Skull Key Tool

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Realistically speaking everyone should own a Skull Key Tool. This wee stainless steel badboy features a scoring point, file, serrated edge, flat head screwdriver, bottle opener (beer of course) and most importantly a good ol skull.

Skull Key Tool can be purchased for $9.95 from Cool Material.



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Skull Paintings by David Lozeau

Skull_Figures_Lozeau_9 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_8 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_7 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_5 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_6 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_2 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_3 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_4 Skull_Figures_Lozeau_1 David_lozeau_6 LoveTrustRevolver David_lozeau_5 David_lozeau_4 David_lozeau_1

David Lozeau paintings depict his vision of famous popular culture imagery, historical and just general cool shit. Browsing through his work gives the viewer a sense of the familiar dashed with a luscious twist of Lozeau’s mind. Basically there are skulls galore.

His amazing skull paintings are superbly paired with some fantastically bespoke frames.Be sure to visit Lozeau’s diverse skull painting collection.

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Skulls by Kaazo

A new place for skull lovers has been born, and we are absolutely thrilled.  Please meet, “Kaazo“!

Kaazo has just launched and already two of their skulls are currently being exhibited at Swiss Design Show “Grafik 16“.

Kaazo celebrates the beauty of nature and the emotive power that comes naturally from the expression of human creativity. Their skulls, which have been created from the conceptual design, through to the finished product, aim to spark one’s imagination from the very space they occupy.

We’re huge fans and hope you are too.

To check out more of their work, go to their website.

Also, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Discover Main Page Ata Skull Kaazo - Ata Toast Bozaci Waterbuffalo Skull Front_0 Kaazo Swiss Alpine Dreams Water Buffalo Skull Firth Furniture Zollikon Big Kaazo Swiss Alpine Dreams Water Buffalo Skull Firth Furniture Zollikon Close 2 Kaazo Swiss Alpine Dreams Water Buffalo Skull Firth Furniture Zollikon Front Kaazo Swiss Alpine Dreams Water Buffalo Skull Firth Furniture Zollikon Small

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Fantasy skulls by Nicolas Obéry

A fan of surrealism, French artistic director Nicolas Obéry

set out to create a collection of artworks that teeter between real and fantasy.

The result: “FANTASMAGORIK”, a series of black and white numeric portraits, each portrait composed of smaller, digital sculptures.

His selection of skull artwork is incredible. Check out more skulls and the rest of his “Fantasmagorik” work here.

Fantasmagork 7bf66a_aa3621152e724fa89a06f40a81466b24 7bf66a_b09fbe587b044337909120e9fbf8d0b2 7bf66a_b9143e4389ff4ac68c5cf745059ccc99 7bf66a_c0f1dbc9d2c04e96a5d06bea13e0a475 7bf66a_e713eb0fb78e46eea5a53e43786dd0f1 7bf66a_e78758684522454abf0432459c752fbc 7bf66a_fda2ee5284874dbfb2b52cf80cf9a2b6

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Skulls by Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith, a talented artist, designer and general creative thinker has been working on some pretty cool skulls.

Her current collaborations include working with LENAKLAX and UNEL and New York Magazine “Papercut” describes Barbara Smith as a “Rising Artist of the Globe”.

We’re thrilled to be able to share some of her work and hope that you will visit her website to find out more.

Photography by the incredibly talented Kazhud.

12710911_992129257501631_7855522145367820614_o 12742476_994996257214931_3367470880935020728_n 12799283_999143126800244_8872161922048346362_n 12814553_999904983390725_474720067558031321_n

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Laura Keeble – Forgotten Something!?

Laura_Keeble_Skull_2 Laura_Keeble_Skull_1 Crystal_Skull_Process_5 Crystal_Skull_Process_4 Crystal_Skull_Process_2 Crystal_Skull_Process_1

We all know the famous For the Love of God diamond encrusted skull by Damien Hirst. That’s what makes this piece so good. As you can see, at a glance it would catch out any onlooker. Tell you what, even closer inspection leaves doubt in the mind.

This skull took one month and a staggering 6522 Swarovski crystals to create. Finally the skull was then surreptitiously placed outside with some rubbish at White Cube gallery on the closing night of Damien Hirst’s Beyond Belief Exhibition. We Would love to have seen some of the reactions!

This skull and wonderful concept, titled ‘Forgotten Something!?’, spawned from the mind of Laura Keeble. In her own words she creates “a brief moment in time, when a double-take allows for an internal question, a need to assess or understand. I use symbolism and familiarities of the everyday to question what is dictated to us.”

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Dental Phantoms


Dental phantoms are such incredibly fascinating historical pieces that we, Mr Four Fingers, just had to draw one. This dental manikin is based on a real life version over at Museum Oddities. We have posted about this superb website before and we recommend you check them out.

This particular illustration was created with dip pen, Indian ink, blue ink and acrylic.

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Awesome selection of skulls by Lucy Luskini

We like skulls a lot and so does Lucy Luskini. She has an incredible mixture of work available including modern day memento mori jewellery, mixed media artwork, tattoo inspired glass paintings and painted glassware.

Influences include Dia de los Muertos, rock’n’roll, kitsch (we love a bit of kitsh too), old school Hollywood, voodoo, cocktails, cabaret, pin up and retro style, religious iconography, bad ass women and anything Halloween related.

As always with skulls, the artist is especially interested in death and how we visualise it, many of her artworks involve skulls and skeletons and have a tongue in cheek humour about them, aiming to celebrate life whilst we still have it.

Head over to her website to see more! pink skull martini glass punk-skeleton-calavera skull floral headdress backlit skull floral headdress skull with blue hair til death do us part backlit til death do us part

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Bone Beneath – Koala Skull

800px-Koala_climbing_tree Koala_skeleton1 koala-skull-1__15700.1355565673.1280.1280 product-732-main-original-1415040511

As cute as a Koala seems I always think that they are simply biding their time before they attack. Seeing a Koala Skull does not help the matter much.

Thankfully these terrors are unfounded as they are indeed slow moving lazy buggers who sleep a whopping 19-20 hours a day.

The koala’s main diet, well only diet, is eucalyptus leaves. They have to eat a truckload in order to get enough nourishment, hence their sleeping habits to reserve energy. Their strong jaws and teeth enable them to chew the leaves into a fine paste.

The skull featured here can be bought from the amazing Bone Clones for $154. You can also purchase this nice looking koala skull pendant from Farjil.



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La Perfecto Skull by Puro Metal

Been looking for and buying skull rings your whole life but never found the perfect one? Well Alvaro Perez at Puro Metal has done just that and has now designed “the perfect skull”.

This chunky handmade silver skull ring with a selection of finishes is perfect for any passionate rock n roll lover and we’re super excited to be sharing it with all of you!

The ring depending on size, can reach up to 30 grams and can ship to most parts of the world.

The team over at Puro Metal are graphic designers who have done incredible work winning many awards so check out more of their work here.

Their website has a huge selection of other incredible skull pieces so be sure to give it a visit here.LaPerfecto Skull LaPerfectoSkull_4 LaPerfectoSkull_6 LaPerfectoSkull_7 PUROMETAL925COM_pack1PUROMETAL925COM_logo


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LA Collective LA Collective LA Collective LA CollectiveLA Collective

Original, hand painted, realistic skull sculpture.  Each one of these hand crafted, plaster skulls is uniquely painted by an artist from LA Collective, recently formed to represent emerging California Artists.

The Skull, dripping with bold colors, embodies the macabre with a street sensibility.

Each skull is hand painted and unique and as such colors will vary.

This is a very cool collaboration between NINA99 and LA Collective and we want one!!

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