Ritualistic and Tribal Skulls

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Sometime you stumble upon a website simply packed with amazing photos of tribal skulls. Tribal Art Asia is one of these websites. It is amazing.
Tribal Art Asia houses a treasure trove of human skulls, many of which are steeped in tribal and ritualistic history. We recommend that you visit Tribal Art Asia and check out their astounding collection of the macabre and oh so beautiful human skulls.

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Grandma Aint Going Nowhere Mr Grim

This is pretty badass. Watch the entire thing.

Posted by Raccoon TV on Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Grandma fIghts off the Grim Reaper in a clash of life vs death.

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Skulls by Tokyoplastic

TokyoplasticTokyoplastic 6 Tokyoplastic1 Tokyoplastic2Tokyoplastic is made up of a ridiculously talented duo specializing in directing character, narrative and performance animation.

Over the past decade they have created commercials for clients including Toyota, Nokia, and Nike, have directed a series of successful short films, have produced several highly sought after designer toys and have had exhibitions of their work in Japan, Berlin, New York and L.A

They’ve been cool enough to share some of their latest skull work with us and we’re mega thrilled to be able to share it with you guys!

To check out some more of their bone related work check out their Facebook.

And for a more regular image feed of all of their concept work, designs and dirty little secrets:

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Skull rings by Opened Jesus

Skull rings by openedjesus 1Skull rings by openedjesus Skull rings by openedjesus 2 Skull rings by openedjesus 3 Skull rings by openedjesus 4

We all love a good skull ring and I think we’ve found one of our favorites. These incredible rings done by Opened Jesus are definitely done right!

Opened Jesus is a Los Angeles based accessory company designing one of a kind skull rings modeled off of anatomical skull samples.  No beauty of the human skull is overlooked – from the zygomatic arch to the teeth that are individually carved out; giving this piece plenty of detail and complexity as the human skull should have.

The company ethos is pretty amazing too, reminding us to always strive for our best.

Each ring is made of precious metals and extreme care is taken to ensure individuality and quality are maintained.

Contact them directly @ [email protected] or see more on –





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Life size bronze skeletons by Björn Sjöling

bronze skeleton bronze skeleton 2 bronze skeleton 3 bronze skeleton 4 bronze skeleton 4 bronze skeleton 4

Dorset based artist-engineer couple Amanda and Björn Sjöling are taking a stand against today’s confusing messages of modern art and between them are producing some of the finest bronze work in production today. And wow are we blown away.

This exquisite skeletal sculpture is one of the finest in production today.  Individually crafted bone by bone, Sjoling bronzes are modern day masterpieces allowing you to discover the hidden beauty of your anatomy.

Go to their website to see more bronze skeletons. 


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Tommy Fiendish skull stand in Camden this Saturday!


One of our favorite artists, Tommy Fiendish will have a stall this weekend in Camden.

There will be skull prints, high res skull photos, posters, originals, screen prints, drawings and more. Be sure to make it to this event, and to check out Tommy’s stand.

Saturday 30th January
11am – 5pm
Lock 17
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Art altered anatomy and day of the dead collections

black_white_rubber_round_b_1024x1024 black_white_rubber_square_b_large sugar_skulls_black_white_rubber_square_a_1024x1024 sugarskulldayofthedead3358_copy_df34eb08-d255-46d5-a1f0-338c34d25231_1024x1024

Art altered has the perfect skull gift collections.  Choose between the anatomical designs, day of the dead or sugar skull collections available in personalized and wholesale quantities. Great for party favors, stockings stuffers, wedding or baby showers, family reunions and office gifts.

The anatomical coasters are what we’d like at any social event.

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