespoke Barware and Sweet Toof to create these cool skull mugs happened just round the corner from where this blog is being written – Hackney Wick! We should probably all meet up and become besties. Maybe at Hackney Wicked yeah? These hand-painted ceramic cocktail mugs feature the iconic Sweet Toof’s teeth, which are synonymous with Hackney Wick and East London and will be sold in a limited editions sets at Hackney WickED arts festival on the 2nd August. Come visit us then and get one of these skull-tastic mugs!

Skull Taps

skull taps

Time to relax with a nice bath courtesy of these magnificent skull taps! These can be found on Stephen Einhorn’s website and you can mix and match a number of other skull-themed bathroom decor. How bizarrely fabulous.

Description courtesy of Stephen Einhorn’s copy editors :)

A pair of extremely original, yet beautiful, hand cast skull & crossbones Gothic Capstan heads, designed to be fitted onto Barber Wilson wall mounted taps/faucets. Your neighbours won’t have these! Available in chrome, nickel or Inca brass with a polished or satin finish and Swarovski crystal eyes – blue for cold & red for hot.”

Skull Sticker Book – Stickerbomb Skulls

skull sticker book

skull_sticker_book_inside_examples skull_sticker_book_examples skull stickers example

This great skull sticker book, titled Stickerbomb Skulls, was put together by Studio Rarekwai and published by Laurence King. We, Mr Four Fingers, were lucky enough to be included in the project – we submitted some ‘skull people-inspired‘ illustrations which have been turned into stickers. 

Stickerbomb Skulls is the latest themed book in the Stickerbomb series, featuring many forms of design and illustrations of skulls by an eclectic mix of artists from around the world. Skulls are a very strong visual icon used extensively in the worlds of fashion, jewellery, graphic design, music, street art and tattoos. The book will appeal to existing Stickerbomb fans as well as new fans who love skull imagery.

There is a also a launch party for the book happening in Singapore on the 1st August taking place at the Kult Gallery. Join the event on Facebook here.

SB skull launch


Whisperer by Telthona


This digital painting of a horned skeletal figure by Telthona reminds me of the white walkers from the Game of Thrones. I reckon Telthona’s icily evil ‘ Whisperer’ is fit to be their king. If you are into fantasy paintings then be sure to go and peruse the portfolio of Sandra Duchiewicz A.K.A. Telthona on Deviant Art.

Beer Bottlecap Skull

bottle-cap-skull-1_Ou8XP_24429beer bottlecap skull

Yes you read that correctly. Here we have, one massive, beer bottecap skull. Though the core is foam, the ‘skin’ as it were is made from hundreds of bottlecaps. We initial found out about this unusual skull on the blog called Green Diary, where they state the skull is made from “Bear Bottlecaps”. My sleepy brain was slow to realise there was no bear in sight and it was indeed’ beer’ and not ‘bear’ bottlecaps that were used. Gaah, damn you beer addled brain.

This huge skull tips the scales at close to a hundred pounds and was created by Mathew Causey who carved the foam and Molly Painter who re-skinned with beer bottlecaps.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Rings by Fourspeed Metalwerks

chop a head skull ring clown skull by Fourspeed Metalwerks damaged skull by Fourspeed Metalwerks deathrider by fourspeed metalwerks fractas skull by Four Speed MetalWerks jawbreak by Fourspeed Metalwerks jawless by Four Speed Metal Werks magna cranium pompaskull by Four Speed Metal Werks samurai skull ring wizking by Four Speed Metal Werks

Self-proclaimed as the designers of the world’s most detailed rock ‘n’ roll jewellery, Fourspeed Metalwerks live up to their own hype by producing some of the finest, and meanest looking skull rings around. The skull rings are bold and referred to as ‘metal arts,’ and they been created through a number of collaborations with artists, musicians, skaters and brands from all corners of the globe.


The Consumer by SHOK

the consumer - graffiti by shok

The Consumer, a Pacman inspired piece, is by street artist SHOK-01. SHOK usually creates street art/graffiti which contains bones and inside the iconic Pacman-like figure is a skull. The meaning of the piece is quite literal and is aimed at all of us, including SHOK himself, who are constantly consuming whatever we can, sometimes without knowing why.

If a Skull Could Speak

skull-chops mandible-cut-marks

As skulls can’t speak, it is up to clever human beings, science, observation and a fair amount of ‘well maybe’ hypotheses to find out what they would say. One such case was the skull of a 14 year old girl from Jamestown 1609/1610 that told a story of supposed cannabalism.

During the winter of 1609/10, Jamestown was hit with a severe food shortage crisis which saw the residents eating their horses, cats, dogs, rats and even their shoes. The skeletal remains of a 14 year old girl were unearthed by chief archaeologist William Kelso. Later studies showed that the bones have what appears to be chop marks on the skull and cut marks on the jaw. Marks that are post mortem.

Read more about this interesting article or listen to the orated version over at Bay Area Bites.